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Pete Townshend – Stardom in Acton Lyrics 13 years ago
Great track off a great album. About what else but Stardom in Acton?

The Who – Rael Lyrics 13 years ago
Pete was developing this into a larger concept. He didnt compelte it but he used some of the music on Sparks.

Puff Daddy – Come With Me (feat. Jimmy Page) Lyrics 13 years ago
What the hell is wrong with you guys?

He never sang in the original so I dont know what you're comparing it to. And he was closer to 50 than 70 during this recording.

The Who – Early Morning Cold Taxi Lyrics 13 years ago
didnt Roger write this or contribute?

The Who – Behind Blue Eyes Lyrics 13 years ago
"This is the theme for the villain of Lifehouse, Jumbo. "

Song was supposed to be the theme for the villain in Lifehouse.

Past that you can analyse what inspired the development of the character and how much of himself Pete wrote in the song.

The Who – Who Are You? Lyrics 13 years ago
Although the song means different things to different people and I'm sure that's why alot of artists don't want to ruin song meanings by explaining them (Robert Plant comes to mind).

BUT THE MEANING AS EXPLAINED BY TOWNSHEND.. about the drunken night AND God at the same time (I'm not sure if he actually met the Sex Pistols there though).

The first verse is based on true events and based on those events he is analyzing his life spiritually. Asking God "Who are you?" The last verse is directed at God.

The Who – Dangerous Lyrics 13 years ago
John Entwistle songs were always strange but I cant seem to fully understand this one. Self destruction?

The Who – How Can You Do It Alone Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is probably the best on Face Dances. I love it.

The Who – Long Live Rock Lyrics 13 years ago
The key line is:
"Long live rock, be it dead or alive."

The Who – I've Known No War Lyrics 13 years ago
This is such an underappreciated song from It's Hard. He mentions that on May 19 Albert Speer was 'deleted'. He mentions as soon as the over was over so probably around 1945. Speer was a high ranking Nazi government official. I wonder what that means because I can't seem to find what if anything happened to him on that day. However May 19 1945 was the date Pete was born...

The Beatles – Lovely Rita Lyrics 13 years ago
hmm, according to The Beatles:

'The song plays an important role in the Paul Is Dead hoax that occurred during The Beatles' fame. The song figures in to the hoax apparently because McCartney was distracted by her while driving, which led to the car crash that ended his life. In truth, the song emanates from when McCartney was issued with a parking ticket outside Abbey Road Studios, by a female Traffic warden. Instead of becoming angry, he accepted it with good grace and expressed his feelings (sarcastically) in song. When asked why he had called her "Rita", McCartney replied: "Well, she looked like a Rita to me".'

The Who – My Generation Lyrics 13 years ago
Well I doubt anyone will actually listen to me after the all the trolls who have claimed to explain the stuttering. BUT, the stuttering arised when Daltrey accidentally stuttered some of the words in the song when they were in the studio recording (Daltrey doesnt have a stuttering problem nor ever did). Daltrey apologized and they were set to start the recording over when the producer suggested he keep the stutter and it would sound like a kid on speed. Thus further adding to the mood of the song as a mockery of how this generation loathes the previous.

Oasis – My Generation (The Who cover) Lyrics 13 years ago
I wonder the differences in Zak's drumming when he's playing for The Who or Oasis on this song.

Pete Townshend – After the Fire Lyrics 13 years ago
Hmm. Well Pete wrote it for Roger's solo album, it appeared on the latter's solo album "Under A Raging Moon".

This is probably my favorite song from Daltrey's solo stuff (which I like).

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