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112 – Cupid Lyrics 15 years ago
it's a classic. . . . when this song came out, i was extremely young. and now i'm a senior in highschool, and hands down this is one of the best ballads out there . . .i guess ballads from today just can't compare to the 90s. they're just not the same.

Monica – U Should've Known Better Lyrics 15 years ago
she's gonna ride with her man no matter what . . . i love this songgg =]

Jet – Look What You've Done Lyrics 15 years ago
the words are so simple, yet complex =]
i think this song is about someone in a relationship who tries so hard to make it work, but yet the other person takes it for granted, and basically doesn't care . . the relationship goes wrong. and when the time comes for him to leave, she wants him back, but he won't take her back.

Blaque – Questions Lyrics 15 years ago
it seems like she has insecurities, and all she needs is the comfort of her man to tell her the truth so she'll know wether or not the relationship is worth it.

Letoya Luckett – Torn Lyrics 15 years ago
i love the video -- will demps is bombbb ;]

Lindsay Lohan – Beautiful Life (La Bella Vita) Lyrics 15 years ago
everyone has their ups and downs, and this song shows it . . . no matter what we just gotta accept it, because things do change, nothings ever certain. . . -- but i absolutely love this song, it doesn't really make me smile or cry, but it does make me appreciate my life the way it is.

Chris Brown – Say Goodbye Lyrics 15 years ago
when listening to this song, you just feel it. . . if you've gone through it, you'll know what he's talking about. . .the relationship isn't what they expected, he cares for her and he doesn't want to hurt her, but even though it hurts, he has to end it for his sake, and maybe for hers. . .he doesn't wanna be with her anymore.

Rihanna – We Ride Lyrics 15 years ago
'i rule all' -- don't make yourself sound stupid. "we ride" is a perfect title for this song, if only you knew the context of it. So don't comment if you've never heard it because obviously, you don't know what you're talking about.

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