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Queensrÿche – Desert Dance Lyrics 15 years ago
The song seems to be an ode to becoming one with nature. I'm not sure about "were never coming down", but it could signify becoming one with nature through hallucinogens, which seem to be a common theme of the album. Desert Dance could be an allusion to The Burning Man Festival, which could easily be what the entire song is about as well.

Metallica – Damage, Inc. Lyrics 15 years ago
I think it could about the mafia, an organization that is run like a business but with fear and violence. The "blood will follow blood" line confirms this for me. Along with "You'll know just where we come from".

Porcupine Tree – .3 Lyrics 15 years ago
I think that the .3 represents a very high Blood Alcohol Level. The song could be about the war inside your head caused by alcoholism. Just an idea.

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