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Say Anything – People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist Lyrics 12 years ago
i think that the guy that she was initially with had tried to get back with her and this is his song saying "hey, you had your chance and you blew it. thats why im here, to make your fuck ups better, now leave!" also max had met her first as the lyrics in skinny mean man suggest and so the "back in the hands of the natives of this land" line def suggests that he is telling someone off. yah. haha. idk. just my thought.

Tally Hall – Spring and a Storm Lyrics 12 years ago
this is the best song ive ever heard about the water cycle.
i like how it basically says that everything is a cycle and eventually we will all return to how we began but that there is someone there watching out for us and wont let us get lost.

my fav line is the end when its hard to understand but when you hear it is is basically restating that everything happens over and over until nothing is left to create and then there will be nothing.

Fall Out Boy – West Coast Smoker Lyrics 13 years ago
i cant believe nobody has noted on the suacidal cats bit. defenitly my favourite line in any song ever.

Say Anything – This is Fucking Ecstasy (feat. Anthony Raneri) Lyrics 14 years ago
you know how there is a really deep voice between where he says "i shall not live i shall not breathe again" and "this is fucking ecstasy" does anyone know what it says? to me it sounds like its saying "hey death" but i could be wrong.

Sea Wolf – Black Dirt Lyrics 14 years ago
i think that it starts out with him just kinda being helpless "lieing on the ground" and the other person is crying and crying harder as they basically yell and go through all of the previous actions. then it says how he lied and broke a promise that im guessing was really big and so they broke up with him so his heart no longer beats but now since the truth is out he basically blead his emotions all over the place but she doesnt take him back killing him even though it wasnt really THAT bad and so now he is saying how the other person will always have that guilt of those raw emotions and killing of his heart and track it everywhere.

idk. maybe. farfetched?

Tally Hall – The Whole World and You Lyrics 14 years ago
i love love love this song so much. especially how in the end everyone is laughing and clapping and he says "please dont just laugh and clap right now. this is serious. im not delerious."

amazing artists, tally hall.

Tally Hall – (I Know) It's Just The Same Lyrics 14 years ago
where can i listen to thiss?

Tally Hall – Good Day Lyrics 14 years ago
this song=amazing as hell. the end.

but does anyone know near the end before they start the end before they start with either the let us sing or the birds and bees there is a part that sounds kinda like a circus announcer that sounds like it says "everyone loves a potato monkey"
is that what it says or no?
does anyone know?

The Academy Is... – We've Got a Big Mess on Our Hands Lyrics 14 years ago
well. i think the lefty curse is like with what shaant talks a lot about in ciwwaf with his left side being his strong side cause its the side your heart is on so i think william is saying that he has this curse where his heart takes over in a lot of situations and makes them end up being very different in his head and getting all messed up and contorted and not seeming anything like the origonal situation.

then he says that youre seldome known and barely missed but i think he is refering to himself in saying that people dont really notice him anyway and so he gets away with putting himself in distructive situations like cutting himself maybe?

then he talks about the big mess which could either be his distructivness or some kind of social thing where he doesnt want to be part of the crowd anymore.

in the next part he says about throwing his phone in the pool. when he does that it is basically cutting himself off of everyone around him. and he watches it float for a bit cause people go out of their way for a bit to still contact him but then they stop trying and it slowly starts to sink and he becomes less and less into the social scene and becomes a social ghost. but every so often someone comes along and "lets the light shine in" by catching him up and inviting him to do something and it reminds him of how things use to be but then things crash back down again.

then the dont give in dont give up i'll be gone part i think means that he is telling whoever is listening to not givein or give up to/on life cause thats what he did but he will be gone soon enough and for the person listening not to worry because they are too young to have to worry about stuff like that and to have a bad/cynical outlook on life and thinking that its all bad. and that could tie into the innocence thing too. cause if you are cynical thats usually because youre jaded and if youre jaded you arent innocent so he is saying that they are too young to be cynical/critical but then again they dont really look all that innocent either.

but then again. i dont know. hopefully it will help someone expand on thier thoughts on the song or maybe most of what i said is right. who knows. hopefully i helped atleast one person understand this. well. its half past midnight here. so maybe its just my sleepyness talking too. goodnight. goodluck with your interperatations. =]

PlayRadioPlay! – At This Particular Moment In Time Lyrics 14 years ago
its teh cream of the crop not the pick of the crop. =]

amazing song.
i loovvvee it!

Fall Out Boy – The Carpal Tunnel of Love Lyrics 15 years ago
haha. oh mann. it is "got postcards from a former self saying how you been"

read the friggen lyric book that comes with the cd.
it clearly stated the right lyrics in it.

and if you havent bought it go do that now and when you do and you see it go ahead and tell me that im still wrong.

Fall Out Boy – The Carpal Tunnel of Love Lyrics 15 years ago
the postcards thing is in refrence to the song "sending postcards from a planecrash wish you were here" on tttyg.

they refrence older songs and things that happen to them a lot. like in thriller when they say "so long live the car crash hearts" refrences when they were on tour they crashed their van and it was pretty bad. if you saw the b-sides DVD extra you would know what i mean.

and in the song OX they refrence "tell that mick.." when they say "last time 'i hope you choke and crash your car'" and in tell that mick they say "I hope you choke on those words" and "Stop burning bridges and drive off of them" and "you wrap your car around a tree" [[choke and crash your car]]

and if you think about it it is right cause if he got postcards from a former self.. tttyg was written by a former pete and thus making the song sending postcards from a plane crash by a former self. so he got those postcards. ect.

yea. and i dont think it was on this verson of the lyrics or the other that i had said it and explained about the postcards and also how you have the quotation marks wrong. its supposed to be

put your eyes to the sun and say "i know youre only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding" which makes even more sense cause the sun is really bright shielding off what is really happening and someone says that they can tell that. ect. i know ive wrote this all out before. but yea. the way he sings it it seems like only 'i know' shold be in qhotes but the whole thing should be. cause just saying that makes no sense. and check the lyric book.



Fall Out Boy – The Carpal Tunnel of Love Lyrics 15 years ago
ya know. i think it might be poastcards.
cause usually bands go back to former work and incorperate it for followers to enjoy.
like fob did it before too. they did it in XO when it says 'last time 'I hoped you choked
And crashed your car' which was refering to 'tell that mick...'
so this might be refering to 'sendig postcards from a planecrash [wish you were here]
see. he might be saying that he got those postcards he sent from the planecrash and that song was written by his formere self. so ywa. poastcards woudl make sense if youre buying into any of this..

Classic Case – One One Three Four Lyrics 15 years ago
i love this song. i came by classic case on myspace after perusing music profiles and i fell in love. they are amaizing.


Halifax – Broken Glass Syndrome Lyrics 15 years ago
amazing song. ^_^

i really like it.

and zemagicmaster your comment was like amazingly hilarious.
it made me smile ^_^

Fall Out Boy – What's This? Lyrics 15 years ago

i think you left out a word. ^_^

good thing i came to corret your mistake

fall out boy=THE shit. period

Cute Is What We Aim For – Moan Lyrics 15 years ago

i analyze lyrics in my spare time. always finding new ways that things could be put. ya know. especially with p!atd lyrics. my 9th grade english teacher got me going on analyzing lyrics.

but thanks for agreeing. it gives me some self assurance that im not full of shit. lol. ^_^

Fall Out Boy – Yule Shoot Your Eye Out Lyrics 15 years ago
omg. i love this song so much. ^_^ im adicted. i made my whole myspace layout about it. its so amaizng. and i love how in the end it has the little recording part of the 'that was sweet. they call it the christmas song. so this one time, this one christmas i got this' dudududududu.

its so funny and you cant help smile at it.

Fall Out Boy – The Carpal Tunnel of Love Lyrics 15 years ago
Whoa, We're so miserable and stunning,
Whoa, love songs are so genuinly cunning.

thats what you have.

i beleive that its

Whoa, We're so miserable and stunning,
Woah, Far from the genuine Becomming.

im not sure but what you have just seems slightly wrong.

maybe im wrong.

oh and then there is the whole

Stop by this disaster town
You'll put your eyes to the sun and say "I know"
You're only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding

the words are right but
I know
You're only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding

should all be in quotes. meaning that the the town has a lot of problems. [[town family relationship. whatever]] but they put up a facade to seem alright and to most people it might seem normal but if you actually go to or talk with or whatever than you will realise that there are problems. put your eyes to the sun and say "i know youre only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding"

ya get me?

so the quotation marks are wrong making it have a different affect on people.

thats really it. i will stop ranting now. ^_^

Self Against City – Ready and Willing Lyrics 15 years ago
i heard it on the drive thru sampler too. it is really amazing.

so i think its about this guy who like goes and visits this town only two times a year and he meets this girl and thinks she is really pretty and wants to get with her for those short periods of time and so he starts recyting phrases and lyrics from things that other people have written and whatnot and he really doesnt care about her at all

but he is overrated like most boys are but she is taking all this attention and loving it because she is pretty starved of it all the time and theyre curious about how it would be with them together and shes a little insecure and he is too because hes overrated meaning he doesnt live up to his standards and she is attention starved so she thinks that nobody really likes her

then he only knows her by where she is from cause he has so many girls to keep straight he doesnt bother with names but addresses because he writes to them and then this one girl has brown hair blue eyes and is about 5 5 and she wouldnt ever like cheat or lie to him but he really doesnt care because he is doing just that to her all the time.

then its about how they know that the other one is going to cheat and it isnt going to last but they dont care because they only want to know that there is someone else out there that feels just like they do and wants to be wanted and is ready and willing to give themselves up for someone if that person will do the same for them.

"I guess now it's safe to say
Sincerity has become a lost art these days"
those are my fav lyrics from the whole song. its very true too. you dont have to be sincier anymore. nobody cares cause they arent either. this also leads into kinda the breakup thing cause he and she arent being sincire anymore and they think its time to break up to "drown the attention' just stop paying attention to eachother or 'cool the friction' cause they got into it so fast and they want to slow it down or stop it 'its time to clear the haze' the lie about how they love eachother so much and blah blah blah. and if they dont than they are just going to continue being the overrated boy and attention starved girl.

as i said. amazing song. if you understand what i mean when eplaining it tell me if you agree.


The AKA's – generation vexed Lyrics 15 years ago
omg i do too.

i think its saying that our generation is just lost and confused cause its so caught up in media and we dont really try to be anything... just what we see on tv and we sell our soles and then they sell them back to us only tampered with and fake and whatnot.

amazing song. brillant writers.

Cute Is What We Aim For – The Fourth Drink Instinct Lyrics 15 years ago
basically she had a fake ID, got into a bar, met a guy, got drunk even though the bartender told her that she was much better off sober, then she goes home with said guy and even though he had said that it was a one night stand she couldnt comprehend cause she was so drunk and thought that he was going to stay with her and still be there the next morning after she woke up but she woke and found him not there because he did find the door even though she thought he wouldnt even bother cause he was going to stay in her drunken little mind.

lol. just a dusting over teh top of the meaning.

but it is my favorite song on the album besides moan. both are amazing. and my favorite part is where shaant says "girlie girlie, youre at your best when youre sober" i love it. sorry for any typos.

Cute Is What We Aim For – Moan Lyrics 15 years ago
of course.. the typos. eh. sorry.


Cute Is What We Aim For – Moan Lyrics 15 years ago
to me.. i think it is about how he has liked girls yea and he gets a blood rush from them.. but then he meets this one girl that just makes it feel different.. like adds something to his bloodrush. then maybe they had planned to kiss and he was nervous and licked his lips so much that they became chapped because of not getting to kiss her because she was leading him on [it was but a game]

the you have a moan all of your own maybe means close to the bloodrush with a new touch thing.. maybe saying that all the other girls have the same old same old but she has her own uneiwue and amazing moan that makes his knees weak [down to the bone]

she trained his lips to not be so suseptable to being chapped because he was always use to kissing whatever girl he wanted but then she didnt kiss him so she trained him to not always get it right off. but now they still want to kiss her and so she needs to come back into his life so he can. [so come back]

and her 'claim to fame' would be if she doesnt kiss him then she will get a reputation for maybe not knowing how to kiss since she didnt kiss him at all or if she does kiss him he can boast her up as a good kisser. [its a shame]

its such a task cause he has known her for awhile and yet he still hasnt got her to kiss him but he finds the task to be a blast trying to acomplish what he has waited so long for. [and all that jazz]

then her face when she looks at him is kind of daring and dangerous to him making it hard for him to not just kiss her then and there and then her 'illegal taste' is illegal because she is not aloud to taste it then. and then the strap falling off her shoulder blade is like her dangerous face. it just makes him want to kiss her more. like maybe a turn on. but he has to be paitent and behave and not do anything too crazy on a spur of a moment.

i dont know really. thats just my guess.. sorry for typos. its like 3 30 in the morning. but are you buying into any of this?

Brandy Marie

Cute Is What We Aim For – Risque Lyrics 15 years ago
its "so you can only imagen how jelous my mouth is" because he is saying that his fingettips are moving fast and getting all the attention and his lips arent and so his mouth is jelous

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