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Jennifer Knapp – Undo Me Lyrics 15 years ago
this is basically her singing how she she's sorry and how she's taken advantage of everyone else and had other ppl take the fall for her mistakes, and now she's realizing what she's doing so she's asking for forgiveness.

Tech N9ne – It's Alive Lyrics 15 years ago
haha i love this song.its the best fucking song ever..mhm.

Blue October – Hate Me Lyrics 15 years ago
how are u guys getting a another girl out of this song, when i read this and listen to it i don't see him saying something about another girl, even in the video it has nothing with another girl, just his mom, so its just about his mom and all that jazz..nothing about another relationship with a chick.mmkay..get ur facts straight.then tell me what the song means.

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