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NOFX – Doornails Lyrics 11 years ago
oops not Clearwater.. Stillwater sorry

NOFX – Doornails Lyrics 11 years ago
While other bands/members may fit the description; its a clear tribute to pioneers of modern punk RKL. Bomber, jasson, derrick all members of course.

Also @ giantwhitebird; Nofx has always tended to put a serious natured melancholy song on their albums. Examples:
"Falling in Love" (emphasis on falling in this one) -- So Long....
"Scavenger Type" and "Quart in Session" --punk in drubllc
"Oops I OD'd" --war on errorism

To summarize the theme of the song and get a deeper sense of its meaning(s) play the following songs:

"Quart in Session" -- Nofx
"Oops I OD'd" -- Nofx
"Bring out your Dead" -- Strung Out
"Doornails" --Nofx
"Clearwater, CA" -- Bad Astronaut
"Resolve" -- Lagwagon

personally, some heavy songs since i once drank too much had a stroke due to an OD. Was told i should have died (10% survival rate). Not to mention the depression before and after the stroke. I wish this on nobody. Don't fuck with drugs that are harmful. Don't do them at all. If you must, know about them and don't push the limits.

Alkaline Trio – Fall Victim Lyrics 12 years ago
"I watched them fall in line, as I fell victim
To double suicide on your television
We heard our records backwards too many times"

Columbine.... people came out in lines, it was plastered on TV... two people killed themselves... media blamed "subliminal messages" in lyrics at one point from what I remember.

This would be consistent with their refernce to the West Memphis Three in "prevent this tragedy".

However, the rest of the song doesn't tend to have much link with this. I like raz's interpretation, but i've always thought the chorus dealt with columbine because i dont know if you watched that on tv or not, but to see it live and unedited was rather disturbing. Hence i "fell victim" to it by watching it.

just my 2 cents

Lagwagon – May 16th Lyrics 12 years ago
whew... umm... this is a BITTER song.... directed, in my opinion, at a certain person in Lagwagon's life that left (this song is written)..... then he came back... in another form.... How do i say this.... I think this song is towards Derrick. He left the band by now due to drug use. At the time i dont think the members of Lagwagon really understood his problems....

Obviously something happened on May 16th that to Derrick would be just another saturday, but for Joey or the members of lagwagon was a big deal.

I could be WAY off... but... we do know Derrick introduced Joey to his wife.... we do know in 1997ish Derrick chose drugs over staying in lagwagon....

Lagwagon – Rager Lyrics 12 years ago
Haha yes it is. I think he was really pissed about people who didnt know him too well coming to his funeral it seems, and as he should be! A funeral is a time for loved ones to pay respect. NOT a publicity stunt.

Lagwagon – Sad Astronaut Lyrics 12 years ago
Joey has a significant way to put themselves in other people's places in instances of tragedy. If you need further proof go listen to Bad Astronaut "The Passenger."

Lagwagon – Runs In The Family Lyrics 12 years ago
For those who don't know. Derrick was bipolar. Being bipolar has been proven to be hereditary. This song talks about how Derrick used to recognize his problem and understand it. However, he got lost in the moment sometimes in being bipolar.

At least that's what it means to me...

Lagwagon – Virus Lyrics 12 years ago
Depression (in this case a bipolar depressive episode) is a virus. If someone you know is killed via depression (some call this suicide) don't get too down on yourself thinking it was your fault or you'll catch the virus.

Lagwagon – Resolve Lyrics 12 years ago
About Derrick's death and the half-finished Bad Astronaut CD. Joey talks about how he has to deal with "editing" derrick into the final CD. It reallly brings out the pressure of Joey to put out the CD. He knows this is what the fans will want, what Derrick might want but he was relapsing into substance abuse. By finishing the CD he feels he can finally put Derrick Plourde to rest.

And when it comes out in a few days i'll be the first to buy a copy. Thanks Joey your work is VASTLY appriciated. I could not have done what you did. RIP Derrick.

Lagwagon – Automatic Lyrics 12 years ago
About a person's depression at being in a world that has no meaning to them.... attempting to find a meaning.... finding one... loosing it... then totally loosing control of themselves

Bad Astronaut – Another Dead Romance Lyrics 12 years ago
"Emo Love Song" again. It goes through the stages of any breakup in the song.

1) facing the breakup
2) denial (hard moving on, reminicing, etc)
3) acceptance, but depressing
4) hate ("she will be forsaken")
5) feeling of wrong doing, wanthing another "shot"

Bad Astronaut – If I Had A Son Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah... but the problems are with people. The song really says don't trust people. Don't let them be your crutch. You have to be your crutch because when you really need people, they will not be there.

Could be about divorce. A lot of "division" and "splitting" references come up. as well as "extract the value"

Bad Astronaut – You Deserve This Lyrics 12 years ago
Wow. Guilt possibly. Feeling guilty that they have "wasted" their lives yet become a success. But what do you think they really believe they deserve? I think they mean death, but then again... im pretty morbid.

Bad Astronaut – Break Your Frame Lyrics 12 years ago
this is what i call an "emo love song" good song really. But it deals with the end of a relationship. More specifically it deals with the hardships that come with a relationship that does not "mutually" end. The person who broke up with the person who really cared has to deal with the person they broke up with's next step in life.

Bad Astronaut – Clear Cutting Lyrics 12 years ago
Interesting song really. I wonder who was the author on the lyrics? Was it joey? Was this song about another member of the band?

Anyway, my take on this song. It's talking about somebody who has psychological problems (depression maybe). They are trying to deal with it themselves, doing drugs (broke the rules), feeling satisfied with sucess. Then, once they reach what they wanted, they are still depressed. Why? Because DEPRESSION IS NOT SELF CURABLE! They feel even more pressure to stay at the top and depression increases even.

Id rather not touch the "self-fulfilled prophecy" part.... because i dont want to allude to something that isnt fact.

Bad Astronaut – Quiet Lyrics 12 years ago
Well. Nobody has really commented on the meaning of this song. To me, it reminds me of Vietnam. When we went to Vietnam, nobody wanted us to go there. People protested like mad, but there was a draft. People who went and served mostly hated it and wanted to go home. once they got home they had mixed reactions people welcoming them and people being mad they went (stabbing them in the back). A similar thing is happening in Iraq "how soon we forget"

NOFX – Getting High On The Down Low Lyrics 12 years ago
let me rephrase... i dont mean "many conservatives" in reality its more than likely not many at all. What i MEAN to say is that the mind set of some conservatives is to NOT condone illegal drug use, but drugs of the codine/oxycodone variety sometimes cause the same people to create double standards... this is what they are trying to point out.

NOFX – Getting High On The Down Low Lyrics 12 years ago
ummm you're right, but wrong. He's getting high, but on prescibed drugs. The title implies that he is getting high "legally" but in reality abusing the perscriptions.

Nofx likes to point out things like this because many conservates are opposed to drug use, yet they abuse medical drugs (Rush Limbaugh).

NOFX – Instant Crassic Lyrics 12 years ago
no meaning? no MEANING! are you crazy, nofx lyrics are hardly "word deep"

The meaning of this song is to poke fun at the "lovey dovey" relationships where people try to quantify their love for another with silly sayings.

The twist is, instead of using words associated with "happy" they use words associated with sick...

ie.. "love makes me sick"

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