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Coldplay – Viva la Vida Lyrics 10 years ago
this is clearly about louis xvi
the cover of their album is a delacroix painting
delacroix is french, and lived a bit after the french revolution, but his paintings are of that period

louis was a horrible king, and revolutionaries wanted to send him to the get his head chopped (head on a silver plate!)
he used to rule france with an iron fist (when i ruled the world) but then he, and his wife marie antionette, were put in jail and ultimately decapitated (now the old king is dead!)

so this song is louis talking after all has happened and he realizes all that went wrong
great song

Regina Spektor – One More Time with Feeling Lyrics 10 years ago
as far as the chorus goes, i think it's about other singers who force rhymes and sounds etc. and regina is saying that you should just sing from the heart because singing is just singing, and that you'll know when the words are right. as for the verses, i don't know, but for the chorus, i think it's about performing and how most songs and really similar and really trite.

lucky for us, regina is neither. she's just wonderful!

Regina Spektor – Pound of Flesh Lyrics 10 years ago
i think it's interesting that the intro is very much like the end of the 1st movement of the pathetique symphony by beethoven

and ezra pound quoted shakespeare talking about "a pound of flesh" so that's where she makes the connection
she is so smart and wonderful! this is the first song i heard by her, and i was taken aback

Indigo Girls – We Are Together Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is all about someone who is in love, and finally, the other person falls in love with them. "We are together finally. And the dog caught up with the rabbit is laughing hysterically." They are finally a couple. One caught up with the other, even though it was hard.

They are finally together.

Indigo Girls – Perfect World Lyrics 12 years ago
The singer is describing all the great visual things of the world, leaving out all the inner things that are going wrong. "One perfect world when we look the other way." Things look great when you're just at the surface. Some people shut their eyes to all that's going wrong, and just pretend everything is okay. The singer is saying that doing that is not okay.

Indigo Girls – Hope Alone Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is about a relationship that is not true on both sides. She wants to be close to her lover and spend time together etc., but the lover wants out. The lover (I say that because I don't know which gender) wants to slowly go away from the relationship. "We were just an empty dream to big for hope alone to fill." Means that they knew that it wouldn't work out, and her hoping for it to wouldn't make it all be okay.

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