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Sleater-Kinney – Jumpers Lyrics 13 years ago
“The lemons grow like tumors / They are tiny suns / Infused with sour” is a brilliant line. I think it envelops the entire tone of the song.

“There is a bridge adored and famed / The Golden spine of engineering / Whose back is heavy / With my weight” is also incredible. It helps us to understand that this suicide isn’t just something the girl decided to do because of some inane reason. To be so burdened with despair that it weighs down the bridge; not only a bridge but the Golden spine of engineering – it makes it seem as though this spine is going to break because of the weight of this one girl’s depression. What massive misery.

“My falling shape will draw a line / Between the blue of sea and sky”. If that’s not the most striking imagery you’ve heard in a Sleater-Kinney song I’d like to know what is. And then to top it off with “I’m not a bird / I’m not a plane” just overwhelms the senses with such somber beauty it brings tears to my eyes.

I like the last lyric "Four seconds was / The longest wait". It's sung once with the stanza as if explaining it to you. “Here I go, just four seconds more” it seems to say.
Then it is repeated four times in a fast and even panicked tone (which is achieved with Carrie’s characteristic punk scream with Corin’s urgent pitch) as if counting each second with a repetition, and then the last time it's cut off as though she hit the water mid-count.

Truly a Sleater-Kinney masterpiece.

Tori Amos – The Waitress Lyrics 13 years ago
I believe in peace, bitch

Does it get any better than that?
Yes, it get's better when it's live.

Tori Amos – Mr. Zebra Lyrics 13 years ago
All these Courtney Love ideas keep popping up all over Tori's songs. I'm not saying that that's not what she's singing about, but let's give her some credit eh? She knows and has relationships with people that we will never even know about. Can we consider it a possibility that she doesn’t want us to know about these things? That her lyrics are cryptic for a reason? That maybe, just maybe she wants her lyrics to be universal enough that anyone can relate to them? That she wants to create characters and not necessarily thinly veiled allusions to celebrities?

Did you actually read what merchantpierce posted up there?:
"Lyrics to me, when they become references so that Mr Zebra can be who you want it to be, although you know that there are certain clear words - Strychnine, sometimes she's a friend of mine. And you get a sense of the characters, of who they are. And I'm sure the person, women that you know that are Ratitouille Strychnine, and we can kinda love those women, but you have faces that are different from the faces that I see when I sing about um, that cute little babe that's poisoning the muffins in the kitchen. But we love her, too. And that was important in this record. This is really the hidden sides of the feminine, the ones that get a little wicked, and the reasons that they're wicked. That's what is being said also in the story, the reasons, 'cause they haven't been recognized, that they kinda have to mutiny for me to listen to them so that we can get to the heart, and that's really the core of the record."

The allure of Tori is that crazed illogical brilliance where everything is mixed up and jumbled around and you cant tell up from down, but sounds so wonderful beautiful and amazing. You could never understand it if you spent the rest of your life trying, but you're so enthralled by it you actually do try. Even when she explains what she means, you wish for an explanation for what she just said. And whatever she sings you can bring it into your heart and make it your own.

Give her some credit and show a little more respect.

Sleater-Kinney – Sympathy Lyrics 14 years ago
I saw S-K perform Sympathy wile touring The Woods. It was incredible. Corin started crying and couldn’t get the words out so Janet helped her by singing along.

I think it's such a powerful song because you get to experience the intensity of Corin's pain. How often do you get to witness someone praying, begging, thanking their god like this? It’s intimate. You actually feel her self-loathing, her fear, her anger, her maternity, her helplessness; and it’s so powerful it’s almost overwhelming. This song makes me cry.

Sleater-Kinney – Stay Where You Are Lyrics 14 years ago
These lyrics are all wrong.

Sleater-Kinney – Anonymous Lyrics 14 years ago
What does it mean to her when "These words are all I have / These words are who I am" and signs them Anonymous?

Someone has a real story here; she's got a great tale to tell, but hides behind anonymity because she's scared if you know everything you'll own her.

Idunno. I really wish I knew what it was about.

The Veils – Lavinia Lyrics 14 years ago
I wonder if the song has anything to do with the figure Lavinia in Roman mythology or Shakespeare's character in Titus Andronicus.

It may explain a few of the lyrics.

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