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Bad Religion – Anxiety Lyrics 9 years ago
This is currently my favorite BR song. I say currently because as I grow, so does my taste for BR. Amazing how I know all their music but appreciate it differently the older I get.

This song to me means we have all this self induced pressure (anxiety) to be the best. We measure that by money or possessions. So we have this anxiety to impress others and think we are advancing our lives with these material things. In the end, we all end up the same no matter what things or people we have acquired through our lives.

That's the next thing I need to understand. Other BR songs say to do actions worthy of note, but even if we do that we end up all the same. So what's the point? Better to have a bronze medal than nothing I suppose.

Bad Religion – The World Won't Stop Lyrics 9 years ago
I think this song is about how we are not as special as we think we are. Do something worth doing, don't just accept what is around us and pretend we are somewhat exceptional. Make a difference cause the world goes on with or without you.

Kaskade – Steppin' Out Lyrics 13 years ago
Best Kaskade song? I personally love "Everything"!!!

John O'Callaghan – Big Sky (Feat. Audrey Gallagher) Lyrics 13 years ago
Massive songs! Simply amazing!

Tom Petty – Yer So Bad Lyrics 13 years ago
This song makes me so happy!

Sarah McLachlan – Fallen Lyrics 14 years ago
For those of you who love this song. Gabriel & Dresden made a real nice remix of it if you're interested.

Pennywise – My Own Way Lyrics 14 years ago
Been a Pennywise fan for a long time now. I can listen to this song over and over. Favorite punk song that gets my pumped up. CAUSE I DONT GIVE A FUCK!

Phalanx – I'm Alive Lyrics 14 years ago
This one is obvious and kinda cheesey. But I LOVE IT!

Enya – Now We Are Free Lyrics 15 years ago
Thanks teddybear. I forgot this wasnt actually by Enya.

I know what your saying about this song taking you places. wow

Bad Religion – 1000 Memories Lyrics 15 years ago
Love the melody and the lyrics/meaning. If they had 100 songs like these, then it would suck. But BR is definatly not a band about hearts being broken. So this is a nice little tune to me.

Pennywise – Anyone Listening Lyrics 15 years ago
Pennywise saying people are apathetic to the problems right in front of our faces. Doing this makes the situation worse and worse, until finally backlashing. Thats what I think at least. Johnny goes on a a killing spree or some crap..

Pennywise – Yesterdays Lyrics 15 years ago
This song reminds me of the high school days. When we just had a great time living in our little bubble with no real responsibilities. Dreams sky high and optomistic about the future. My oh my, how things have changed. "I wish I could remain - Back in yesterdays"

Enya – Only If Lyrics 15 years ago
One of Enyas more upbeat songs. I dont know the nonenglish translations, but this song seems to be about pursuing a dream. You have to want it, and if you really want it enough you can do it. This song is a nice balance to her slower songs. Not that those are bad, but its a nice balance.

Enya – Now We Are Free Lyrics 15 years ago
I found a translation of this a long time ago. Cant find it anymore and forgot what it was about. Amazing song. Whats an epic movie without enya?

Enya – Caribbean Blue Lyrics 15 years ago
I love how she just lifts you up about 2 minutes into it, then goes back to the "...if all you told was turned to gold". Then the layers of her beautiful to end it are just so surreal. This song can tame even the most savage of beasts.

Enya – Evacuee Lyrics 15 years ago
Pretty sure this song is about going away from your home for a while. She talks about her mom, but it can about anybody or group of people your leaving for a long time. One of my favorite Enya songs.

Genesis – In Too Deep Lyrics 15 years ago
To me, this song represents alot of things. The main being that he was going through a tough time in his life. A time irrelevant to the person he was with. He wants to be with this person, but it seems its too late. Like he's a different person now.

I dont think it has to do anything with anybody cheating. The girl has always been good to him it seems.

"All that time I was searching, nowhere to run to"

These sound like personal problems that have nothing to do with the significant other. Like the other person expects him to be someone, but he is someone else now after going through the difficult time (whatever that may be).

Just my 2 cents.

BTW...f'n great song.

"I can feel your eyes go thru me,
But I don't know why."

"t seems I've spent too long
Only thinking about myself - oh
Now I want to spend my life
Just caring bout somebody else."

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