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Gregory Alan Isakov – One of Us Cannot Be Wrong Lyrics 8 years ago
I love this song. even better than the original. so much sadder and more feeling than the Leonard Cohen version.

Massive Attack – Future Proof Lyrics 15 years ago
Drugs are futureproof. mankind has been using substances to alter they mind scince the dawn of civilization, and we will only continue to create strong more powerful drugs that only kill us faster.Hence, drugs are futureproof.

("Reinforced glass
Absent friends
Passport photos ") sounds like he is being detained somewhere for drugs.

The Mars Volta – Day Of The Baphomets Lyrics 15 years ago
Then i do stand corrected a baphomet is n idol or symbolical figure most commonly convey inside of a penticle. hard to tell what its about. somebody definetly has murder on the mind though.

The Mars Volta – Vermicide Lyrics 15 years ago
its very vague. yet im sure there is a storyline conveyed throughout Amputecture.

The Mars Volta – Tetragrammaton Lyrics 15 years ago
"And there were things I saw on the news, like the story about a woman who was killed by this priest because supposedly she was possessed. That woman was a 23-year-old Romanian nun named Maricica Irina Cornici, who, according to news reports, believed she heard the devil talking to her. A monk bound Cornici to a cross, gagged her with a towel and left her in a dank room for three days without food. She died of suffocation and dehydration more than a year ago.
"That was sort of an inspiration to write about the Western phenomenon of incarcerating somebody if you think they're crazy, whereas in some parts of the world, like in South America, people like this woman would be considered a shaman,"


(Glossiona is a synonym for speaking in toungues)

The Mars Volta – El Ciervo Vulnerado Lyrics 15 years ago
El Ciervo Vulnerado loosly translated means a Wounded Deer.

(Also: "Myrrh was burned in ancient Roman funerals to mask the smell emanating from charring corpses."

The Mars Volta – Day Of The Baphomets Lyrics 15 years ago
It doesn't seem all that satanic to me. Rather it seems as is about the contamination of the river Ganges. Allow me to reiterate:

The River Ganges (or the ganga river in the hindu language) flows from the Hymalayan mountains between India, Nepal and Bangledsh and out into the Indian ocean. For Centuries this river has been a life source for food, and water for the countless villages surrounding the the Ganges and its tributaries.. However scince the industrial revolution, noumerous factories (mostly leather-making plants which pruduce large amounts of Chromium and other chemicals) and sheer waste estimated at nearly 1 billion litres per day have polluted this river so bad the it has become unsanitary. Not only that but also, inadequate cremation procedures contributes to a large number of partially burnt or unburnt corpses floating down the Ganga, not to mention livestock corpses nearby ['In a cattle prodded theme
Signaling the sedative"], a holy site where Sita was supposed to have lived for a period during the Vanaprastha, and site of much of the Indian savagery during the Civil War of 1857. Despie all of this thousand upon thousands of hindus gather at the ganges to worship, give the river offerings of flowers or food, throwing handfulls of grain or garlands of marigolds and such["While your white sense of hope']. many drink the water to help het pure (see the irony yet), many even bathe in this water. The 'poachers in your house' are these factories and plant whom have appeared and desacrated what these people consider sacred. "I saw the message
That you wrote in the sand" is refering to the remenants of corpses and dead fish beeched out on the bank of the river.

NOTE: This is my interpitation of the song. It may not necerally be what this song is about. So I am open to CONSTRUCTIVE critisism.

Massive Attack – False Flags Lyrics 15 years ago
Fantastic song! i agree with scaffy one this one though.

Massive Attack – Man Next Door Lyrics 15 years ago
Sounds like someone has got some noisy neighbors who come home and Argue all night long.

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