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Kottonmouth Kings – Put It Down Lyrics 14 years ago
I cant believe no one commented this song.... I love this fuckin song.... one of my favs... makes me wanna get gone ya kno?

Meg & Dia – Tell Mary Lyrics 14 years ago
I heart this song. I get two meanings from it that go together all throughout the song when I listen to it...

I either get that he's cheating on mary, and breaking up with her because of that;; or that he's going into the service or something like the army or marines, and thats why he's leaving. "You fell in love with a girl you knew" could either mean Mary is that girl he knew, or that he fell in love with a different girl..

I dunno, I get those two meanings every time I hear this song.... its slow, but beautiful

Meg & Dia – Nineteen Stars Lyrics 14 years ago
Wow I cant believe no one commented this song. I absolutely love this song. I'm not sure what it means. but maybe it's about someone who has a friend who's suicidal or hates life. and she goes "I need you more than you need you" and that this friend is one of the only reasons she keeps going on, because he pushes her to keep going "the way that you keep me when I'm out of time"

Meg & Dia – Getaways Turned Holidays Lyrics 14 years ago
"Let us find perfection and nonsense in all we are. Save defects for later, we're angels now"

I think this song is about living a life where you dont care what happens, where youre "happy and naive". Dont care about death just deal with that day in life.

Meg & Dia – Courage, Robert Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm not entirely sure what this song means, but I think it's about falling in love.. Two different people though, and the part that says "It burned the first attempt or two" maybe thats about the first time they shared their love (aka sex)

A Heartwell Ending – feelings between the lines Lyrics 14 years ago
1st off, please next time write it out with correct spelling....

Other then that, the lyrics are wrong

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Cat and Mouse Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with a boy brushed red.... actually thats just about exactly what I think of when I hear this song....

but when I hear just the one part
"You said that you would die for me
You must live for me too"

just that one part makes me think of how in relationships you end up saying "I'd die without you, I cant live without you"... but really, you should be able to live without them, you just really wouldnt want to.... You cant have your entire life revolve around that other person.... You'd risk your life for them, but you should still live for them.....

Anyway Im in love with this song... the piano... the way they start out.... amazing

AFI – Kill Caustic Lyrics 14 years ago
I do like this song, and alot on their new cd... but I have to agree with TheClashSucked,,, AFI was really good back before they were on mtv, before Sing the Sorrow (dont get me wrong, I have a great connection to that cd) but I loved the stuff before that even more

AFI – Miss Murder Lyrics 14 years ago
alright I agree with most of what people have said here, but I need to put my thoughts in on this part

I've read a lot of people saying "this doesnt sound like AFI" blah blah.... surreee... listen to all of their cds okay... compare them... they're all AFI but they all sound different... there was a time when AFI only screamed and whatnot like that... and then theres their songs where they sing more than scream, and where its really soft and mellow....

compare all of their cds and all of their songs before you say that this isnt AFI.... they "reinvent" themselves quite often in both looks and sounds....

I love this song though, it's deep, in a twisted non romantic; romantic kind of way

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Atrophy Lyrics 14 years ago
Wow.. honestly I guess you could take this song a couple ways... but it just reminds me of personal experiences...

Like being so numb that you dont remember anything, you dont remember living or feeling or even breathing... You fall into the routine of whats expected of you.
"I warned you
what could happen if you should decide
to live your life from 9 to 5"
to me that says the daily faking of happiness, you do what's expected, no more no less, you cant let them see you mess up.

"and I mourn you
for the detail that is left unsaid
is a reminder of the time you bled
return to days when you knew you still felt alive "
That reminds me of when I used to do some stupid shit... You never told anyone about it.. it was between you and the razor, you bled to remind you that it was real, and that you were in fact alive.

"they sold you
everything you need to fix you up
and you feel good now but you can't wake up
they found a way to reassure you
that everything would be okay"
That reminds me of medication and whatnot... They sell you what you need to be "fixed" in their eyes, and you do feel good I guess, but its like it's all fake, you're dreaming constantly, more numb then the way you were before, you just dont realize as many bad things,, they make you feel like everythings okay even though you know its not..

"So you felt it, but you dont know, why you can't explain at all
why you felt it
cuz you dont know, no you dont know"
Being so numb that you know you felt something, you know you did something, yet you have no idea why.... Like you remember doing something so vividly, yet at the same time you cant remember if you actually did it or not...

but thats just my personal relation to this song.... I love RJA

Ludacris – What's Your Fantasy Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with randamanae... hah....

so much drama with all these people.... really.... I mean I dont like rap, honestly it's one of my least fav music types,,, but I dont go "omg rap sucks everyone who listens to it should die"... everyone has personal opinions about music... I listen to everything like emo, indie, hard rock, techno... and when I feel like it, rap.... anyway not everyone is gonna like the same type of music, let alone the same song...

but oh well,,, I love this song, one rap song I love... the remix is good too... but wow this song..... horney is right

30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill Lyrics 14 years ago
when I first heard this song, it reminded me of an ex of mine... we went through a really confusing breakup and I dunno it was all just blah and stupid....
"What if I wanted to break
Laugh it all off in your face"
"You say you wanted more
What are you waiting for
I'm not running from you"
where they say they want something more serious, and yet whether you give it to them or not, its like they back away.
"Look in my eyes
You're killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you"
you try so hard to be what they want, and you think they're what you want, and yet it doesnt work out.
"I tried to be someone else
But nothing seemed to change
I know now this is who I really am inside"
you pretend and lie so much until you get to a breaking point and say 'screw it, thats not me, Im sick of faking it'

Flyleaf – So I Thought Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with many of you... personally I dont believe in God, but this song does have a lot of God related parts in it,,, ex praying, faith, etc... but it can also be taken as just relationship wise... when I first heard this song I cried... it reminded me so much of things that have happened to me

The everlasting memories,, "fight the tears with pretty smiles and lies about the times" wow I've done that so many times...

A year goes by
And I can't talk about it
The times weren't right
And I couldn't talk about it
....that, wow... I can relate to that so much

Imogen Heap – The Walk Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with dkoontz and a few others...
when I hear this song it reminds me of some situations I've been in...
one, with a guy I had sex with,, my first time, none of it was how I had hoped,, neither of us sober, it ruined our friendship and we havent talked since.

another, with my friends boyfriend... *sigh*, things have been getting out of hand and well there's a verse missing in there that goes like this
"It’s not meant to be like this, not what I planned at all,
I don’t want to feel like this, Yeah,
No it’s not meant to be like this, it’s just what I don’t need,
Why make me feel like this, it’s definitely all your fault."
and that describes how things are going right now...

but imogen heap is amazing, brilliant, just plain wow

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