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Diary of Dreams – Flood of Tears Lyrics 10 years ago
If you're dead I dont think you can "grab" anything.

Diary of Dreams – Butterfly: Dance! Lyrics 10 years ago
Wow, Christiangoth. Your input was brilliant!

Diorama – Friends We Used To Know Lyrics 13 years ago
Exactly, I agree. this song has ruined my life! everytime im with my girlfriend now i just feel like im waisting time and "losing what im fighting for". I shared this thought with her once and she laughed at me. then she kicked me and called me a pansey. Now I am debating on whether or not i should go "bother about friends SHE used to know" hehe, wink wink.

Diorama – Home To Millions Lyrics 13 years ago
the other day i dreamed i was dressed like a woman and for some reason or another i was falling from a building. whoever said you always wake up before hitting the ground is full of shit. I hit the ground face first and HARD. it didnt hurt though.

Diorama – Light Lyrics 13 years ago
so many people in this world...from so many different kinds of places. All with different perspectives on everything; different ways of explaining all that surrounds them. All crying out to be heard all at the same time, leaving nobody there to actually listen to what they have to say. Beautiful song.

Diorama – Bring Me Flowers Lyrics 13 years ago
I love Diorama-No joke! but this song is a little too fruity for me.

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