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The Music – Bleed From Within Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm addicted to this song... can't stop listening to it...

Under The Influence Of Giants – Beautiful Lyrics 10 years ago
damn right: I want you to know that I'm beautiful! :D

The Music – Strength In Numbers Lyrics 10 years ago
damn, I LOVE that song!

Good Charlotte – Where Would We Be Now Lyrics 12 years ago
I completely agree with hello.miss.lovely

maybe one or both of them are married... and they have kids and a lot of other things to lose...

I just realised that I LOVE this song...

you won't believe how often I've already been thinking this: "Where would we be now baby, if we found each other first"

and this:

"If only love had found us first, our lives would be different"

Good Charlotte – Festival Song Lyrics 12 years ago
i can't even describe how much i love that song,
the lyrics are so simple, but so true

could listen to it all day every day,
cause that's the story of my every day life

Good Charlotte – Broken Hearts Parade Lyrics 12 years ago
the lyrics are quite stupid,
but you can't get them out of your head.
just like " i just wanna live"
i hated that song... but still it was spooking around in my head...

Good Charlotte – Dance Floor Anthem Lyrics 12 years ago
the best song on the record - in my opinion.
really catchy. even though it's poppy and i actually DON't want them to be poppy...

but even though this song is good
the album is quite disappointing (again)
i can't help but feel, that most songs were written loveless. there are a few good songs on it (like the river, keep your hands off my girl, the broken hearts parade and this song)
those four songs will be released, because they are really good - no doubt about that!
and the rest is just filler...

maybe i just need to listen to album more often...

Good Charlotte – Break Apart Her Heart Lyrics 12 years ago
haven't heard the song yet - but the lyrics are so true...

Sugarcult – A Hard Day's Night Lyrics 12 years ago
actually i like this one better then the original...

Sugarcult – A Hard Day's Night Lyrics 12 years ago
actually i like this one better than the original...

Sugarcult – Head Up Lyrics 12 years ago
the lyrics just made me cry...
i'm a little bit sentimental at the moment...

CycleFly – Karma Killer Lyrics 12 years ago
agree with hybrid:
chester is the best part of the song!

Good Charlotte – Keep Your Hands Off My Girl Lyrics 12 years ago
When I first heard the song I wanted to bang my head against a wall...
what happened to good charlotte?!?

okay, this song might be "just fun", but it's NOT FUNNY!!! NOT AT ALL!!!
I want to hear songs like "seasons" "the festival song" "the young and the hopeless" or "screamer"
songs that MEAN SOMETHING TO ME!!!
I can't relate to:

"I got DCMA,
I got brass knuckles hanging,
From my neck and my chain,
I got a model 26,
But she stays in her place,
I got a curve shirt neatly,
Tucked inside in my waist."

I admit that it is catchy, but it's so meaningless and just STUPID...

I hope/pray that the upcoming record is going to be better than "the chronicles of life and death"
well, that shouldn't be too hard, because it can't get worse then that... at least I hope so...

I still like GC, though it's hard...

Papa Roach – I Devise My Own Demise Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song - favorite on the new record!!!

Grey Daze – sh0utiNg 0ut Lyrics 12 years ago
I made a spelling mistake... how embarrassing...

Grey Daze – sh0utiNg 0ut Lyrics 12 years ago
I wonder why nobody posted till now!?

This is I my favorite grey daze song!!

it's quite *kitsch* and especially the females voice makes it sound even *kitschier*

but Chester's doing so well in that song...
he's already been really good back then!!
and he's perfect by now!!
could listen to him all day everyday ;)

Saliva – Always Lyrics 12 years ago

completely the same here!!

this song is for sure their best song!!

Taproot – I Lyrics 12 years ago
couldn't live without that song!!

Taproot – Poem Lyrics 12 years ago
I first heard this song about three years ago - and I loved it right of the start!!

this song is kick ass!!!

I could listen to it 24 hours a day
and still love it

The lyrics and the melody are so genius
I just can't get enough of it!!

Jem – Just A Ride Lyrics 12 years ago
a nice sing-along-song...

that makes you addicted...

Jem – 24 Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song (like almost every other song on the record *gg*)

but it made me paranoid with time...
I've believed I was going to die in 24 hours...


that's why I stopped listening to it for a while,
but I just can't live without that song!!!

Jem – Save Me Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song!!
The lyrics are incredible!!

~Mirror mirror on the wall~
~Who’s the dumbest of them all~
~Insecurities keep growing~
~Wasted energies are flowing~
~Anger, pain and sadness beckon~
~Panic sets in in a second~
~Be aware it’s just your mind~
~And you can stop it anytime~

I wish I could write songs like that!!
Jem is such an amazing songwriter and singer!!

I can't wait to hear more from her!!!!

Good Charlotte – I Just Wanna Live Lyrics 12 years ago
this song drives me insane...
everytime i hear it
i feel like destroying my "chronicles of life and death cd"

i usually love GC - especially the first two records...
but the third one *urgh*

how could they make a song like that!!

shame on you!!

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