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Third Eye Blind – Graduate Lyrics 13 years ago
Senior year, at the VERY end, I had a project with a presentation in a teachers class who was not to fond of me, and I thought she might fail me.

I played this song along with my presentation, and the teacher actually cracked a smile!

I passed, thanx to my extra credit for "audio/visual aid"
But I think she just liked the song!

Third Eye Blind – How's It Going to Be Lyrics 13 years ago
Oh, and P.s.

At 16, I DID eventually move out.


2 years later, and life is good.

Third Eye Blind – How's It Going to Be Lyrics 13 years ago
While I know everyone relates to song because it reminds them of there Bf/GF/EX/BFF etc...

This was a song I listened to alot when stuff at home was REALLLY bad.

I was about 15 at the time, but I was ready to GET OUT.
"I'm only pretty sure that I can't take anymore"

But, moving out of the house at such a young age deffinitly brings alot of doubt.
"before you take a swing
I wonder , what are we fighting for when I say out loud
I want to get out of this
I wonder, is there anything I'm going to miss"
And I wasen't sure if I could, and how it would be, what I would be missing.

"I wonder,
How's it going to be when you don't know me
How's it gong to be when you're sure I'm not there
How's it going to be when there is no one there to talk to
between you and me"
Plus, in a werid way, as much as I hated her, I wasen't sure if my mom would be ok without me.

ut stuff was BAD, we didin't talk unless she was screaming.
Other then that, all silence.
"Where we used to laugh there's a shouting match
Sharp as a thumbnail scratch, a silence I can't ignore"

Ironiclly, there used ot be this funny little hammok/yoga chair thing in her bedroom doorway
"Like the hammock by the doorways we spent time in
Swings empty,

And "the soft dive of oblivion" was how I felt when I did find release & escape.

Hahaha, anyways, thats just my relations to the song.
I know you probley dont care much, but thought I would share.

Taylor Swift – I'd Lie Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is really self explanitory.

She is in love with a guy, probley someone she is close too and has known for a while.

He talks to her about private stuff, and she knows some of his secrets.
But she loves him, and he only see's her as a friend.

So she knows all about him, even some secret stuff, but he never notices how much she likes him.

Taylor Swift – Tim McGraw Lyrics 13 years ago
This song was love at first listen for me.
Hahaha, really!

All about a summer love, that went away in september.

I just really love the memory parts "when you think tim mcgraw...""when you think happiness..."

Its great, and really easy to relate too.

Tim McGraw – Red Ragtop Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this is a awsome song.

The abortion part is really sad

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