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Sting – Brand New Day Lyrics 14 years ago
The best way to get over an ex is not to hate them but too keep on loving them, in reality i wouldnt want to get back with an ex unless they were a completely different person from when we broke up but having that hope of meeting them and having a relationship with them one day strangely makes you not think about them and move on

Sting – Brand New Day Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is a breakup song, i really like the start it makes you feel much better, i'd rather move on after a break up than to keep chaceing the girl, so the second part doesnt apeal to me as hope to get her back but i just see it as a new begining with a better woman the next time around and its so uplifting, its great!

Tupac Shakur – Unconditional Love Lyrics 14 years ago
He is telling you the three places to find love, the first verse is about family, the second about friends and the block, and third is a woman/romance. From what i know of 2 Pac, these are probably in order of importance as well.

He raps about moments in his own life but the underline structure and theme in each verse is Family/Friends/Females, the three places you find unconditional love

Jonny Lang – Dying To Live Lyrics 14 years ago
Im a big fan of TuPac and would have never herd this song if it wasnt part of Running, a song produced as a tribute to TuPac and Biggie, Now that i herd it i think its better than the tribute song

Its sounds like a song about how all people think and feel, its a song tells you to keep on going and push through the hard times.

This is another of those songs that is vague and lets you associate your own meaning to it

Scissor Sisters – I Don't Feel Like Dancin' Lyrics 14 years ago
song is a guy whos met his love at the club, she girl is obviously a club kind of girl, but now that he has a girl he doesnt need to go to the club again and wants to just spend time with her, even though he is draged out to the club as her boyfriend he is just over the club life because now that he has the girl all he would rather do is watch her dance than pick up other girls

Akeboshi – Wind Lyrics 14 years ago
Sounds like he is singing about his own experience, when he was younger he was rash, he saying that sometimes in life instead of going down a streight path even though we know what we want we will run down the winding road instead of slowing down and looking around to see the streight path to our goal

maby the artist always knew he wanted to be a musician but took alot of different paths before he realized that all along that is what he wanted

its also about making yourself better, getting rid of your fears before following your path, Don't dry with fakes or fears, dont get stuck with fears, work yourself out while your young then follow your calling

Reflections of fear make shadows of nothing, if you have fear you will achieve nothing anyway if you rush into your path. In shor its saying to improve yourself and find yourself then concentrate on making a difference in the world or whatever you want to do, sharpen the saw so to speak...

Haddaway – What Is Love? Lyrics 14 years ago
This man is obseessed with a woman who ibviously doesnt love him back, he has given his balls to the woman and now it is up to her to choose if she want him or not, my guess not

The man has no idea what love is, he thinks love is buying a woman gifts saying all the "right" things to her, giving her his balls but he just doesnt get it. The biggest supplication song ever, if your a guy and you do anything else apart from laugh at how pathetic the guy singing the song is you are in serious risk of loosing your balls

Lupe Fiasco – Daydreamin' Lyrics 14 years ago
i think hers no story, just a guy trying to sell records by acting like he is an undergroud rapper, falling asleep beneath the flowers is from alice in wonderland, alic in wonderland btw if full of esotiric and philosophical themes, but the whole song is just a poor attempt at sounding political in a soft core way, the robot is probably just used to fill in the blank, god mainstream music is gay, well at least he isnt singing about the usual rnB crap out there

Placebo – Every You Every Me Lyrics 14 years ago
pragmaticpoetry is absolutely right i think,
(Pucker up for heavens sake.There's never been so much at stake) sounds like a guy who is desperate for sex and is about to do anything for it, (Like the naked leads the blind) the woman using sex to lead the guy who is blinded by lust (I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind) sounds like thins a girl might call a guy and this guy is agreeing with every bad thing the woman says about him (a box I choose) not very romantic, sounds more like he is a traped animal, (There's nothing here but what here's here's mine. Something borrowed, something blue.) theres nothing special about the woman, but because the guy is desperate he takes what he can get, and the last part is marriege, like he settles for what he can get

Green Day – Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Lyrics 14 years ago
i thought it was about a breakup or something at the start but i realized it more about leting go of things in general, you may not always think what happoned is a good thing but time will show you, you can see the bad things that happon to you now as the best things later on in life so keep going

Shakira – Hips Don't Lie Lyrics 14 years ago
shakira wants everyone to think that she is perfect because of her dancing, with all the time she took in developing that dance (which is great) i only question how much time she put in developing her personality

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. Lyrics 14 years ago
The city is full of trash and polution, as celebrities/rock stars they have reached the top of the trash, feel good inc sounds like the artificial pleasure

Whoever the guy on the screen is, he sounds like a show off and he is telling the guy who sings"windmils" to stop his sound, stop singing about love and true happynes and freedom (the windmils is a metaphore for something basic, and love, hand in hand...) because if people find that they all they need is love, it will kill his artificial paradise

its such a contrast between the raper and windmils, the rap is mechanical, while windmil is very basic so when it comes on i get shivers down my spine, very good effect

you have to watch the video to understand the meaning

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler Lyrics 14 years ago
Its about life, best you can hope for is to die in your sleep lets you know that he's singing about life, when he says the gambler broke even it means to me that dieing is breaking even, in the end everyone breaks even.

Tupac Shakur – Runnin' (Dying to Live) Lyrics 15 years ago
awsome song

Tupac Shakur – How Do U Want It Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is briliant, one of the top five best tupac songs, the best video clip too,
"Forgive me i'm a rider, still I'm just a simple man
All I want is money, fuck the fame I'm a simple man"
brili lol
see how the song starts up singing about all the hos tupac went through but ends up being a rap about what he is going through??? it shows that tupac couldnt really be fucke writing songs to bitches while there was more important things to say
really good song

Tupac Shakur – Letter 2 My Unborn Lyrics 15 years ago
one of my favorite 2pac and overall songs, i believ tupac was/still is a prophet and it comes through in this song, everyday i understand more and more of it

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World Lyrics 15 years ago
Beutiful Song, Louis shows his true love for the world and mother earth, i like this songs simplicity and truth, my favorite line is
I hear babies crying I watch them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll ever know
talking about leaving your place to the next generation, reminds me of a good pushkin poem.
Its true this world needs some fixing up for our childeren but i would feel sorry for people who cant see past the bad things in this world and dont believe that some people, even knowing about all the bad, can still love this life and feel what is expresed in this beutiful song

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