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Sigur Rós – Salka Lyrics 11 years ago
Ah god. This song. I couldn't even begin to explain how perfect it is, If there were degrees of perfection, this would be the ultimate.

Sigur Rós – All Alright Lyrics 11 years ago
In a way it makes me quite sad that this is sung in English. Their music is beautiful in their own language (either of them); it doesn't need to be translated for the sake of the masses.

The fact it's sung so quietly makes it so sort of sad and vulnerable. Completely beaten down and submissive.

"I'm sitting with you
Sitting in silence
Listening to birds
It feels like home"- Anyone could relate to this.

Aqualung – Falling Out Of Love Lyrics 11 years ago
I was going to quote a part of this song and mention how accurate I was, but actually, that applies to the whole thing.

Ludicrously haunting, and the way that it's not inherently a sad SOUNDING song shows the lack of emotion left in a dying relationship.

Aqualung – Breaking My Heart Again Lyrics 11 years ago
I can relate to this song. The meaning isn't exactly concealed, but it's incredibly relevant for me.

'Need to know, don't wanna know'... you need to know that the other person doesn't feel the same to know where you stand, but equally it's the one thing you don't want to hear, so you skirt around the issue.

'I've seen the signs'... you've seen them act this way before, and you know that they're uncomfortable and want to break out.

'I thought I knew you, I don't even know myself'... they're acting differently, unlike how they acted when they were happy, and your insecurities and paranoia are making you act differently yourself. You know neither of the characters you're presented with.

'Don't ask me to start again'... when you're getting over someone, the last thing you need is the first thing you want: for them to ask for you back. At least if they don't, you're left to get over them; if they ask for you back, it brings back all your feelings for them and all you want to do is say yes, just for the good times, when you know it'll never be the same.

'I wanna fight, afraid to fight'... this is particularly important for me. I always wanted to confront him and ask him what the hell he was playing at, and why he wouldn't just tell me outright if something was wrong, but I knew I couldn't because despite the frustration of never knowing how he felt, I didn't want to push him away by seeming like a psychotic, paranoid girlfriend. So I didn't fight.

I also agree with the person above me about the importance of 'again'. You're constantly treated awfully, but you're prepared to tolerate that and act like a doormat to be with them, but now they don't even want you as a doormat.

Aqualung – Something To Believe In Lyrics 11 years ago
Trying to find 'something to believe in' in a relationship that's clearly going nowhere.
'Turn out the light and what are you left with?' for me is like, if we take away the fact we're in a relationship, what else do we have? Do we enjoy being around each other? Do we even like each other anymore? With 'turn out the light' as 'get rid of the relationship', this makes sense to me. 'Open up my hands' is like, I've been holding onto this relationship but for what? Oh, they're empty. It's all meaningless. It's basically asking for a bit of effort on the other person's part. Alternatively, it could be looking for someone else to be their something to believe in.

Nightmare Of You – The Days Go By Oh So Slow Lyrics 11 years ago
Someone trying to find a way to get someone else to be with them.
'Take a seat and catch your breath'- finding an excuse to get them to sit down next to them, just so that they're nearby.
'Your blonde hair and gaping eyes'- flattery.
'[...] I can relate to that'- you should be with me, because I understand you.
'In the grass [...] When you sleep alone the days go oh so slow'- Is this something he's imagining and wants to happen, or something that did happen once that he wants back?
'If you feel like your heart's dried up'- Has she made an excuse about why she can't be with him, and he's trying to get round it?

I love this song. I have no real connection with what I perceive to be the meaning, but I love it.

Nightmare Of You – I Was Never a Normal Boy Lyrics 11 years ago
The first verse to me is talking about how a 'normal' person would respond to a situation. I just imagine this whole thing being the thought process of a very static introvert, watching everything and understanding it, and not feeling the need to connect, but despite this knowledge of the world outside he just can't face finding out about himself.

Nightmare Of You – I Want To Be Burried In Your Backyard Lyrics 11 years ago
I have no real meaning to place onto this song, as I've never thought of it as being about anything much. Unusually for me, I like this song for the music and the way the song fits together, rather than the lyrics or associations or interpretation I've made of it.

Nightmare Of You – My Name Is Trouble Lyrics 11 years ago
For me, this has always been about the guy being with the girl initially for some selfish reason, maybe as arm candy or for her reputation or whatever, and they split up for whatever reason, and now he doesn'thave her he realises he's made a horrible mistake and should never have let her go, and he likes her more than he thought.
'I've had this secret...' is his way of saying that that was what he used to think, and maybe that's why he didn't treat her as he should first time round, but now he wants her back. 'I wanna kiss you on the mouth and tell you I'm your biggest fan' is basically just saying 'I want you back, I love you'.
This is how I've always thought of this song. I absolutely adore it.

Kashmir – Melpomene Lyrics 12 years ago
"Something tells me that I'm left without a chance"
-The 'something tells me' part suggests that he realises the end is nigh, and 'without a chance' probably refers to the fact he has no chance to win her round
"in my suspicious attempts to get her close"
-She won't return his affection?
"enough to close my lips around her smile
now I can't close my eyes when she's around"
-She needs to be watched, as he's scared of what she might do, and she's trying to pull away, as he can't kiss her
"and she's around
passing like the wind that shapes the clouds"
-Always there, but never still for long enough for him to approach her
"she is around, she is around"

"i don't know how but suddenly it has been a while
and we've been walking in through that same front door"
-Despite the fact they live together, they don't spend time together anymore.
"undressing like there were no parts to hide
and calling each other names we never had"
-Can't be bothered to act like they care anymore
"you never heard
and then an unexpected turn
and we hit the kerb
a stupid term, a fatal word"
-This part could suggest that she's been looking for an excuse to end it for a long time, and so she picks up on linguistic slips of his to turn it around and make it look like she's the victim to make him feel guilty for the things he's said. He blames himself, but in reality she wasn't hurt by what he said at all, she just wanted an escape.

"Flutter girl
killing me with her sunshine"
-Flaunting the fact that she's happy to spite him
she's so unaware
that she's my melpomene"
-He may be naive for not realising that she's deliberately trying to hurt him

"you broke the code"
-Does the code refer to the 'unwritten rules' of a relationship?
"just like i'm sure you always do
without intentions but I know
that's how I broke away from you"
-He broke away from her; did he realise it wasn't worth fighting for her anymore?
"now that the clouds are obsolete
I hope you landed on your feet"
-He still cares about her, but...
"without those evil demons"
-... he is beginning to understand that she's in the wrong
"keeping you reminding of..."

"the war they pulled us through
as fragile hearts ran short of glue"
-Broken hearts... is she regretting what she's done?
"as we're both running out of time"
-To get back together?
"and seek to drown the fact in wine"
-'The fact' they're no longer together
"it should be honest and naive"
-SHOULD be, unlike it really was
"like we should give, we should receive
I must be jaded"
-'Jaded' suggests he is looking upon their future with pessimism
"fading out of function into solitude"
-Solitude shows he is lonely, and he is 'fading out of function' so he CAN'T work for the relationship anymore

"Flutter girl
killing me with her sunshine
she's so unaware
that she's my melpomene

Flutter girl
killing me with her sunshine
she's so unaware
that she's my melpomene"

To summarise: She looks for a reason to break up with him, he pines for her, and as he begins to give up hope, she is beginning to have second thoughts about what she's done.

Architecture in Helsinki – In Case We Die (Parts 1-4) Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's about a dangerous couple, who get into trouble, only for one of them to eventually take a step back, and try and blame it all on the other ("leave it while it still smoulders
so I have to say I told you")
And here: "around the angles there's a race where
silver never gets golder" I think of 'silver never gets golder' as being a way of saying "What we have now may not be the best, but this is the best we can ever have it", and I agree with blueofthesky, that the last two lines are basically saying that they don't have to become conventional and start acting their age, that they can carry on acting like they do now, and keep the relationship a bit dangerous and exciting.

Isis – In Fiction Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm not going to read any of the comments above me until after I've posted this, in case they influence my opinion in any way at all, so sorry if I'm just posting exactly the same idea as anyone above me.
'Fiction' pretty much says to me that we've been lied to about what will happen in the future. Maybe like telling a story to kids about what the world will be like when they grow up, and now they HAVE grown up they realise that it's not at all how they'd expected? Although if this was the case, it could refer to ignorance, and not lies.
'Yet in fiction lay the bones,
Ugly in their nakedness'.
This could suggest that maybe what was SUPPOSED to happen for the future failed, and that 'the bones' were the foundations for the progression of technology, society etc.? 'Ugly in their nakedness', in this case, would refer to the fact that all the ideas were really underdeveloped, and abandoned, because people got bored of them, didn't like how they were turning out etc.
The last two lines say, "We can't shelter under lies and ignorance, there's nowhere for us to hide because we'll always get found out" (like, taking my previous example into account, feeding kids outlandish lies about things that will never happen, only for the children to grow up and find out that none of it is possible).

Isis – Syndic Calls Lyrics 13 years ago
"Is this the next last day?" seems like somebody feels that they've been living on borrowed time, similar to asewd's idea really. Kind of like they've been told that their time would come, but THAT time has come and gone, and now they're living their life wondering when everything will come to an end. The use of the word 'prepare' in the next line, for me, backs up this idea, like the person knows that they should be expecting something to happen, and so all they can do it get ready and wait.

Louis XIV – Pledge Of Allegiance Lyrics 13 years ago
Ha, brilliant song, this one.
Nobody really needs to have the meaning explained to them. I hope, anyway.

Fiona Apple – Paper Bag Lyrics 13 years ago
This song, to me, is about wanting someone who is a constant disappointment. I think it's about knowing that you SHOULD give the person up, but feeling to attached to them to let go, even though you know they're not good enough.
This song is popular in the world of pro-ana, because of the references to hunger and starvation, and 'shaky hands' (a common symptom of anorexia and forms of starvation).

Mew – Am I Wry? No Lyrics 13 years ago
I see a deluded addiction to a reckless, uncaring girl.
"Am I wry? No" says to me, "Can you really get involved with someone like this? Are you like her?" and the answer is no, the two people are too different.

Mew – Beautiful Balloon Lyrics 13 years ago
This song strikes me as being about insecurity and paranoia.

Mew – Behind The Drapes Lyrics 13 years ago
"Why are we so alone?
Even with company"
To me, it's a song about feeling lost and vulnerable, and "If not the moon will us guide, will then the streetlight?" is about desperately searching for someone to help you through, and jumping from person to person to help you on your way.

Mew – Chinaberry Tree Lyrics 13 years ago
"Hard now to picture a me
Without a you"
I think that this song is about a longing to be with someone, that has just rejected you. It seems like it's the first time you've run over the events of a break-up in your mind, and you can only remember the dark final moments.

Mew – Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed Lyrics 13 years ago
"It's a nice day, I think
To wake up with you"
Those lyrics make me shiver. I thought it was 'A nice WAY...' instead though?
I see it as trying to help someone understand what to do next. The person they're trying to help is trying to let go of something or someone, and trying to move on.
"A nice way, I'm separated from you" to me, is saying, "Right, OK, I've done all I can now, it's time for me to leave you to make your choice."

Mew – Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years Lyrics 13 years ago
The title of the song instantly makes me think of deception, and "She's trying to move you", the use of the word 'trying' makes me think that perhaps 'she' has some ulterior motive.
"If I could look you in the eyes, I couldn't let you go"
She's obviously compelling, so maybe the singer is trying to avoid looking her in the eyes so that he's not drawn into her web?

Mew – Panda Lyrics 13 years ago
Literally NO idea what, if anything, this is about.
Love the song though, especially the beginning.

Mew – Symmetry Lyrics 13 years ago
This is probably, for me, the most meaningful of all the Mew songs.
In my opinion, it's about someone that they don't really know, yet they see a lot of themselves in the other person. They see their own flaws in the other person, yet they are so caught up and intrigued that they see through all of their bad points ("But ironically, you will always be belle of the ball, at least to me"), and they are deluded, and try to convince themselves that the other person is perfect.

Mew – Why Are You Looking Grave? Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree with timchilli.
It's clearly a song about portraying yourself differently to how you really feel.
"Why are you sitting there?
Are you hoping that someone will stare?"
This part seems to be a reference to attention seeking, maybe making things seem worse than they are for sympathy?

Deepsky – Ride Lyrics 13 years ago
I found it for the same reason as thedarkman. I like this song, it's cute. Not entirely sure if the lyrics mean a great deal, but maybe I'm looking over something extremely obvious.

Blutengel – I Will Follow ... Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this one pretty much explains itself, I think. Someone loves someone else, and is addicted to and entirely devoted to them.

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