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Quasi – The Poisoned Well Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm not sure if this was toward Elliot Smith, considering they did play this song together.

The Delgados – The Light Before We Land Lyrics 15 years ago
This is the intro song to Gunslinger Girl
and i feel that it fits well with it. :)

Swan Lake – All Fires Lyrics 15 years ago
probably one of the best songs on the album

M83 – Farewell/Goodbye Lyrics 15 years ago
"I'll write my love on more than a thousand weeping willows"

probably the most beautiful line.

and i lvoe how at the end he sings for her not to leave and she's singing about watching over him when she dies.

such a GREAT song.

Belle & Sebastian – Step Into My Office, Baby Lyrics 15 years ago
its a "sharp suit " not a "smart suit"

This song is amazing.
I like it stuck in my head while i'm working.

Be Your Own Pet – Bicycle Race (Queen cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
such a fun cover!

Be Your Own Pet – October, First Account Lyrics 15 years ago
i know every lyric site says in the beginning that its
"well thanks and tell me come undone"

but im pretty sure its actually
"robbing banks until we come undone"

it makes alot mroe sense for the song too.
just a thought...

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