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Håkan Hellström – Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg Lyrics 6 years ago
Men singoalla kan väl även vara ett uttryck för "allihopa". Är det bara jag som fått för mig detta eller var det något man sa förr?

Imogen Heap – Canvas Lyrics 10 years ago
OMG! Thank you soo much, now I can listen til' my ears fall off :D Awesome^^

The Dangerous Summer – Surfaced Lyrics 10 years ago
I reeeaally fuckin' hate (excuse my choice of words) how they've posted half of this bands lyrics..
Makes it shitload of NOT easy to follow and it's looking like a bunch of words just mixed in there without any thoughs behind -.-

Imogen Heap – Canvas Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm in love with this song and I will probably marry the album.

Imogen Heap – Angry Angel Lyrics 10 years ago
I have to say I dissagree with all of you actually. When I read this I didn't think of the angry angel as another person. From my point of view the angry angel is her inner anger.

"He loves to rebel
To go against his ten commandments
For him, that's just being free"
It's when she lets her anger outside and just feeds it.

"But that's just his cover
From what is under it
All his imagination
His passion for a creation
Which he has discovered
Uncovered a world
Of amazing sensations
His own little nation"
I think that part says that inside the anger and frustration lies a great power that can be used in a good way. To be creative etc.

"I'm not feeling guilty
'Cause I don't care"
That part, for me, means that she knows her inner anger and is fully aware of him wanting to get out. Still she can control him and use him in the way she wants to without feeling guilt, 'cause he's a part of her and she's in control of herself.

Well, that's just the way I thought about it:)

Thin Lizzy – For Those Who Love to Live Lyrics 11 years ago
Are you kidding me?! Why am I the first to comment on this?:O I think this song is really good but it's a bit hard to describe what it's about. Maybe wanting to leave everything behind and start over.

Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes Lyrics 11 years ago
this is one of my favorite songs. I get a bitter sweet feeling everytime I listen to it. I think it's about a person that always plays tricks on the other one. Like some kind of game. Maybe it's a woman singing about the woman that plays tricks on him all the time and she's saying that "you'll never get anything from her so why don't you take me instead?" Or what do you think?

Box Car Racer – Dance With Me (The Sex Song) Lyrics 12 years ago
This song seems a bit wierd but do someone know where I can get it?

(+44) – Little Death Lyrics 12 years ago
This is what I found on the internet about this song
"Hoppus stated, that the songs "Little Death" and "No It Isn't" are about the break-up of blink-182. In both songs lines like "Your cry for inspiration won't be heard on distant stars" or "you swore you wouldn't lose then lost your brain, you make a sound that feels like pain" can be found that are related to Angels and Airwaves, DeLonges new project."

Blink-182 – Asthenia Lyrics 13 years ago
From the first time I heard this song I happened to think about someone that talked about his hometown. It seems like he's missing the town and the people he grew up with. But it also seems more logical about the hole spacething.

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