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Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home Lyrics 5 years ago
Actually, it could make perfect sense, given Claudio's penchant for not always being 100% straightforward with the lyrics. It could be a shortened way of saying "like Jesus, played to the letter". Don't get me wrong, martyr probably makes more sense there (and as Apollo pointed out that's what's said in the album sleeve, which not everybody has), but it's not exactly enunciated. It's rather ironic that you're accusing people of not thinking about what they hear when you didn't bother to consider that it's not a particularly long chain of logic to realize how the lyric could work if it were exactly as it sounded.

Kacey Musgraves – Merry Go 'Round Lyrics 6 years ago
Put simply, it's the rare country song that's actually honest about small-town life. Most country songs try to sell rural America as a utopia. This song tells it like it is.

Streetlight Manifesto – Down Down Down to Mephisto's Cafe Lyrics 7 years ago
I get the impression that the lyrics of this song aren't critical toward religion in general, but more toward people who are obsessed with others' beliefs and trying to save them from going to Hell. The lyrics mention something to the effect of praying for forgiveness in Would You Be Impressed, so I get the impression that Kalnoky's not anti-religion, just an advocate of believing what you feel is right and letting others do the same.

Breaking Benjamin – Dance With The Devil Lyrics 10 years ago
It makes sense that this song would be about overcoming addiction, or a troublesome habit. Basically, that addiction or habit is slowly stealing his life away, The "dancing with the devil" in this case is flirting with the urge to satisfy the craving, but not looking him in the eye is being strong enough to overcome that craving. The "I believe in you / I can see right through all your empty lies" lines are to say that he knows that that addiction has power over him, but at the same time he knows that that addiction isn't doing him any good in the long run.

Seven Mary Three – Water's Edge Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is loosely based on a true story (as is the movie which the song is derived from), but the true story has absolutely nothing to do with the lead singer of the band. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, Jason Ross has never been in jail for any crime, whether he was guilty or innocent of it.

Sorry, jackdm, but either you're trying to feed us a load of horse shit, or you were fed a load of horse shit and you ate it down to the last bite, because your "true story" isn't anywhere close to being true.

John Anderson – Seminole Wind Lyrics 12 years ago
I listened closely, and he definitely says "alligators and the gar" both times.

At any rate, this is a great song, John Anderson has an amazing voice.

Joe Diffie – Third Rock From The Sun Lyrics 12 years ago
This was also the first country song I really liked, and it's still one of only a handful of country songs that I like to listen to. The lyrics are great, it's just a story of one thing leading to another and things just getting more and more out of control like a snowball rolling down a hill.

Rush – The Spirit Of Radio Lyrics 13 years ago
Whoops, I forgot that the actual name of this song is "The Spirit of Radio", so I didn't realize it was here already and submitted my own lyrics.

Anyway, this song is about radio stations, the way they should be, and the way they generally are. It starts out with the ideal image of radio, how the listener could turn on the radio at any time and hear music they loved for no cost. However, the song goes on to depict the overcommercialization of the radio industry, and how many stations care much more about making money now than they do about playing music.

At any rate, it's a great song, definitely among my top 5 favorites. The guitar work is fantastic, Peart's drumming is top-notch as always, and Geddy Lee proves again that he's one of the few lead singers who could make such high-pitched vocals sound smooth and effortless.

The Offspring – Living In Chaos Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah, it's somewhat repetitive, but the great guitar lines more than make up for that.

Steppenwolf – Don't Step On the Grass, Sam Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is pretty straightforward. Steppenwolf is criticising the U.S. government for making marijuana use illegal.

Catchy song, by the way...

Led Zeppelin – Trampled Under Foot Lyrics 13 years ago
This song shares a lot of similarities with Robert Johnson's "Terraplane Blues". Johnson's song, if taken straightforward, seems to be about a car (Terraplane was a car model manufactured by Hudson in the '30's) that someone else drove while he was away and ruined, but it's really about his girlfriend or wife having an affair while he's away. Trampled Underfoot doesn't have the same connotations about a girlfriend or wife having an affair, but the car=woman metaphor was probably derived from Terraplane Blues.

AC/DC – Big Gun Lyrics 13 years ago
This is one hell of a catchy song. It's so "Stereotypical Action Movie" it's not even funny, but I think AC/DC wanted it that way.

Led Zeppelin – Achilles Last Stand Lyrics 13 years ago
This song represents Led Zeppelin in its absolutely top form. The hard-driving bass/drum lines, the wicked guitar riffs, and Plant's wailing vocals fit together perfectly. Everything about this song is of mythic proportions.

Judas Priest – Diamonds And Rust Lyrics 13 years ago
This song was written and originally performed by Joan Baez. This song certainly lacks the emotional undertone that Baez's had, but Judas Priest was going for a much more driving, harder sound, and they nailed that. Personally, I like both Baez's and JP's versions equally, because they both have their own merits.

Electric Light Orchestra – Telephone Line Lyrics 13 years ago
If I remember correctly, this song's also on the Wedding Singer soundtrack. In any event, it's a great song.

Electric Light Orchestra – Fire on High Lyrics 13 years ago
One of the best instrumentals I've heard. The acoustic guitar breaks sound AWESOME.

Metallica – Slither Lyrics 13 years ago
rockster/punkster - And you're here WHY? When people want to know your opinion about a band, they will ASK YOU. If you don't like them, good for you. Nobody else gives a shit.

Metallica – The Unforgiven II Lyrics 13 years ago
The answer to why people would relate this song to some Gundam fanfic is simple: when you become addicted to shitty Japanese cartoons, it's only a matter of time before you'll start reading fanfics of said shitty Japanese cartoon that are 10 times shittier than the cartoon itself, and once you hit that state, you have to relate everything in the ENTIRE FUCKING UNIVERSE to some goddamn fanfic somebody wrote.

All that aside: personally, I like this better than the first one, mainly because of the brilliant guitar riff. My first impression of the song was of a man who murdered a wife whom he tried to, but could not, love. I got the impression that the paralysis they shared was that neither was capable of actually feeling love. They left the door open for each other, but neither could enter. He killed her hoping that he could at least feel something new, because he was sick of trying for so long to feel some way about someone that he wasn't capable of feeling.

Maybe my interpretation of the song isn't the same as what James's was when he wrote it. Maybe he literally murdered her, maybe he only metaphorically killed her, but the lyrics strongly suggest to me that, either way, this song depicts a man (possibly "dead" himself) lying next to a dead woman...

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