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of Montreal – Gallery Piece Lyrics 12 years ago
preventable = pervertable.

The Frames – Everytime Lyrics 12 years ago
lol oic what you did there, glen, you old rascal you

Islands – Abominable Snow Lyrics 12 years ago
I like to think this song is about Bear Grylls.

Okkervil River – For Real Lyrics 12 years ago
This reminds me of Mulholland Drive.

Ray LaMontagne – Shelter Lyrics 13 years ago
okay sorry guys, all i got is the way he says "my love" is unbelievable.

of Montreal – Will You Come and Fetch Me Lyrics 13 years ago
'melting' is commonly associated with LSD. nightmare=bad trip?

Sufjan Stevens – Come On! Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance! Lyrics 13 years ago
ahhh makes me so warm and fuzzy and happy.

The Ditty Bops – Short Stacks Lyrics 13 years ago
such an adorable song.

The Decemberists – Billy Liar Lyrics 13 years ago
What in the world is lino? The only definition I can find is a shortened form of 'linoleum'. Lolling on the linoleum...? I always thought it was "line, oh". It makes marginally more sense to me somehow. Oh well, regardless this is a lovely and mischeivous song that will always be one of my favorites. :)

The Decemberists – I Don't Mind Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is certainly lyrical enough, and beautiful too, but something about it just doesn't quite do it for me. I guess the music just doesn't flow as well as a lot of their other songs. Great song nonetheless

My Brightest Diamond – The Good & The Bad Guy Lyrics 14 years ago
oh how lovely and concise this song is!

My Brightest Diamond – Something of an End Lyrics 14 years ago
Pari26, its a recurring theme in literature that destruction is a form of creation. death= rebirth of life, etc. And the way she describes Heaven and Hell come crashing down is awe-inspiring, like it would be beautiful if it wasnt so awfully terrible... thats my impression anyway

Patrick Wolf – Don't Say No Lyrics 14 years ago
oh, please. like there's only one right answer, matt. it can apply to any number of things, or all of them. there are different levels of interpretation and yours is correct if you believe it is. cheers

The Whitest Boy Alive – Don't Give Up Lyrics 14 years ago
what a lovely song.
to me its about someone who is disenchanted with society and the conformity of the people around him/her.
it could also apply to a relationship, esp. the part about the making a move and the ignoring and such....
oh hell i dont really know what im talking about.
but i do love this song.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – I Can Make You A Man Lyrics 14 years ago
its SNATCH not 'smearch'
love this song

The Decemberists – Shankill Butchers Lyrics 14 years ago
such a beautifully grotesque and sad song

The Killers – When You Were Young Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree, I also thought they were British! haha
Anyone who prefers Hot Fuss to Sam's Town is a lunatic. Their new material is much more sophisticated and interesting than their old nonsense. I've just recently become a fan for the first time in my life!

The Thermals – An Endless Supply Lyrics 14 years ago

Incredibad – Ka-Blamo! Lyrics 14 years ago
ahhh thank you, that does make sense!

Tarkio – Save Yourself Lyrics 14 years ago
I always listen to this song when I feel obligated to do something I really don't want to do. Especially since I am avoidant in general, and i really identify with the "Jerry Lewis Telethon" verse especially.

Great song.

The Elected – It Was Love Lyrics 14 years ago
hmm, i dont really get sad when I hear this song.
I always think of it as like, a total recollection of the memories of a relationship that just didn't happen to work out- not as a really sad breakup song. Not just the good memories are recalled, the bad ones are too, but to me it seems like the narrator was happy the relationship took place as opposed to wishing it had never happened.

Incredibad – Metaphor Lyrics 14 years ago
my only question is, where are the dudes in this?

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