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Sense Field – Save Yourself Lyrics 15 years ago
there's a little part of this song not many people catch. it's the first part, about how the person in the song is being tempted. Why would we say "SAVE yourself" if you were not in danger? whether or not we want to save ourself for marriage, we will still be called by people at night by someone who is extremely attractive, and we will have to fight to keep our virginity. So many people associate sex as the ultimate part of love, when really, the significant other should be at the forefront of love. hence, you should love them for who they are, and if you don't, then what is important to you?

Kutless – All Alone Lyrics 16 years ago
Look at this as if God was saying the words.

Eagle-Eye Cherry – Death Defied by Will Lyrics 16 years ago
I almost feel like this song is about Satan. Thats just opinion, you don't have to agree with me, but its wht it made me think of. The reason is "determined to outsmark this snake" in the Bible the first symbol of Satan is a serpent or snake. He's got that feeling of impending doom, may mean going to Hell. He doesn't know this is his last drive, on the road we call alive. well, who's we? the only thing I coud think of would be people who believe in heaven.

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