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Niagara – Soleil D'Hiver Lyrics 1 year ago
After all these years I still listen to Niagara, who seem mostly forgotten, but they were quite big when MTV Europe came into existence. This song was the one that got me hooked. It's the happiest song about suicide I've ever heard!

Austra – Utopia Lyrics 1 year ago
When I see these lines: "I see they're different than us / But I only wanna hold your hand" I think this song is about being queer and having the Utopia of living in a world where everyone is queer as well.
I only just discovered Austra and absolutely love it - I am myself also queer, so not sure if there is just something particular in the music that then resonates with me more; I usually listen to the melody first and only later on start reading the lyrics.

Ani DiFranco – Joyful Girl Lyrics 4 years ago
My interpretation is that every 'do' here simply stands for 'living'. It's an existential song but I also think she means 'joyful' to be ironic and is questioning her own human condition when looking into the mirror.
But also... Every time you think you understand a DiFranco lyric she puts something in that confuses or contradicts your interpretation, which I like :-)

Laurie Anderson – Baby Doll Lyrics 11 years ago
I think she sings about Georgians! From the country Georgia.
NOT someone named George...

Grace Jones – La Vie en Rose Lyrics 11 years ago
The lyrics and feel-good feeling of this cover song really complete each other,
simply lovely.

She & Him – I Thought I Saw Your Face Today Lyrics 12 years ago
This song reminds me of someone I don't want to see anymore, but keep bumping into in the street anyway.

Laurie Anderson – Baby Doll Lyrics 12 years ago
I also have these kinds of conversations with my brain. Neverending! It's really... bossy...

Laurie Anderson – Language Is A Virus Lyrics 12 years ago
Odd no one has commented yet on this one. Wasn't this her biggest mainstream hit? I love the text. Sometimes lines from this song just pop into my head at the weirdest moments. I think the lyrics are a representation of modern life in the city. And of a lovely surrealist quality.

Turin Brakes – Self Help Lyrics 12 years ago
GREAT track.

When I first saw the title of this song, I was afraid it would be about self help books. But hearing the actual music and seeing the lyrics, makes me think it's about someone who is in despair and trying to get over it. Although I'm not sure what the line "Remind yourself that you're not just in it for the money" means.
The first four lines, by the way, are definately typical quotes from self help books :-)

Ella Fitzgerald – Black Coffee Lyrics 12 years ago
Aw... excellent text.

Sparks – This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is the perfect track to dedicate to someone you never wish to see again.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – He Wants You Lyrics 12 years ago
One of the sweeter songs, with a feel-good atmosphere to it. I interpret this song to be about a lady who has no idea there is a man who wants her. And she is told so through this song "Oh babe, it's me" - which leads me to think the man who wants her, is the singer himself.

Paul Simon – The Obvious Child Lyrics 14 years ago
On the internet I found the following quote "...When asked of its meaning, Simon answered, "The cross, the burden that we carry, is in the ballpark, it's doable."...".
This makes the song a lot lighter in content I think.

April March – Nothing New Lyrics 14 years ago
CORRECTION: the last refrain should be:
"all the arrows in my heart,
they all point to you
it's really nothing new
it's really nothing new"

April March – Nothing New Lyrics 14 years ago
This sweet song is the english version of the french "Garçon Glaçon". April March has performed quite a lot of French 1960's classics, both in French and English. "Garçon Glaçon" can be found on her album "Chrominance Decoder" but the english version was only published on the Garcon Glacon Promo for radio stations.
I think it's a wonderful songs that sounds like a memory to summer. The music and the lyrics both have the same sadness: loving someone who won't be any good, but the feeling still lingers.

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