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Yes – Roundabout Lyrics 14 years ago
I'll take a stab at what it actually means and not just what the actual words came from.

They're using roads as a metaphore for love. He'll be her roundabout, giving her time and letting her choose where to go with their love. He wants to make where ever she chooses to go a scenic route (i.e. the mountains, and Puget Sound) and make it as beautiful as possible. Saying her "silhouette will charge the view" is the singer saying she's what really makes their love beautiful.

I can't say what the "Along the drifting a millions years" section is talking about. I want to say it's that their love will last, even though some things will be hard to get through (like stormy seas.)

Obviously I don't really know the true meaning of the entire song, but you can't say I didn't try.

Cream – Sunshine Of Your Love Lyrics 14 years ago
You're all over analysing it. gimpyx2k was right, it is about sex. Use your imagination. Think to yourself, what could he mean by "dawn surprise?"
And notice, he doesn't say "till the seas are dried up," he says the seas are his seas. Use your imagination.

Wolfmother – Woman Lyrics 14 years ago
Ok, not to sound like a "OMG 70's PLAGURISM CONSPIRACY LOL" guy, but the part near the end of this song with the keyboard sounds a lot like (but not enough for me to say they're a rip off) some Deep Purple stuff.

Cream – Strange Brew Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's about a guy who's girlfriend is controlling and about how he's a fool for still being with her.

Queen – Jesus Lyrics 15 years ago
Yes, I kind of wonder why he wrote it, but another important question is why he wrote it the way it is. Being a Christian, I noticed that there were things in it that weren't accurate to the Bible, like saying Jesus was old. Was there a reason for it, or was Freddie just incorrect? And why did he put Jesus's birth last? Was there a reason, or did that randomly seem to sound best?

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 15 years ago
Talamare, I like how you describe what the literal meaning is, but I don't think he's going to jail, I think he's being executed, and the gong at the end is like the gun that kills him, or when the guillotine comes down on his neck.

I feel like there's a meaning beyond the literal meaning though. And that meaning doesn't have anything to do with homosexual or AIDS.

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