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Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Degenerates Lyrics 11 years ago
i agree with louis, but even though i don't necessarily believe they intended it as this, i personally take it a step further. the whole foundation of our society is corrupt and a landslide of the american population doesn't even have a clue about it. but in general, it's about our country's ignorance and how we're so naive that we act as a deer in headlights, unable to break free of our need for comfort that we just let them take inch by inch

Cartel – A Lyrics 11 years ago
i love the creativity in this song how they blend together, but also how the whole album, and the last three songs especially tend to blend together so seemlessly! this song is one of my favorites, and it reminds me how there still are some true artists in the music scene today. i'm way excited for their new album, and what they're doing to record it is way impressive. if you haven't heard already, check out all the details at

There For Tomorrow – Wrong Way To Hide Lyrics 12 years ago
i agree. these guys are incredibly talented in all aspects of their music, which is a rare find in the music scene... i love the whole ep, and great song.

Senses Fail – All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues Lyrics 12 years ago
namdeeb, I agree with you. metzor, i'll give you that the name is more than likely from the lost episode, but as far as their relation goes.. well, it doesn't go much further than the fact that there's an identidying theme. This whole album ties together to a much bigger theme than an episode of lost could provoke.

Small Sins – stay Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't know, i sort of thought the opposite. That this girl has a crush on him, and he almost takes advantage of that. He knows someday she'll find someone that's actually right for her and she'll look back and realize how he wasn't nice to her and how she was stupid for wasting her time with him. No matter how you see it, it's an amazing song, I love this band and the way they compose their music is amazing.

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