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Pendulum – Propane Nightmares Lyrics 12 years ago
Does anyone else think of "Inspector Gadget" when listening to the repeating electro part? Example, right after the words "set your sights for the sun". I wanna dance to it all weird everytime. :)

Puscifer – Queen B. Lyrics 13 years ago
I believe everything has been said. I can agree with the rap song, and the "voluptous" woman song meanings. Love this song, and i think it's funny too. Love the music with the lyrics, creepy and relaxing.

Wumpscut – Wreath Of Barbs Lyrics 13 years ago
Does anyone know how to play this on piano? I'm so in love with the piano in this song, yet, I can't find the sheet music for it at all. It's impossible! That's all I want, Cause I know someone who can help me with the sheet music but i need it first!

RJD2 – The Horror Lyrics 13 years ago
I love the music vid 4 this song. Simply badass. Course, when i just hear it I think of scary things.

Seether – Fake It Lyrics 14 years ago
Well, after reading a bunch of these. I just have 2 say, quit trying to say it's about teh war, sex, or Amy Lee. I think it just is what it is: Don't b a poser!

Altho i must say i would love to say it's about Amy Lee, lil' bitch, she makes my ears bleed sometimes.

Ben's Brother – Stuttering Lyrics 14 years ago
Ok, i'm confused on how this is at all related to "Creep" by Radiohead. But cute song. When i first heard it from that Dentyne Ice commercial, i thought it was great. I sing it all the time.

Puscifer – Rev 22:20 Lyrics 14 years ago
O, n i almost 4got. 4 the longest time i rly thot the line went:

"Saviors and Saints, Devils and Heathens Alike." I thot it made more sense, with "alike." Cuz i thot it was like no matter how holy u think u r, u'll give in 2 this "sexy devil". And satyrs, well, i rly just thot it wuz "savoirs". Can n-e 1 tell me y the line that they have wod make better sense than the 1 i thot of?

Puscifer – Rev 22:20 Lyrics 14 years ago
I loved this song 4 the longest time. I never actually saw "Underworld", (just not a fan of vampires rly), but i heard on xm a few yrs ago. I heard it so many times, and just the other day i realized the girl goes "Aawooo", like she's howling during the lines,

"She'll make you cry
I'll sell my soul, to be back in your bosom
Gladly now please suck me dry
And still you'll cry, to be back in her bosom
To do it again"

She duz that howlingg thing, i think that's just cool that i never noticed it! Badass song.

Gabriel Mann – My Little Box Lyrics 14 years ago
I fuckin' love this song. Yeah, it be neat if it was more known, but i think i like it better as "not-so-popular", it's better off with only a handfull of ppl knowing it. As for, it's meaning, i agree suffering, yes. But i think it's like he likes his world,"little box", and someone tried 2 help him out of his suffering, but failed, "My little box was perfect, til u destroyed it all". And they could've made it worse. That's just what i got.

Sweet – Ballroom Blitz Lyrics 14 years ago
Um, i just thot i'd let Lizardking1971 know, that Ballroom Blitz was never in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". I think u'r confusing it with "The Time Warp". I love that song and that movie. And of of course, i love Ballroom Blitz!

KoЯn – Bitch We Got A Problem Lyrics 14 years ago
I just love this song, it has a nice beat and everything, and i thought it was very original. I mean, who could think of writing a strange love song about people having schizophrenia. I wish i could write something as cool as this.

Oomph! – Träum Weiter Lyrics 14 years ago
I kno that this iz like a tiny remix of "Atem", which iz also very good, but i actaully prefer this 1, i just wish they cood have made it lengthier. Everytime i hear it i just wanna go crazy and kill zombies 2 it. I'd love 2 c sum sweet AMV 2 this, i'd like 2 make my own, but i dunno how. I always tho the end of this wuz funny, cuz "Traum Weiter" seems 2 just coem out of nowhere, lol.

Oomph! – Foil Lyrics 14 years ago
I absolutely love this song. I love how OOMPH! can b very versatile. One minute they can just b heavy metal, jsut screaming with Dero's amazing deep voice, n the next, he's voice can sound beautiful, and industrial like in this number. He must have sum great vocal chords 2 pull off his styles of singing. It's 2 bad they're not so populat here in the U.S., but i like them being underground, cuz then every1 wood like them.
But about this song i gotta kno, what the hell iz "beaver"? Is it sumthing weird? I dunno, but by the loox of things they don't have they're lyrics commented 2 often, so i doubt i'll have my question answered.

Nine Inch Nails – Terrible Lie Lyrics 14 years ago
I kno this song iz about Trent not having faith, but those of u before me were saying it could b taken differently. I had this album 4 a couple years now, but when i got it, n didn't git quite all the words 2 this, when he wuz saying "Hey God" I thot he wuz saying "Don't Lie". I dunno y, that's just what i heard, so 4 a bit i didn't take it as sumthing religious, i took it as sum1 just stabbing u in the back, sum1 who just lied 2 u n it just rotted u 2 the bone. I always wanted 2 scream these lyrics 2 sum1 i had once trusted.
Definitly my fav song by NIN. I cood listen 2 over n over. What i also liek it about tho, it not just the lyrics, but the overall sound of the song. It's sounds like there's a piece of an 80's horror movie soundtrack,(well, obviously 80's, it came out in '89). But i meen, when i hear the parts between "Terrible Lie", it sounds like sum1 running down a dark alley, being chased by sumthing horrid. It's so morbid, i love it.

Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance Lyrics 14 years ago
Well, thank u Sakubo. Every time i sing that song, i always add in"we're going to b minor", lol. Tho i'm still disappointed it wuzn't sumthing funnier

Chevelle – I Get It Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm rather confused myself, actually. I can agree with Skull face and screamline on different things about the song, they both can make sense putting it in different perspectives, but i still wish i could comprehend this song a lil' better.

"Press on these tannins
They're doubled in time
The touch of life, once failed to mention so far

Of course the la is fountains
Of face to face remorse
A fast and restless blackmail
Like pent-up fetish force"
"How dare you catch me counting"

I mean, what could all that mean? I understand the chorus. And the bridge, I'm sorry to say that i don't agree w/ screamline on that cuz i got it as; that person who thinks they're perfect and right all the time, are now being asked, "Is it enough?" "Do you want it all?" Kind of like, "Do u really wanna b like this?" kind of thing, that's what i got anyway.
So if anyone could tell me what lyrics that i had quoted mean, that would be much appreciated, n i'd be grateful. Thank u.

Nine Inch Nails – Terrible Lie Lyrics 15 years ago
Dude, i fuckin' love this song, definitly a favorite of mine. I can relate, when i first heard this song, when he's saying "Hey god", i thot he wuz saying "Don't lie", (that wuz b4 i looked in the booklet), but it fits too i guess. I like to think of my x-boyfriend, i used to imagined yelling "TERRIBLE LIE!" in his face. Because he's egotistical in his own way, bastard thiks he's god, so that's how i reely relate.

So i can understand if thsi songs about Trents "relationship" with god, but maybe he went thru a simular situation as i did. I could be either, but who reely knows.

Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance Lyrics 15 years ago
Omg, wow, shos how much i pay attention! I didn't even c that post by Sakubo. Lol, altho it would b more funnier if they said, "I love Joe Trohman", but r u sure that they're saying "We're going to b minor"?
O- and buy the way, this is 4 u assholes, I agree w/ hating emos, cuz they suck, but i reely don't think Fall Out Boy iz emo, they're ok. I'm not that big of a fan, but i reely do like this song.

Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah, i wuz wonderin' about that whispering b4 the first chorus as well. Duz any one know? I would so laugh it if ended up being someone saying, "What's the next part?" but yeah, i'd love to find out.

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