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Sum 41 – The Jester Lyrics 12 years ago
This is probably my favorite song from the new album. The lyrics are a little off tho...

The Chorus should be this:
When the devil's angels come
to take your life and lead you
to the flames beneath
your headstone reads now
here lies the dead who was
hung by his head beneath us
they're laying in their graves
damnation free for all

and the part after "Deadbeat six feet dead underground" should go like this:

An eye for an eye only leaves us all blind
Going once twice there goes your life

other than that its pretty much all right, and I'd have to agree that its about the government and what idiots they are and the mistakes theyre making that they can't undo

Midnight Panic – Tonight Is Our Last Night Lyrics 13 years ago
This song and band are awesome i hope they get more popular.
im not sure about this part:
"We thought our bright lives were endless" but i listened to it alot and its as close as i could get

The Living End – No Way Out Lyrics 13 years ago
yea this song is awesome and sos Living End.

Pepper – No Control Lyrics 13 years ago
yea good song good song

Amity Lane – Drown You Out Lyrics 13 years ago
This band should be way mroe popular, as should have been TRUSTcompany

The Riverboat Gamblers – The Curse Of The Ivory Coast Lyrics 13 years ago
sweet song.

The Living End – State Of Emergency Lyrics 13 years ago
great song.
GREAT song.
woohoo i like this song

Hot Water Music – Trusty Chords Lyrics 13 years ago
AWESOME song. i didnt think of it being about antidepressants till now... and now its like kind of obvious. I think when he says "an empty fate just means an even score" hes saying that the anti-depressants make him feel like nothing, so theres no good and no bad, an even score. Oh and isnt the first line "you'll get it right ""sometime man.""
or sumthing like that?

American Hi-Fi – Vertigo Lyrics 13 years ago
yea and im pretty sure in the second verse its 'fly' not 'fight'

TRUSTCompany – Surfacing Lyrics 13 years ago
wtf this song is awesome more ppl should comment. and this should be their next single.

ne way im not sure if chaoticone is right or not unless he saw it an interview about this er something but what i think is that its just about a person whos changing for some reason and hes not a very good person anymore, like maybe hes shut off and doesnt like being around ppl or myabe hes letting fame get to him and the relationship(s) hes in right now are suffering. And when he says "Im turning into what you see" hes saying that the someone hes in a realtionship w/ sees how he is becoming now

Lostprophets – To Hell We Ride Lyrics 13 years ago
ya i agree with Qotsa-in-my-blood on this one. ok song, but they have betters. And hey these lyrics were submitted on my b-day =)

The Exies – Ugly Lyrics 13 years ago
i pretty much agree with everyone on this one... i think it could be more talking just about him tho, like hes describing how hes feeling to us, he feels depressed and all those thing he says.. a liar, dirt, fake, afraid, alone. he talks about being on medication, prob anti-depressants, and that he uses beer or w/e to get away from it "you know i'm far from sober".

Oh and i think it might be "A user of a lost soul" ... but im not sure.

Phantom Planet – Lonely Day Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this song could just be about what you guys were saying him just feeling lonely or it might be a song about depression. feeling lonely and sad with no real reason? yep i think its a possibility :)

Steadman – Wave Goodbye Lyrics 13 years ago
This songs awesome someone should comment

Seether – Fine Again Lyrics 13 years ago
I dont see why everybody thinks this is about a drug/alcohol problem.. i think its more about a mistake that he made.. or a relationship that didnt work out and now he feels like his life is ruined and he wants it to get better...

"It seems like everyday's the same
and I'm left to discover on my own "

and also he has a grude against someone...

"And I'm not scared now.
I must assure you,
you're never gonna get away
And I'm not scared now.
And I'm not scared now, No.. "

but yea i think the whole drug/alcohol thing is a result of his feelings.. not the cause of them

Billy Talent – This Suffering Lyrics 13 years ago
Billy Talent is soo awesome, my fav band. i hate it when ppl talk bad about them (one time i got in this whole fight about them with some dude on a forum but thats a long story lol).. their lyrics and music is so unique and it demands to be heard i love it.

Rise Against – Life Less Frightening Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is so F-ing awesome. this and 'Prayer of the Refugee' are my favorite Rise Against songs.

I think that all of Rise Against's songs have alot of deep meaning and this one is about a life that is not very good for some reason and he wants it to get better. lol i kno its prob pretty obvious but thats just what i think.

IF YOU LIKE RISE AGAINST I RECOMMEND "BILLY TALENT". they are my favorite band and they do alot of 'yelling' type singing like Rise Against. I would really recommend any of their music i love all their songs but if u feel like giving them a chance listen to 'Try Honestly'. then if u like that just keep listening theyre great.

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