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Blind Melon – All That I Need Lyrics 14 years ago
i havent a clue of the original intent or meaning of the song.
what perspective it comes from.
i dont think any of that matters as much when the song becomes personally relevant.

to me the song is about an internal struggle. some sort of anxiety regarding relationships formed with others.

the highs and lows of the song remind me of a boy i once knew...
of course, like most everyone, he lived for the simplicities of life...
he had a hard time opening up to most...except when we were together it was different...that's how i take the line 'and who of you are like me'... just the desire to be able to confide in another, the simple intimacy of being able to open up...and realise that somewhere out there, there is someone else just like you.

followed by questioning if it will matter to the other individual. and if so, will the good times be enough to even out the bad times.. is it honestly worth it?

'is it just the pains in your head that are thrilling me' seems self-explanatory to me...again, tying back to being able to relate to someone who is much like yourself.

yea. i miss him.

Andrew Bird – Imitosis Lyrics 15 years ago
i agree with forda on the 'i went thru mitosis' seems a witty solution for a name for a pre-existing song. in fact, i thought that almost as soon as i heard this new verison... if anyone's heard the boy perform it live, its never quite the same any always seems to change little bits here and there. the 'we all live in a capital i' part seems to be the only missing factor in this 'new' verson.
some might consider it album filler...or not as successful as 'I' on weather systems...or not as great as the 'as-it-was-intended-to-be-heard'-live version. i personally see it as being absolutely appropriate to re-record such a song for the new album.

Andrew Bird – Tables and Chairs Lyrics 15 years ago
insomnia + boredom + paint shop pro = :)

Pinback – West Lyrics 15 years ago
i can relate...
if i didnt know better id say this song was about me.

my one love,
is a six hour drive to the east,

never being able to see him,
enduring lapses in time of not hearing from him,
dreading those bittersweet dreams,
avoiding sleep, just to avoid waking up alone.

this song hits me so hard.

i love you lyndon.

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