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Seabound – Castaway Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with LaLaLogics lyrics, they should be fixed...

I think this song is about regret of letting someone who loved you pass you by. It's saying if you come back and give me another chance...we will rise...and shine so bright...etc. etc. Then he is asking how can he prove that he means what he says? Pleading

Seabound – Watching Over You Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree this is the best love song I ever heard. The crag that braves the me means someone who is the strength in his world and braves all that is thrown at them, all his temperaments. The beacon in the night..of course his light in darkness. Perfect.

Diorama – Home To Millions Lyrics 13 years ago
Ah one of my favourites! I think this song about the rat race of everyday life in big cities, faceless workers in corporate offices, work 9-5 then go home to their bedsits and do the same everyday. It's almost like they are on auto-pilot and get stuck. "Are you alive? Where is your limit?" it's like a voice in someones ear as they're stood waiting for the same old train home, in that president-like suit. It's a call for freedom and to break away. Only when they go asleep are they really who they dream to be...doing what they want...sleeping in her palace ALL the time.

Diorama – Friends We Used To Know Lyrics 13 years ago
To me this signifies the end of a relationship, when you get so intensely dependant and wrapped up with someone...then you're moving so fast you "lose control" and crash then you almost wake up to reality and try to recollect the life you had before...bothering about friends you used to know.

Diorama – Light Lyrics 13 years ago
This makes me think of a young girl, always been quiet and forgotten since she was small, she grew up in a world where she was never given an ear to listen to her and her child-like imagination. Now she's a woman, still living quietly and alone with her thoughts, going out to the world every day and failing to make an impression with every great thing she holds in her heart. So same theme almost as Faraz says.

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