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The Mountain Goats – Fault Lines Lyrics 14 years ago
this isn't an alpha song. alpha songs not on talahassee generally have the word alpha in the title and this song really doesn't describe the alpha couple.

i definitely thing this is the same couple from jenny. in jenny they're young, carefree, and in love as they cruise about on the new motorcycle. now this sort of lifestyle is starting to become meaningless, no matter how much money they do or do not have. the deteriorating motorcycle is on obvious metaphor for their collapsing relationship.

Everclear – Amphetamine Lyrics 14 years ago
i only just now realized that this is definitely about speed. i just found this part interesting though.

"Amy goes to school all day
But at night in the neighborhood they call her Amphetamine"

i think thats a reference to add medications and such that are basically little more than speed.

Primus – John the Fisherman Lyrics 14 years ago
the song is about an actual ship that went down. the fishermans last words were recorded and broadcast "oh my god, we're going down"

The Refreshments – Banditos Lyrics 14 years ago
though this song is definitely lighthearted and humorous, there is actually a real meaning about trust in there. with the stupid people line, the chorus is basically summing everything up by saying "hey, yeah, we're tricking all these stupid people by stealing money, but hey, i'm gonna rip you off too." to me it's about trust on various levels, not just a humorous song about betraying banditos.

The Moldy Peaches – Lucky Number Nine Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this song is partially about scene kids butt also is a bit broader. i think its about fitting into everyone elses idea of whats good, particularly in music and the music scene.

The Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else but You Lyrics 14 years ago
i assume that everyone thinks the same thing about this song the first time they hear it that i heard the first time i heard it.

the first time i heard anyone else but you i chose the obvious interpretation. i saw it as a hit love song about hating everyone you know except for the person you truly love.
...then i listened to it more...

after several listens i realized that this song IS NOT about hating EVERYONE BUT your love. this song IS about hating EVERONE INCLUDING your love.
when i started listening to each and every lyric and trying to interpret every sentiment i realized that. the horrible and sarcastic resenments outweigh the cheesy and sappy but love remarks. i think its natural to see the good in this song and how it completely defeats every that could be consider bad in the world. but when you really listen to this song, you realize that its not about that sappy and idolized love that we all only we wish we could achieve. it's about real things.

either way, the lyrics are relatable. no one can honestly say that they havent been completely mad and bitter towards all the world but one wonderful person who seemed to shine in glowing and perfect light. but this song doesnt just do that. it delves into a world most love songs dont touch. it delves into the depths of the realistic.

beyond uber fantasies, even the ones that come true, lies the uber reality. everyone knows not even their true love, but their real love. the one that you have the chemistry with and the feelings for, despite their flaws. everyone knows that person that's not their ideal prince/princess charm, but is the person that they love and care about to the end, despite what they may deny. this song is about the person that you hate for their tendencies, but love for themselves.

this a song for the one you will end up eventually and for good reason, whether you know it or like it or want it or not.

sorry for the long and confusing comment. im pretty drunk/drugged out. hopefully you can obtain something from this.

The Moldy Peaches – Who's Got the Crack? Lyrics 14 years ago
this song isnt just about partying. this song is about partying right. this song is about not caring at all, as long as everything is fun. basically, every line embodies this. but whole song can be summed up in one lyric:

"I like it when you slip me a roofy"

after these words, all you have to think about the song is that its about the best things about living and partying. if you're truly going out there and balls to the wall partying, you don't care if you get date raped. hell, it's not even rape anymore. it's part of the part.

this song is not some stupid joke song. this song is about having fun to have fun, without any reluctance or morals attached.

The Moldy Peaches – Steak for Chicken Lyrics 14 years ago
to me this song is about not being those kids sitting on the couch. it's about looking for fun, adventure, excitement, drugs, and a warm soft place to stick your cock

Against Me! – Don't Lose Touch Lyrics 14 years ago
the way i see it it's really just:

"we're still making great and innovative music, as well as spreading our message to a wider audience. all you're gonna think is that we're selling out."

most of this album and the things that against me! did are misinterpreted, considering this wont really make them much more money (read what mitch clem wrote). this song is just a sarcastic goodbye to the people who will now refuse to listen to them.

Against Me! – Unprotected Sex with Multiple Partners Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is definitely about how against me! didn't sell out for the money (the percentages are about how small bands hardly earn anything by switching to larger labels) but instead to spread a broader political message. everyone interprets this album wrong.

The Dead Milkmen – Serrated Edge Lyrics 14 years ago
this song seems to be about the bullshit churches (scientology) that people build and dedicate themselves to. it's made better by the milkmen's unique sense of lighthearted and humorous sarcasm.

The Dead Milkmen – Bitchin' Camaro Lyrics 14 years ago
theres not much to say about this song other than it's about dumb and careless rich kids who are still aware of their faults lyrically (including the intro) and kick ass sounding musically.

Dead Kennedys – Too Drunk to Fuck Lyrics 14 years ago
for a while i simply thought this song was just out of character for the dead kennedys. then i realized that jello could or would never actually seriously write something like this.

now, thinking about the lyrics, i picture a scene in which a sober or at least not very intoxicated person tries to go to bed with a verrrrrry drunk person(in this case the narrative switches back and forth) or two very drunk people try to have sex. the song is basically about watching that person/people drunkenly humiliate themselves.

also, the retainer line makes me think that the song is also aimed more towards underage drinkers, with the way its sung maybe more of an older dude sleeping with a young girl.

Dead Kennedys – A Child and His Lawnmower Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah, this is actually a true occurence.

i think with the lyrics though, its not just about the legal system but its also about angry americans. in part, its obviously about how its stupid to have laws against shooting your own lawnmower and how we fine people for stuff like that. but when jello says "you know some people just dont take no shit, maybe if they did they'd have half a brain left" you gotta see that jello is clearly (and i mean clearly, not interperatively) calling the guy who shot the mower stupid. the half a brain thing is calling him dumb, and the other bits are saying that you shouldnt take everything so seriously and be so angry that when your lawnmower won't start, you feel the need to shoot it.

The Mountain Goats – All Up the Seething Coast Lyrics 14 years ago
i assume the lines about eating loads of sugar relates to meth and its effects in some way. can anyone clarify that?

anyway, relating to that and to the song in general, i think it's about isolation to some degree. it seems that the character (i guess that would be darnielle) has gone beyond his house full of tweaker friends and is now alone but still addicted to meth. maybe he's still living there, but he's not really connected to it anymore. he lives in his own tiny world of addiction, sugar, and lonliness and he refuses to stop the one thing that both keeps him isolated and keeps him happy.

The Mountain Goats – Dilaudid Lyrics 14 years ago
dilaudid is a brandname of a of prescription opiate. i've never taken the drug, but from what i gather and assume, the lyrics probably describe some of the effects. knowing darnielle, he's also using them to relate to everyday life and emotions. this is about forgetting yourself, your embarassment, your fears, and just doing things the way you want to do them and know they should be done. it's about giving up and just putting your love and passion into the momenr.

Modest Mouse – Teeth Like God's Shoeshine Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is about spending and selling and not caring who you trample. a lot of it references malls (orange julius, standing in lines), and other shopping locations (the grocery store). i think it's just about greed and the frantic scramble to sell your soul.

Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet Lyrics 14 years ago
i didnt realize that this song was about a death in a close family until people pointed it out. i had forgotten about the line.

that said, i think it's about the seemingly useless yet deep and vast thoughts about life and death and the universe that stem from loss. it's about the ideas that come from losing someone close, and how ridiculous it seems for god to take so many people when we worship him so much.

The Mountain Goats – Grendel's Mother Lyrics 14 years ago
i love the carry you home in my teeth stuff, as well as the whole feel to this song.

its obviously about beowulf, but i dunno if i wanna get into the whole story. its just a song about avenging your family and focusing your hatred. it can be interpreted a lot of ways.

The Mountain Goats – Fall of the Star High School Running Back Lyrics 14 years ago
very straightforward lyrics. probably most see them as a tpyical fall of a jock have backup plans dont throw your life aways story. but thats old news. i some how think darnielle is too smart for that. he seems above shit like that. the way i see it, its about doing anything you can to keep yourself in a good funk and have good things go to you. its about doing all you can and changing to keep strong.

...until you hit a brick wall.

The Mountain Goats – Game Shows Touch Our Lives Lyrics 14 years ago
this is one of the songs on tallahassee that actually is about an event, not a feeling.

this song features the alphas drunk, in love, and sharing a moment watching game shows on the couch.

its about how even if you're not still with someone, or friends with them, or anything, you can still connect with them. its just about those moments when nothing else matters.

The Mountain Goats – Dance Music Lyrics 14 years ago
haha, that first stanza has such a nice ring to it.

anyway, on to business. i think this song is a good example (especially since its auto-biographical, unlike earlier mountain goats workds) of how john darnielle writes songs with blatant and straitforward story lyrics, but still manages to establish great emotion, mood, and give a lesson to everyone.

so, the first verse, thats pretty easy. but the second versegets confusing. im seeing it as a girlfriend or close female friend, possibly a male friend though. either way, his last real solid companion wants to rebel. thats the dissease. and the friend is more daring than the character. thats the alleways culdesac thing. alleways describe big and tough cities, whereas culdesacs are found primarily in the suburbs. the character can master his own safer surroundings, but will never go as far as that good friend he still wants to follow.

the song itself is about mindless comfort. he talks about dance music like its a past thing for him and its sorta nostalgic. its about how dance music isnt about the lyrics or the message or even really the instrumentalization, it's just about dancing. to darnielle as a kid, that was comfort. that was relief.

The Mountain Goats – See America Right Lyrics 14 years ago
what is song means to me comes form both the way its sang and the line "got on the bus halfdrunk again, the driver glared at me". that line gives me an interpretation that doesnt quite match the rest of the lyics, but sort of matches the singing style and mood.

i think in this song, the alphas are really stuck in a rut in talahassee. they're bored and in a dark place. they're behavior is more destrtuctive then ever. the townsfolk see them as nothing more than trouble (once agian, that busdriver line).

it's a song about being stuck in a bitter angry place both wanting to leave and wanted to rebel alongside your emotions.

The Mountain Goats – Southwood Plantation Road Lyrics 14 years ago
i love the line about minefields. it such a great metaphor.

this song is basically saying that if this isnt going to save their marriage, nothing will. this is the last hope, and this is looked on optimistically. in fact, the first optimistic song on the album, meaning they're warming up to their new surroundings.

The Mountain Goats – No Children Lyrics 14 years ago
i want to see the mountain goats live for so many reasons. but one of the top would be just so i could sing along to this song right here. its so impassioned and sarcastic, and i dunno about you guys, but ive been to a lot of punk shows, and songs like that are fun as hell to sing along to live.

anyway, on to the interpretation. everyone else said it pretty nicely. its about how they're really at a point where they cant stand eachother, but at this point, its gotten almost humorous. he's singing to her about dying and bleeding and hating her and hoping their relationship ends in the worst possible ways. but the way its so singsongy is because hes not entirely serious. its just about their fed-up frustration and how they both now about but both stay together to get eachother drunk and argue. its probably funny to them like its funny to us, once you think about it.

its a song about the humor and pain of your own senseless decisions, especially when you keep making them.

The Mountain Goats – Against Pollution Lyrics 14 years ago
thanks to darnee, i think i can figure this song out. actually i think i have two interpretations. the first is based on darnees revelation, the second is my own thoughts upon a reread.

decorative windows is both the bars over windows in liquor stores and stained glass windows in churches. its about the connection between the two. and how his life at the liquor store and his murders make everything grow a little darker for him (the it never rains here line).

or, i have maybe a more clear interpretation based on the stanza about the rusting windows.

the way i see that is, hes kinda floating right now. he works in the liquour store and as part of his job he kills people. considering part of his job, he knows he needs to keep doing it being that in a lot of situations itll be his life or theirs. but he still sometimes attends church and confesses, and its the only thing that really keeps him stable when he thinks about all the comforting religous lessons he's known all his life. still he lives mainly in a darkness and hence the rust grows on bars in the liquour store. and he has to stay there and live with the fact that in that location he has killed people. the rust though it doesn often rain means it could maybe be fucking with his head. so he just sees things that way these days.

i actually just realized that its when i used to so maybe he quit. im seeing another interpretation as a continuation of the last, right after what the song sings about. he possibly decides to quit (or rather, does decide to quit). the church probably helped. im thinking he may have remembered what religion used to mean to him, but the id do it again says that he will never be the man he used to.

its a song about living with your past, even if its bad. its also about living with making negative choices, even if they're the right choices. thatd be negative meaning killing and right as in surviving at the same time.

The Mountain Goats – The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton Lyrics 14 years ago
this song, with the way its sang, seems like its a couple of guys with a great bond, but thats not examined much. what is examined is sort of how you need to follow your dreams.

basically, its a couple of guys with a band that are passionate about what they do. but in their town, getting to into something like a carreer in death metal doesnt make sense to parents. cyrus gets shipped off to a boarding school to distract him. but jeff just writes letters to him. the fact that they're pounding him down into what they think he should be stops neither of the guys from living their dream.

it's a song about to determination.

The Mountain Goats – Pigs That Ran Straightaway into the Water, Triumph of Lyrics 14 years ago
i havent heard this song on the cd it appears on (we shall be healed i think) but i have heard it and do own it. im going more off of the lyrics and previous comments though.

the way i see it, the guy has overcome. he's clean and no longer addicted. but before he overcame his problem, he got in trouble with the law. now, he just wants to live his life. he knows hes no longer a threat to society in any way. but that gosh darn law, they don't see it like that. they want him behind bars. he knows that if he gets locked up for a while, hes just gonna relapse. he won't be able to stay clean. he just wants to move far away, and theyre bringing him back.

even if thats not it, which i dont think it is. darnielle usually is blatant, but not usually that specific. anyway, i think even if thats not it exactly, that its still the rough idea. i think the generally feeling is tasting freedom, but being sucked back into whatever you were trying to escape. think of it like feeling sick, puking, feeling better for a while, then feeling sick again.

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