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Jawbreaker – Shield Your Eyes Lyrics 13 years ago
oh thank god, i came on here wondering whether i was the only one who thought the song bared a uncanny resemblance to the allegory.
if it's not based on the allegory, it is a ridiculous coincidence.

Archers of Loaf – Might Lyrics 14 years ago
i think it *might* be
"You've got to mock the power, just to let 'em know
You've got to mock ____________________"

Crass – Banned From The Roxy Lyrics 14 years ago
Punk rock died when the first kid said 'Punk’s not dead, punk's not dead.'

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Scattered Pearls Lyrics 14 years ago
The song could imply that the 'older men' tried to rape the girls and broke the narrator's necklace, but the girl is too ashamed to tell her mother.

Sonic Youth – Shoot Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm pretty sure she's asking for money to get an abortion

The New Pornographers – Broken Breads Lyrics 14 years ago
First, some corrections:
I could have lived NOT I could have it

I suppose that father knows best NOT I suppose their father knows best


The song appears to be, at least in part, from the perspective of Jesus:
The title is a reference to the breaking of bread.
"Father knows best" - God is often referenced to as 'father' and being God, he knows best.
References to whores; Jesus' friendship with a prostitute in the bible.
"Tormented kings" could be Jesus himself

What else it's about, I'm not sure

The Shins – Black Wave Lyrics 14 years ago
"There's far less to withdraw being blind"
could be
"there's far less to which I'm being blind?"
"there's far less to which I'd be obliged"
I think it's the second one.

Modest Mouse – Lounge (Closing Time) Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this song is about a girl whose boyfriend is getting her high on heroin ("they all went down and did the porcupine") then films her in porn videos ("They went down to the dance and grind "). She hasn't told anyone about it, yet ("And everybody she knew was gonna get the twist")
The lines "I've got a girlfriend out of the city" and "I know I like her, I think she is pretty" could be written from the perspective of the girl's boyfriend who lives away from the city and doesn't know she's having an affair with the pornographer and could be there to convey that in modern times, even those closest to you know nothing about you.
At the end of the song, the girl is very depressed, and doesn't know what to do ("I'm on the road to god don't know / My brain's the burger and my heart's the charcoal") and is either leaving a bar or is going to kill herself, possibly both ("It's closing time")

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