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Say Hi – But She Beat My High Score Lyrics 13 years ago
in the beginning i think its "pixelated men eat pixel food" anyway, i think this song is brilliant. say hi to your mom is all about the lyrics, and these lyrics rock. i think this song is what originally got me hooked.

Plain White T's – Lazy Day Afternoon Lyrics 13 years ago
i love this song. i think the meaning is pretty obvious. and sometimes, i can totally relate, lol

Gym Class Heroes – The Queen and I Lyrics 13 years ago
i always thought that this was about a girl that was way too good for a guy. and the guy knows that she could do so much better, so the alcohol is the only thing keeping them in the part with "oh no she's at the bottom..." he's upset because he knows she shouldn't be drinking, but then it's "bravo she's at the bottom.." like he realizes that he can only have her while she's this way. is this right?

Jason Mraz – Geek In The Pink Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is just good. I can't seem to stop playing it over and over and over again.

Gabriel Rios – Bones Bugalu Lyrics 13 years ago
i love this song and it's upbeat tempo.
as for the lyrics- it seems like a few different stories put together, but i have no clue of the meaning
also, does anyone know the english translation?

Spoon – The Way We Get By Lyrics 13 years ago
agree with Ohme about Spoon being in a category of its own. i love them, especially this song. i swear, this is the anthem of my life! lol needless to say, this song rocks

Matt Pond PA – Halloween Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is the best. awesome beat, sad/adorable vocals, perfect lyrics. great all around

Gabriel Rios – Broad daylight Lyrics 13 years ago
this is the first song i ever heard by rios. I adore his voice and his intro music is always so cool - broad daylight is no exception. A+ overall

Pavement – Summer Babe Lyrics 13 years ago
the lyrics don't attract me, but i've grown to love this song. everytime i listen i like it a little more.

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