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Brand New – Degausser Lyrics 12 years ago
"Take apart the counting
And the flock has its bred" most likely refers to counting sheep (who breed) to fall asleep, which he is saying goodbye to

Trapt – Disconnected (Out of Touch) Lyrics 13 years ago
at first i thought this song was about decapitation

I Am the Avalanche – Symphony Lyrics 13 years ago
yep, this was also the first song i heard from IATA, i think it was off a drive thru sampler

The Sound of Animals Fighting – The Heretic Lyrics 13 years ago
It sounds like "pumpkin" to me.

The Sound of Animals Fighting – Stockhausen, es ist Ihr Gehirn, das ich suche Lyrics 13 years ago
This must be the one they used the kitchen utensils in.

The Sound of Animals Fighting – This Heat Lyrics 13 years ago
I feel like this song is about someone fighting with their conscious. At about the 3:05 mark the song just completely changes from quiet and hopeless to evil and more confident. I hope to God that they make a music video for this. The first part could have a shy, quiet kid addressing his problems and then all of a sudden turning dark and evil. They would have to cut alot of the song though.

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