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A Perfect Circle – When The Levee Breaks Lyrics 15 years ago
I haven't heard the original version but love both Led Zep's and APC's versions. I actually prefer this version, though - it seems to be more of a sad reflection on the state of things than Led Zep's version and this does more justice to the song, in my opinion.

Edith Piaf – Milord (English Version) Lyrics 15 years ago
You can watch Edith perform this version of the song before launching into the French here:

Watching this really makes me wish more artists today would put more thought and effort into entertaining. Edith's performance is mesmerising.

Paul Oakenfold – Sex 'N' Money (feat. Pharrell Williams) Lyrics 15 years ago
Background info on the song from Shock Radio's site:

"The track is called “Sex N Money” and has been inspired from Oakenfold’s past four years living in Los Angeles, it describes how apathetic and soulless the party atmosphere of Hollywood can actually be."

DJ Madson – Is This The Real Thing? Lyrics 15 years ago
Exactly! :)

Icehouse – Great Southern Land Lyrics 16 years ago
I really wish this song were our national anthem

Pnau – Bloodlust Lyrics 16 years ago
I've transcribed the lyrics for this song as accurately as I can but am pretty sure there are a couple of errors. I'd love to know of any corrections for it.

I don't know the real meaning behind the song but it seems to be describing someone's journey into vampirism.

It's as if the song is narrated by a vampire who is trying to recruit a human by exposing and prodding the human's loneliness and hurt, bringing forth an uncontrollable rage and lust for revenge against the whole of humanity.

The chorus is my favourite part and can easily be related to by anyone who's felt emotionally trapped and unable to express their emotions freely.

"So unwind and dip into the rage you conceal
And embrace your despair that you feel
But you can't so you're burning over, over, over"

Puretone – Addicted To Bass Lyrics 16 years ago
The song is by Josh Abrahams (Puretone) with Amiel Daemion on vocals.

Absolutely love it.

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