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Blindside – About A Burning Fire Lyrics 4 years ago
I'm reading through AW Tozer's theological work The Pursuit of God, and it's pretty clear to me that the guys in Blindside read this before writing this song.

Skindred – The Fear Lyrics 11 years ago
ystrdywent2soon is right, this song is based on "London Calling" -- not "Rudie Can't Fail", Everest. But yeah, "Rudie Can't Fail" is a good example of the morphing of the term "rude boy". The term is popular enough in ska/reggae circles that Skindred must know the common meaning, even if they were using a slightly different meaning for these lyrics.

Life in Your Way – Salty Grave Lyrics 12 years ago
I've heard them explain during one of their live shows that the lyrics are based on a dream one of the members had. He dreamed of a plane crash into the ocean in which he was the only survivor. All alone, about to drown, no hope of rescue, his reaction was to sing praises to the Lord. The spoken section is actually a passage he wrote down in his notebook immediately upon waking.

Three For Flinching – Rearview Mirror Lyrics 13 years ago
I know this song by the name of "Struggle To Recover", but I can't find any more info about the band.

Showbread – Dinosaur Bones Lyrics 13 years ago
I kinda wonder how much this song is a cry for help, in reaction to their label taking creative control of the band. I don't know for sure whether that's happened, but that's the message I always hear from this.

Here's my reading: Josh, a founder of Showbread and its driving force ("this thing was built with one of my ribs / I was there when it was given a name"), is lamenting the changes that have been forced upon the band ("I've been overpowered by those who took it away / it doesn't even look the same /
those hired in to intervene and supervise it's size /
do plot against the weakened will before the weak ones realize"); i.e., toning down the screaming ("they stick tacky ornaments on it and they sell it to the kids"), as well as the primary color change from red to green ("they paint it colors I can't stand but they will not touch its heart").

He's concerned but ultimately confident about what will happen when he answers to God for Showbread's actions at the final judgment ("when I answer to the one who gave the bones to me / I want to say I cared for them, and say it honestly"). He also wants to make it clear that God is still working through the band even after the changes (" the voice within still rattles the bones / the voice still resonates").

Showbread – Oh! Emetophobia! Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this song is both a straightforward song about a girl AND a song about Jesus. What I'm saying is that it's working on multiple levels. The Song of Solomon is a pretty straightforward love poem, right? But for millennia, Jews have been reading it as a metaphor for God and Israel, while Christians have read it as a metaphor for Christ and the Church. It's called allegory.

Stavesacre – A Place Where I Can Breathe Lyrics 14 years ago
"Simplicity" is an important word to Mark Salomon. He uses it in many of his songs, and it's the name of his autobiography. This song seems to be about his search for simplicity in this life, and the tension between that and the pressure to conform to the standards of a corrupt world.

Stavesacre – Anna Therma Lyrics 14 years ago
The title for this song should be "Anna Thema".

Five Iron Frenzy – Anchors Away Lyrics 14 years ago
folly, FIF broke up in 2003, having released something like 6 studio albums as one of the two largest Christian ska bands in existence. This is off their last one, "The End Is Near", released in '03.

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