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Nine Inch Nails – And All That Could Have Been Lyrics 15 years ago
NIN 101, I like your interpretation of it...
"""""this song reminds me of being caught
in the middle of a blizzard, completely all alone and
on my own in an empty vastness where all ***i see is
white. Snow coming down so hard that i can hardly see...*** and yet somehow... ~~~~peaceful.~~~~~ """"""""""

Lost in space presently, but trapped in the future...

Seeing light but it shines too bright until one is blind..

That is the undefined divine defined as one dies...

~~~~~~~~Rest In Peace~~~~~~~~~~~

Nine Inch Nails – And All That Could Have Been Lyrics 15 years ago
And You and Me, explains the different sides of I... and when I is used in third person, it can be interpreted in a "you or me" viewpoint... But usually, especially in this song, "I" is the physical body 'you' of a person... making the equation of the entire poem give a solution that

In my nothing = in my reflection you see me be..
You ment everything to me = the soul/mind/heart deep inside the nothing, only cared about the nothing as if it meant everything. And that my friends would be a Silent Heart/Mind/Soul/..


Nine Inch Nails – And All That Could Have Been Lyrics 15 years ago
well, the reason why trent is a great poet is because, his lyrics throughout entire songs, such as this one, in the form of an introspective expression technique. I believe that Trent uses music and creates it with lyrics written in third person, to express himself and deal with problems and life and try to find his purpose and/or learn something new that is positive for himself.. By third person, take what makes a single human being (yin/yang)(dark/light) etc. intangible metaphors. That, if used in third person, would make up trent's meaning for QUOTE-- "I did that." ~ Trent Reznor... The I would be the combination of Black and White..You and Me..intangible... by that I feel it's poetry almost everyone can relate to, since every human agrees with perfection in a black or white / yin or yang or near grey interpretation, especially the black and white that fight as they disagree their agreements, but still have a connection to the same poetry in a different perception, that has no definition, because to one or the other, one feels like it's a guilty pleasure because of the distance between the two is so far apart in opossing directions, giving guilt because the same intentions the two have are so ignorant to perceive that the quiet silence one or the other acts from the guilt, is the only solution that could end violence, and that silence would be the hope of the opposing perception may change...

but, thats just my thought... Who knows the true meaning, only trent does, and the rest of society can only go so far before they are judged as insane by their sanity..

If someone doesn't understand my comment, or
doesn't agree by not understanding me... the logic of language that displays in infinite ways, negative or positive. Then please don't respond with an explanation that disagrees with me, because some how, if looked in different viewpoints, we agree, so it's futile..

If you agree, then "Let it be"

But... If anyone takes this in and has a different explanation that agrees with my statement, then defintly post it, because that continuation links towards an increase of peace...

one love

Pixies – All Over The World Lyrics 15 years ago
The meaning is well put.
Even if Frank Black stated the meaning of the song,
he is not the kind of person that would say something meaningful with the words he thinks in his head. He is smarter than that, because he knows that it is complex for others to understand, so he puts it out with an analogy that is easily accepted by the majority of society.

The song is about questions,afterdeath,(he sees in the sky in his backyard the very same as the frontyard, but the reason for backyard is because the entire message is about "coming back"...

With a pet at my side, (best friend/true love) (mans best friend) could be animal, but it all depends on whoever or whatever you project true love to. God freezes him to the ground, so he cannot move (he is dead)

so he cannot ride life... but one more time he will be able to ride life. (all over the world) (when yin and yang die, they will ride all over the world (what humans/living creatuers, land/sky [cannot do] because there is good and bad in life, (karma)... but maybe they will make it into a ride, (like a rollercoaster... where the scariest/terrifying rides are enjoyable... bad is good, good is bad...

(fish depicts "they")
(time depicts the ride)[arranged rollercoaster]
(all my thoughts depict derangement)

after death, the other side is the birth of your life is in the form of your love, so u live the exact opposite way you have lived)

two feet land on a different ground.
you can't even speak (just reborn)
(u cant live easily) life isnt ez...
(fish all of them speak, all over the world)
fish ride on a water tide that is all over the world,... if there is an upcoming apocolypse, it would mostly be a world wide flood...

understanding alien language is translating an impossible language (because its alien) like
understanding PERFECTION...its an undefined existance only displayed through things such as expression

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