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Men, Women & Children – Dance In My Blood LP Lyrics 14 years ago
It IS is a little bit of disco. I read somewhere that they were "disco, funk, post-punk, and dance".

Letter Kills – Hold My Heart (Part Two) Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree, it's TOO cute!

But I think it's about how the girl told him her feelings but all he didn't and he said mean things to her. Now, he's regretting it, and asking for a second chance. He's letting her know it's okay to love him this time.

Clear Static – Tuesday on my mind Lyrics 14 years ago
About how his girlfriend and himself keep breaking up, then getting back together, and then they forget everything, but he remembers.

The Hush Sound – Lighthouse Lyrics 14 years ago
I think that the three ghosts are The Man, The Woman, and The Ghost Girl, because "The door locked from the outside", so they're trapped in there.

The Hush Sound – You Are The Moon Lyrics 14 years ago
I think the person she's talking about is in a bad point in their life (hence the "Shadows all around you") and she's trying to make them see that they can be better, despite how much they disagree ("The shattered surface, so imperfect/ Is all that you believe").

And the whole Moon simile makes sense as well, seeing as it's surrounded by the darkness of night (the person's bad decision possibly) and shines so bright through it all.

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