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Nine Days – Good Friend Lyrics 16 years ago
This is a beautiful song. When I lost my friend to cancer, this song was part of what helped get me through.

Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm in love with this song. Very mellow and upbeat yet the lyrics say otherwise.

Alkaline Trio – While You're Waiting Lyrics 17 years ago
it's about a relationship and how the singer's friend or s.o is going through a rough time. Some of the lines make it seem as though they are in rehab because of an addiction, or locked up because of it. and the singer is reassuring them that he'll be there for them until they day they die, that he will wait for them until they get out

One Man Army – Fate At Fourteen Lyrics 17 years ago
Awesome song. It's about how everyone tells you that you have to follow a certain set path in life and expects you to follow that path even if it makes you unhappy

Rise Against – Drones Lyrics 17 years ago
This is my favorite song off their new album.

Nada Surf – Your Legs Grow Lyrics 17 years ago
What I got out of it is that he and a person went through some tough times together, and got through it with the help of each other, and now that person is gone, but he wants them to know that if they are ever in need, he will be there with the line "call me anytime you've got a ghost"

"And if you move off to the side, I'll get swept back out "
I think that it just a metaphor describing a rip current, because in rip currents when you swim to the sides of it, you become free. I think it has a lot to do with how he and that person went through some major event together and now that that person got out of it, he feels sort of helpless.

"Where it's cold but not that deep, cause your legs grow."

I think that's about the new place the person is in, even though they have gotten out of the current, they are still a tough situation. However he assures them that though it may seem hard, he knows it's not enough to hold the person back. the whole "your legs grow" line I think refers to how strong he sees the person as, that they can persevere over it and in a way, mature from the situation to overcome the situation.


The Raconteurs – Steady, As She Goes Lyrics 17 years ago
It's a catchy song.
I think it's pretty much about how a guy realizes the life that he has been living is bland and boring, and though he thought he wanted normalcy and the picturesque quiet life with family and all, he now sees that it's not what he wants and everything he has he has "settled" for

Acid Bath – Jezebel Lyrics 17 years ago
it's about a prostitute of course, and her being tortured by having her fingers cut off in the end.
My favorite line out of the whole thing though is

"our superman found dead in a telephone booth"

It just focuses a lot on how before she was a prostitute, she was a child with a lot of hopes and dreams, and now they have died.

Acid Bath – Cheap Vodka Lyrics 17 years ago
It's a short song, I like it though.
It's just seems like a drunken hatred for the world and how he wants to destroy how the world is.

Porcupine Tree – Four Chords That Made A Million Lyrics 17 years ago
Good song.
Like everyone said, it's about the music industry and how "4 chords make a million" basically stating that the same stuff is being played over and over again by a million different bands and how they really aren't original anymore, or even good.

Porcupine Tree – Feel So Low Lyrics 17 years ago
I love this song, its about how even though he's been hurt by this person in the past and how that person has made him feel useless and insignificant he still attempted to make it work by leaving his voice on the answering machine, in the end it was useless because she never answered

My favorite line is "You can pretend that I don't exist for you and I can laugh about it now" because it describes a lot of relationships where even though at the time you felt depressed, looking back on it it's amusing to you because you've grown from it.

Porcupine Tree – Heartattack in a Lay By Lyrics 17 years ago
This is perhaps the most beautiful porcupine tree song ever.
It's very calming, yet the lyrics hit a lot of emotions. It's about a guy sitting in his car and thinking about a fight with his significant other, and how when he drives home it will be better, but then there's that feeling that he's not going to make it back because of the "heartattack in a layby" part.
It's a very bittersweet song, you can't help but think about the fragility of life and how even though your plans may be "to grow old together" things can swiftly change.

Porcupine Tree – Shesmovedon Lyrics 17 years ago
Great song, I love the little guitar solo in the middle, it's probably the most emotional one I've heard, and probably my favorite.

It's about a guy writing about a girl who used him and then "moved on" just as quickly as she came

Death Cab for Cutie – 405 Lyrics 17 years ago
Every time I drive down the 405 I think of this song

Randy – Out Of Nothing Comes Nothing Lyrics 17 years ago
Out of nothing comes nothing is definitely true.
They are trying to just say that if you don't fight for what you believe in, nothing will change.
Basically you get out what you put in.

Randy – Superstar Lyrics 17 years ago
great song about the american addiction to celebrities and how that addiction completely warps people into wanting to be like them

Kent – Cowboys (english) Lyrics 17 years ago
Kent is perhaps one of my favorite bands, and this song is one of the reasons why.
I'm pretty sure it's about a man who wants to reasure the woman in his life that he has changed, that he isn't just speaking empty promises anymore, and that he's been lonely without her

Kent – 747 (english) Lyrics 17 years ago
Great lyrics, the title is obviously tied to the aircraft, and basically I think this song is about flying off to someplace new and starting over, leaving behind something that ties him down and keeps him imprisoned

Laura Veirs – Spelunking Lyrics 17 years ago
It's a very simple easy going song, but there's so much meaning behind it.

It's a lot to do with her fear of commitment, but how she wants to commit because that person has such a big impact on her life.
"Their wandering, you know
Made me pine
For the lamplight
Where you lie"
This and the verse before it are great in creating that feeling of isolation, as she looks on and sees the light, that represents people and commitment, she's just looking, but she is also yearning for the person when she says "where you lie"

"If I took you darling
To the caverns of me heart
Would you light the lamp, dear?
Would you light the lamp, dear?

I see fish without eyes
Bats with their heads
Hanging down towards the ground
Would you still come around?
Come around"
These two verses convey her fear of commitment and her hesitation to commit because she questions if the person will be there for her.

"I believe in you
In your honesty and your eyes
Even when I'm sloshing
In the muck of my demise

A large part of me
Is always and forever tied
To the lamplight
Of your eyes, of your eyes "

The last two is just her basically saying that she is scared of commitment, but when she looks at that person, she wants to take that step and commit herself to them because she feels so connected with them

Laura Veirs – Parisian Dream Lyrics 17 years ago
Beautiful song, I love this entire album and the theme she goes with in her songs. This song has a lot of great descriptions.

I think this is just the classic, girl realizes that a person has such an impact on her life, turned it from bad to good, and now she wants to be with them forever

Kent – Quiet Heart Lyrics 17 years ago
I think it's pretty much about a guy who's reflecting back on a past relationship and realizes that he caused his ex a lot of pain that he didn't realize at the time because she never really spoke out about her unhappiness with the relationship.
"There was a time when I was lost in myself
You took my hand became my guide
There was a time you needed my help
I guess my ego made me blind "

This is about the beginning of the relationship, how she helped him find himself and supported him, and in the end he was too blind to see that she needed help as well.

The chorus "It´s your quiet heart
And your silence
As your teardrops stain my sheets
Let´s take a trip through the wires
Your dream is gone you are free
Stay free"

it's beautiful, and says a lot about how the girl never spoke out about how unhappy he made her, and now that he realizes it, he doesn't want to drag her back into the relationship because she's better off without him.

I love this song, it's so sentimental and bittersweet.

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