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Copeland – That Awful Memory Of Yours Lyrics 6 years ago
What a difficult song to find meanings for! But let me try:

I will take a few ideas from the overall lyrics and bind it to a Christian scenario.

1. The awful memory of God who forgets about your human condition.
- Blessing, because we
- A curse perhaps because we hold on to what we are. It's our human nature and we wish to keep it for ourselves.

2. From the womb I heard my name
- It sounds the same as...
- The many times I've ignored it...

So this guy is being cryptic about his feelings. He feels as if being transformed will deprive him from what he really is. But in the end, he changes his mind and says this:

3. Would you found me like a treasure (Deuteronomy 7:6) from a long forgotten time, and if you kept me here forever you know I wouldn't mind.

4. I was too ashamed to face you saying "welcome home".

Further Seems Forever – On Legendary Lyrics 7 years ago
I do also think that 6:19 is a verse from the Bible, but I do think it's Hebrews 6:19, "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain", which can be followed by 6:20, "where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek." Jason speaks here about the sense of intimacy and love that you share in a deep relationship that fills you with joy as it goes into the "sanctuary behind the curtain", which could is seen as the highest level of intimacy between a man and a woman, but also between man and God.

Underoath – Writing on the Walls Lyrics 7 years ago
Alright, so here's my take on the song. The song is about the struggle of a person with doubts about their faith and how it borders on atheism. Why? Well:

Maybe we, why don't we sit right here for half an hour
We'll speak of what a waste I am and how
We missed your beat again
A person praying in recognition of how he misses God. The hint is given by the next verse.

I swear we need to find some comfort in
This run down place
To bridge the gap of this conscious state
That we live in
He's talking about Freud's "God of the gaps". That is, the belief that people believe in a god because he helps them understand things they can't (bridge the gap of their conscious states) and by find comfort in life. Pretty clear, isn't it?

How come you try and fit the shape of
What they tell you
But mostly what they show you
How come you preach their arguments but you mostly end up doing the bad things others, (who probably tell you that there are no consequences for your actions).

At this rate we can't keep up
But I sure can't just sit still
The grunts are by the concerned friend who is saying "I pray for you to move on with these ideas of yours that keep you on the state of doubt you're in".

I'm taking back all the things I said
Keep me filled in, I swear I'll come
"Yeah, it's just a phase I'm going through. Just leave me alone and I'll be back soon with you all".

We walk alone back home
In the end this is what you feel when you're about to die and feel alone in the universe. "I'm short on time" before means that life is short and that if we end up dying, we walk home on our own.

Blindside – Coming Back to Life Lyrics 8 years ago
Birds are spiritual representations of spiritual states, period. For example, a dove is represented as cleanliness and pure spirituality (Noah, Jesus' baptism) whereas a crow is not only represented in the bible but also used as a symbol of darkness and death (Isaiah 34:11).

For me, there's no doubt the song is basically about listening and responding to a divine call to come into light, and life.

Foo Fighters – Bridge Burning Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is about Christianity.

These are my famous last words!
My number's up, bridges well, burned
(The moment I die, that will be it)

Why won't you let me disobey
It's getting kinda late but I don't wanna wait no more
(I've been believing in you for a long time but I think it's enough)

Oh may I have this dance of days
Locked in your embrace
Passed your test of faith
(This is as far as I go, you have to admit that I've done enough)

Another time another place
Another line upon your face
Another in your way
(Every person that exists in the world disobeys your word)

Down crooked stairs and sideways glances
Comes the king of second chances
Now throw him in the flame
(This is actually very straightforward, the crooked stairs and sideways glances mean mistakes and hyocrisy; the king of second chances is some kind of title)

Whatever keeps you warm at night
(If you want to lie to yourself, be my guest)

Your bridges are burning down
They're all coming down
It's all coming round
You're burning them down
(Burning bridges down is means that there's no turning back now, and that once you know the truth, you can't look back)

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 10 years ago
The very best interpretation ever. Sorry it's in Spanish but Youtube now has subtitles. My mom emailed it to me and blew my mind. Props to her.

KoЯn – Got The Life Lyrics 11 years ago
To me, Jonathan has a conflict with his inner-self. He speaks of something inside, and that's what acts in a rather blithe manner to what he feels. He says, for example:

* Hate, something, sometime, someway, something kick off the front floor. // I'm not OK.
* Mine? Something, inside. // Something inside says:
* I'll never ever follow. // The voice is reluctant to follow God, no matter how things get.
* So give.. me.. some.. thing.. that.. is.. for.. real. // He's asking for directions...
* I'll never ever follow. // His voice says on the inside: "I still won't go there."

The song is about how he is looking for God because his life is destroyed, but there's something inside that is rebellious against following God, albeit his life is a mess. It's an anthem, for sure. The Chorus goes like:

* God paged me, I'll never see the light // God/Christians say that I'm going to hell for what I do.
* Oh, I still see. // It's being sarcastic: "I'm already in hell --I can see quite well."
* God told me, I've already got the life, oh I say... // God offered him 'life', and he's being sarcastic: "Oh, I see/say." as in "Good for you!"

The Toasters – Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down Lyrics 11 years ago
A correction: "and the whole world start // 'pon teh dem high gear // when we livin in teh ghetto..."

Long Beach Dub All-Stars – Listen to DJ's Lyrics 11 years ago
It's a homage to Jamaican mc's. (:

Five Iron Frenzy – My Evil Plan To Save The World Lyrics 11 years ago
I found a couple of verses in the Bible that address this particular question posed in the song: Jeremiah 12:1-4. Jeremiah asks on the firsts why is the world being unfair. Yet I would speak with you about your justice (The world's not spinning your way), Set them apart for the day of slaughter (does every dog still have his day?). It would explain why is it "prophetic", perhaps a hint of where it's coming from.

God answers from the start the fact: Don't go over your head with this (If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?). However, it seems like FIF just tries to portray every single Christian who comes to ask himself why the world doesn't go the way it's supposed to, or so he thinks. Awesome stuff.

311 – Nix Hex Lyrics 11 years ago
"Las banderas de San Juan; piden pan, no les dan" is a popular child tune in Spanish.

Ozomatli – Aqui No Sera Lyrics 11 years ago
There are some minor errors on the lyrics. It should be:

Desde las Malvinas hasta la misión
Vamos milicianos en lucha y canción
Tu salvadoreño, pequeño gigante
Enséñale a todos, aquí no será
Tu salvadoreño pequeño gigante
Enséñale a todos aquí no será

Aquí no será fácil ocasión
Aquí no será tan solo un Vietnam
La América entera, no permitirá
Otra intervención en El Salvador

(Note: In the lyrics, América refers to "North and South America", not the US. Latin Americans believe in it as one big continent, and they don't usually call people hailing from the US as "Americans". Just so you know...)

Ozomatli – Aqui No Sera Lyrics 11 years ago
Yes, it must be about the military action of the U.S. in El Salvador in the 80's. As a Salvadoran, it's great to find a new song that speaks of my country.

Café Tacuba – Una mañana Lyrics 12 years ago
One morning, one pretty morning
your heart, as a flower, will be granted to me
One morning, one pretty morning
my heart, as a flower, will be granted to you

Pretty will be, when you say "I believe in your love"
you'll tell me you feel no fear
and when the sun comes out, it will be
One morning, one pretty morning
as a flower, as the love that I will always give you

Pretty will be, when you say "I believe in your love"
you'll tell me you feel no fear
and when the sun comes out, it will be
One morning, one pretty morning
as a flower, as the love that I will always give you
that I will always give you
that I will always give you

The Rocket Summer – Destiny Lyrics 12 years ago
Sounds like the guy had a bad break up, and he's trying to set things right. He's admitting that he's in love but that he's not ok with the current way the relationship is. Most importantly, that the other person is trying to ignore him.

Long Beach Dub All-Stars – Talkin' the Truth Lyrics 12 years ago
"Man what a one" is more like "Man, what a gwaan", which would mean something like "What's going on!"

NOFX – It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite Lyrics 12 years ago
Noconglomurate should be nonconglomerate.
It should refer to something not adhered to any group.

The Toasters – Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down Lyrics 12 years ago
"I'm not a prankster, I'm not scared"?

As for the patois part, this is what I've got so far:

"Me say teh war must start
Dem no one can a win
Dem a talk about da taller
Dem a think a fi me get

Dem a fi kick on teh foot
When I jump on riddim
And the whole world stop
Upon teh dem high fear

Are we livin in da ghetto
On a streets a get sharp
I don't think that you need
A gun to act up as a man
You got to stand in firm
And stand up strong
Listen ghetto youth
Dis how we keep in da land"

Five Iron Frenzy – Cannonball Lyrics 12 years ago
The missing part:
[And everyone will say it's just an 'accident']

I'm starting to understand this song. I was reading about the judgement of Paul yesterday (especially the part when he's heading to Rome on the sinking ship), and this song fits perfectly. According to Christians, a failure is a means for God to use people, given their faith and determination, for guidance or just to give a testimony.

Five Iron Frenzy – All That Is Good Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song is about legalism and pluralism. Pluralism it's known as living your life by rules and not by Grace. The other part is about people who don't really know what they actually believe in.
The band is saying that you should think about it before you fall into one of those.

Incubus – A Certain Shade of Green Lyrics 12 years ago
Amazing interpretation! I can totally relate to it.

Life is short. This song is an invitation to sign out from SM and get a life.

Café Tacuba – Puntos Cardinales Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's about love and positivity. It's ubiquitous and lives within the present. Greaat song!

Café Tacuba – 24 Horas Lyrics 12 years ago
This song has a very obvious meaning: A busy man in love. A wise man, by the way.

Café Tacuba – Esa Noche Lyrics 12 years ago
No me hubieras dejado esa noche
porque esa misma noche encontré un amor

Parecía que estaba esperando tu momento de partir,
Parecía haber observado mis momentos junto a ti.
No me hubieras dejado esa noche porque
esa misma noche encontre un amor

Me abrazó al instante mismo que tu me dijiste adios
y no fue una gran tristeza, fue como ir de menor a mayor
Tu regreso habia esperado, mas te veía muy feliz,
en los brazos de tu amada te olvidaste tu de mi,
pues ahora que recuerdas a mis brazos vuelve ya,
seré por siempre tu amante, tu novia la soledad
Y si alguna vez regresas con aquella que te amó,
sabes no será lo mismo, pues tambien me conoció
No me hubieras dejado esa noche
porque esa misma noche encontré un amor

Mi soledad siempre ha pertenecido a ti (7).
Ay soledad, siempre ha pertenecido a ti.

Café Tacuba – El Borrego Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is about trendy people who act hardcore to fit in.

"I'm an anarchist, I'm neonazist
I'm skinhead and ecologist
I'm peronist, terrorist, capitalist
and also pacifist.

I'm an activist, part of an union,
I'm agressive and very alternative,
I play sports, from Rotarac
Politeist and also a good Christian.

At the gigs slams are the way
but at home I love to listen to tropical."

Voicst – Enjoy The Kickback Lyrics 12 years ago
This is such a random song, I think the bits about Dan are describing the kind of friend we try to avoid but they just keep sticking around, so we accept them as they are... weird.

Massive Attack – Teardrop Lyrics 12 years ago
I think I understand now! This song is about declaring one's love to another person at cost of his/her peace of mind:

Love, love is a verb//love is shown by acts
Love is a doing word//love is said and done
Fearless on my breath//I'm not scared to admit it.

Gentle impulsion//Love makes me go for it
Shakes me makes me lighter//this is what it makes me feel
Fearless on my breath//However, I'm not scared.

Nine(I think it's 'nigh') night of matter//A difficult time is coming
Black flowers blossom//With hardships
Fearless on my breath//But love makes me fearless.

Teardrop on the fire//suffering won't extinguish my love (fire)
Fearless on my breath//I'm not scared.

Water is my eye//I cry
Most faithful mirror//Tears are enough to show my feelings

Teardrop on the fire of a confession//My sadness means nothing, I'm telling you how I feel.

Stumbling a little//I did it and I feel insecure.

The Polyphonic Spree – Section 7 (Hanging Around the Day Part 2) Lyrics 13 years ago
Isn't this song about procrastinating?

4hero – Look Inside (feat. Face) Lyrics 13 years ago
It's about starting a new day with a new attitude after feeling down or depressed.

Jamiroquai – Stillness In Time Lyrics 13 years ago
There's a stillness in time
Which I cannot define
Does your heart bleed like mine?
Oh does your heart yearn
For a place we can go
Where the troubles of our time are far away
Hey they're so far away

And I had all my life in front of me
Now my darkest days are trouble free
There are so many wondrous things for you to see

If you find that something is going wrong
Look around at what you're running from
You can wait a thousand years in line for that stillness in time

Oh yeah
I felt love in that way
And I'm never sad
And I'm always glad
Anything you give me today
I will be thankful for
People find it hard to be strong
Cos they don't know where they're coming from
There was nothing i could do but hang on
For that stillness in time

If this world is turning too much for your head
Just remember happy times comes running still
Guess i have to search the spaces of my mind
For that stillness in time

I know that this
Is peripheral side of bliss
There is no me
For the love i have will stay the same
I have done wrong
If i don't know where i'm coming from
Ever knows he
The things that are inside me
A part of me in front of me
Oh say its all around me
Say i know
Say i want to find that stillness in time
Stillness in time

The Polyphonic Spree – Section 12 (Hold Me Now) Lyrics 13 years ago
I'll give it a try:

The song is about a person who has hit bottom, maybe because of depression or an addiction.
"He was moving away" means that he can no longer relate to other people. This person is living a nightmare and people think he will get out of it by himself, but he really needs help.

The chorus is more of a conversation. The person is opening him/herself to this person, saying "hold me", so admitting he can't get out of it by himself. The other person is telling him to "don't start shaking", which can be related to drugs or fear. The person just keeps going "you keep me safe" and the other answers that he's not the first person to come through all that when it says "Don't ever think you're the only one," perhaps the "new age" is a new age free of drugs?

The second verse explains how other people see him in disgrace. "You can find a new song" is something like you can see this person as he suffers. "Everyone thinks they've got a new phrase", everyone tells him the same thing over again: "But you're still miles away." People are blaming him for being distant to others, not realizing he's like that because of their fault.

This is a very powerful song. It finishes up with the person holding and caring for someone who has been longing for love and help all this time, saying that others have been through all that.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get Lyrics 13 years ago
When you knock on wood it means that you wish for that to happen. It's like "If I ever die **knock on wood**."

Tripping Daisy – I Got A Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
Or maybe he's comparing two sides of the same woman. And he decides at the end to stick with her. It makes sense because he inverts the good/bad to bad/good during some parts of the songs.

Tripping Daisy – I Got A Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
I'll go with my own interpretation: the guy has problem with his girlfriend and just met a girl who already has a boyfriend.

“I got a girl who loves good soul*
I got a girl who dances to disco**
I got a girl who wears cool shoes*
I got a girl who wears them in the nude!”**

So while his girlfriend is a cool person who knows about music, the new girl is crazy and fun. The girlfriend is tasty, the new girl is sexy, and so on during the song. But at the end he realizes he can't make a switch and that he kind of loves his current girlfriend. Maybe.

Five Iron Frenzy – My Evil Plan To Save The World Lyrics 13 years ago
Wow, I think that last one is a great interpretation! This is the very first song I ever heard by them back in 03 and I was so confused by that line. I think they needed to unfold the concept a bit more. But it's so great anyway.

Five Iron Frenzy – Every New Day Lyrics 13 years ago
bear_hug20 on 06-17-2008 @ 02:36:51 AM


Soda Stereo – 1990 Lyrics 13 years ago
La primera frase no dice "No habrá remedio infalible", sino "Agarro medio cuba libre". Cuba Libre es un trago.

Soda Stereo – Angel Eléctrico Lyrics 13 years ago
I read somewhere that this song is about cocaine. It pretty much makes sense.

311 – Life's Not A Race Lyrics 13 years ago
To me, it's about awareness. This just came to me. In the first verse, he's scared of the future. The chorus explains the fear of death, of ending up unnoticed in the future, and the contrast between the part lost in the future and the consciousness in the past creates a sense of continuity along time (maybe eternity).

Nick's rap is a shocking way to end the "trance", he's saying he's going for opportunities and living the present. SA then says you will never die, you'll continue alive in some other way, therefore, you must relax and "let it flow, cause it won't stop".

Thievery Corporation – Shadows Of Ourselves Lyrics 14 years ago
Thank you very much for the translation! This is such a good song =D

Skoidats – OI (When the Rain Come…) Lyrics 14 years ago
Great song. I can't believe no one has commented it, I searched for the lyrics for years! Good to find them, thanks a lot.

Destine – Last Scene Of A Plane Crash Lyrics 14 years ago
I think the song is very clear: it means that he's into one of those situations where he's in love with someone and he didn't finish what he started.

Scapegoat Wax – Perfect Silence Lyrics 15 years ago
This is a great song, too bad no one has comented on it. I thought it was about a girl, until i got to the "I hear your last breath, Bobby" part. Maybe it's about a situation that wasn't too comforting, but i think it's about being positive and thankful for what we have in life until the last moment

Long Beach Dub All-Stars – Listen to DJ's Lyrics 15 years ago
Ill try to correct them:

You have to listen to DJ's from the old days
no matter where you're from this music's gonna play
might be on your soundclash on every Friday.
so listen what your DJ plays
You've got echo minot, with no lazy bodies
Major Worries, and his little rosie
Admiral Bailey and his big Belly
Josie wales says no wrong free call me
King Kong sings a song called Trouble Again
Wayne Smith, Peter Metro, and Charlie Chaplain
Early B, Coca Tea and Brigadier Jerry, Tiger, Papa Son, and mister Wilton Irie
Mad Cobra sings flex it's time to have sex
Tristan Palma an entertainer
King Yellowman place, on Blueberry HilL
Mega Banton and (some bouyaa for you).

You have to listen to DJ's from all the old days
no matter where you're from this music's gonna play
might be on your radio every Sunday.

So listen what your DJ plays. (2x)

U-Roy with ganja by the end of this day
Michigan & Smiley in a different stylee
Buru Banton you know he's got skills
General Trees chop up your 50 dollar bills
Tenor Saw, General Echo, and Papa (joy on)
Shabba Ranks, Jah Thomas he's the virgin.
Cutty Ranks, Buju Banton
Tippa Irie allright,
Super Cat
big up to Half Pint

You have to listen to DJ's from across the globe
because this kind of music it'll never get old
might be on your radio every Sunday
So listen what your DJ plays (2x)

Yami Bolo
Johnny Osborne and
Risto Benji
Big Youth and
Daddy Freddy
Chaka Demus
Junior Reed
a man called Frankie Paul
Major Mackeral are up di dancehall

Zero 7 – Spinning Lyrics 15 years ago
Isn't this song about feeling down and destroyed? It's about asking for a second chance in a person's life when you think you lost it all

Further Seems Forever – On Legendary Lyrics 15 years ago
Well, maybe Jason was comparing Jesus' love to the love he felt for his wife. The phrase "saving grace" can't be confused in any way. It's definitely a Christian thing

Dashboard Confessional – The Good Fight Lyrics 15 years ago
It sounds good what this Crhistian dude says, it got me right in the part about "A slowly crafted monologue conceding your defeat" it just reminded me of all the people that questions faith. That would be exactly the point right there

311 – Whiskey And Wine Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree to what n3j1y1 said: This was a relationship with good times and fights mixed, and no matter how good it makes you someone feel, if you keep fighting and coming back all the time, you end up ruining the relationship

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