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Tonic – Jumpin' Jimmy (Stronger Than Mine) Lyrics 15 years ago
Being with a partner and strongly in love; making the world all sunshine and roses

Tonic – Drag Me Down Lyrics 15 years ago
Could also be about a person breaking another's heart

Tonic – Lemon Parade Lyrics 15 years ago
A man wishing he could have met his partner at an early age to protect her from the bad in the world; with the lemon parade fitting in with the magic of youth and happy imagery like 'secret friends'

Tonic – Come Rest Your Head Lyrics 15 years ago
Put trust in your partner and think through a difficult situation before acting too hastely

Tonic – On Your Feet Again Lyrics 15 years ago
Meeting someone new who means alot to you and elevates your moral from a low patch

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