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The Mighty Boosh – Mutants Lyrics 14 years ago
I actually think the line is meant to be 'I'm not a man, I a mutant' not reject, at least that's what it sounds like and says on the dvd subtitles.

Within Temptation – The Truth Beneath The Rose Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with Mhorton, their interpretation seems very fitting with the lyrics. I know it was written inspired by the Da Vinci code but I don't think it's really about a big religious conspiracy that's trying to covered up.

I love this song so much! But I can't help but feel the orchestral bit a the beginning is really familiar.

Within Temptation – The Cross Lyrics 14 years ago
I've heard alot of arguing over this song, some saying it's pro-religion/Christianity and is to balance out TTBTR and some it goes along with TTBTR as a warning against following a belief system set up by others.
Personally I'm onclined to the more pro-religious part of that argument purely because that's the way the lyrics lead, but personally I think it's actually about a relatiionship or friendship in which one partner feels isolated by the other or betrayed and the religious references are just metaphors for the feelings of betrayel eg, the Judas reference and the 'In my heart I still hope you will open the door' bit.

But that's just my take, whatever anyone else thinks is good too.

Tori Amos – Winter Lyrics 14 years ago
For me this song is basically a look at the passage of life through a happy event that she remembers from her childhood.
The first verse is about when she was a little girl playing with her father and enjoying all the little things kids do. It's all about innocence, before things get complicated.
The second verse is about when she came into adolesence and became a teenager, and started worrying about boys, the future, about how she was percieved etc. It's more about her developing anxieties about herself.
The third verse is about how as soon as you stop worrying about life for just a brief second and take a step back you realise how fleeting it really is. The final two lines in the verse are her going back to the memory of her father and how his love for her was always constant no matter how she felt about herself.
the chorus throughout the song is the reassuring voice of her father, telling her he loves her no matter what and that he wants her to be happy, but also to get ready for whatever her future holds.

A really amazing song. my fave Tori song ever!

Tori Amos – Me And A Gun Lyrics 14 years ago
The line:
"But I haven't seen Barbados, so i must get out of this".
really strikes me the hardest. Just keeping it together as much as possible, willing yourself to get through it, no matter what because you know theres so much to live for. It's such an amazing yet simple line.
And I also love:
"and i wanna live"
Once again really simple but really powerful.

Tori Amos – Just Ellen Lyrics 14 years ago
Wow, that's freaky. My name is Ellen and this song is exactly what I've been thinking about lately. Wanting to rush into your future and stuff you think your ready for, despite how a bad an idea you know it is. Weird, man!

Ute Lemper – The Case Continues Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with Arbiter, this does sound like a James Bond song, especially the amazing instrumentation. The music to this song is really quite exceptional, unusual and unique, yet very powerful at the ending. The story for the song is also really cool, a dramatic setting for something, which sadly, frequently happens.

Theatre of Tragedy – Poppaea Lyrics 14 years ago
Well, I'm not too sure but i think this song may be about Poppaea Sabina, Nero's wife. It would help it fit in with the rest of Aegis' Greek and Roman history and mythology theme.
Her story is basically she was regarded as being a great beauty but also as being manipulative and heartless. She married several men only so as to gain access to the Emperor Nero to become his mistress. Her planned worked, her first husband was executed and she divorced her second as soon a Nero said he would marry her.
Ahe was also the person who helped Nero murder his mother and persuaded him to execute his ex-wife. He was totally besotted with her but one day when she was pregnant with her second child, they had a fierce arguement which resulted in him killing her, thus delivering her comeuppance.

Nightwish – The Siren Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree it's based on Homer's Ilyad but I read the Nightwish Once music book and Tuomas claimed that he was inspired to write this after watching a documentary about a Scottish granny who lived alone and spent her time playing her violin for the seals on the island she lived on.

When i read this I was just like 'okaaaaaaaaaay....'

Within Temptation – It's The Fear Lyrics 14 years ago
For me it seems to be about a person with destructive and harmful patterns in their behaviour (maybe acoholism, maybe a bad temper) who can see the damage they're doing and all the hurt they're causing and regrets it. it's about that peerson struggling to overcome that problem.

Within Temptation – The Swan Song Lyrics 14 years ago
Whenever I hear this song I think about my cousin. He was very sick for a long time before he died. For me the song is about a release from life and pain into peacefullness.

Within Temptation – Jane Doe Lyrics 14 years ago
Well in thfanzine Sharon said the song was inspired by all the detective and investagative shows she loves watching and is about murderer who tells his girlfriend about his past crimes but she thinks he's joking and teases him. In a fit of rage he kills her and is haunted by the memory of her.

Elis – Where You Belong Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is poignant now. It really suits how all Elis fans feel.

Elis – My Only Love Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is so gorgeous and it really fits now.

RIP Sabine
May your spirit soar forever!

Poets Of The Fall – Lift Lyrics 14 years ago
To me it's about someone telling their loved one that despite everything bad that happens or all the flaws that they have, they are the most important, uplifting and special part of their lives.

A friend of mine also mentioned it could be put in a religious context. Now I know that POTF aren't a religious band, but I can definately see where she was coming from.

Poets Of The Fall – Carnival of Rust Lyrics 14 years ago
Gorgeous song! I love it so much!
To me it's a story about someone trying to hold on to a love while the other pulls away from them

Epica – Solitary Ground Lyrics 14 years ago
I like your explanation sleeping_sun. i always thought along the same lines aswell, but then I read an interveiw with Simone where she told that it was a description of the isolation a musician feels because they are constantly moving from place to place and having to meet new people and not having enough time for there loved ones at home.

Within Temptation – Towards the End Lyrics 14 years ago
It is a song about war or any sort of conflict, but I never put in modern perspective before. I always had the images of something more Mediaeval in mind.
Yours makes more sense though since the the conflict America's involved is probably what inspired them to write it.
Class song though, very epic!

Kamelot – The Haunting (Somewhere In Time) Lyrics 14 years ago
Sorry, but I don't think so. I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think it was Mari who sang on Epica not Simone. I think she was always Helena's voice. The collaberation with Simone only came about because Epica (Simone's band) wanted to do a duet with Khan (the song 'Trois Vierges') and so in return they got her to be Marguerite on The Black Halo album.
Maybe you just got confused because Epica is the name of the band Simone is in, but I seriously doubt if it's her on the Epica album by Kamelot.

Within Temptation – Gothic Christmas Lyrics 14 years ago
Does anyone know where I can download this song?

Lacuna Coil – To Live Is To Hide Lyrics 14 years ago
This song helped me through a really rough time I was having with my friends. I don't know if anyone else will get this but here goes:

I was in a situation where my friends weren't treating me every well at times but I was too afraid to say anything to them because I didn't want to hurt them and was almost afraid that I was just being paranoid and over-sensitive and there was nothing really wrong. In the end when I did confront them about it they got all hurt and defensive at me.

To me it's about repressing yourself because you're afraid to hurt people even if they've hurt you:
To hide emotions cause a blow out
desperately I seek in their blast
a way so I can not be outdone
and to finish this search for the meaning

Feeling unsure as to whether what you're feeling is really true or all in your head:
I'm going to freeze
Is it my imagination?
It's underground
but I can feel it the same

And then confronting them only to regret it because they've become hurt and want to turn the blame on you again:
What I need now
what I need is to live to hide
when you smothered my devotion
with your lies

And I feel now
as I did that time
that I'm wondering why
still I make you cry

Hope that made sense to you, guys.

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't know about what the song 'really' means but for me it's just such an positive sounding song. Anytime I feel sick or depressed I just switch this on and it helps me alot.
Probably because of the lines:
"I just know that something good is gonna happen,
I don't know when, but just saying it could even make it happen"

Within Temptation – Angels Lyrics 14 years ago
I get where everyone is coming from with what this song means to them. For such a seemingly direct song it's so open to interpretation. When I first heard it I immediately thought of the Phantom of the Opera because it refers to a saviour and friend who ended up betraying the person they were 'saving'. Also, the 'angel' bit prbably helped me with that assumption;-p
Just thought I'd see if anyone else thought that.

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