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HIM – Buried Alive By Love Lyrics 12 years ago
as a reply to marcushimself, i agree with you 100 percent. HIM is an alright band a few songs here and there I like, but this is a website for writing what YOU think the artists lyrics mean.

And to Dreamres Disease way to go as well two thumbs up!

so here is what I think this song means:

"Again the burden of losing rests upon my shoulders
And its weight seems unbearable
Your tomb is where your heart is,
I should have told her
But within me hid a secret so terrible"

Lets break down this first half of this verse, i do agree with marcus's thoughts on how a man is deeply in love with a woman.

In theory i believe that maybe he's tried to win her heart but she doesnt see or she rejects him everytime. And he doesn't know how much more he can take of this rejection.

Or also it could mean he's secretly in love with someone like a best friend or something and he has kept it a secret for so long and its eating away at him. and he doens't know how much longer he can keep it a secret.

"To cry is to know that you're alive
But my river of tears has run dry
I never wanted to fool you, no
But a cold heart is a dead heart
And it feels like I've been buried alive by love"

In this stanza, I think the person he cares for deeply may have known his secret and they tried confronting him about it but he just lies and says he doesnt love them. And he's mean or gives them the cold shoulder, and in the end he feels like he's buried his heart within himself because he doesnt feel worthy of their love after so long of denying him his satisfaction.

"If I should die before I wake
Pray no one my soul to take
If I wake before I die,
Rescue me with your smile"

This is quite obvious, he may be contemplating suicide or he feels he's dying inside, he's trying to get over this person but no woman.. or man depending the point of view if it a man or a woman, or if they are gay or not. no one else can take that person's place and he feels that the only one who can save him from his internal hell is that man or woman.

"The kiss of vanity blessed me with a spiritual murder
And fed the gods of war insatiable
Your home is where the dark is
I should have told her
Embrace the fire indestructible"

This could possibly be his refernce to hell, his hell is that the person he loves is with some one else and he finally sees he dug his own grave and he doesnt know how to escape his rut.

"To die is to know that you're alive
And my river of blood won't run dry
I never wanted to lose you, no
But a cold heart is a dead heart
And it feels like I've been buried alive by love"

Here, he could've been cutting himself or other means of self mutilation to maybe see if he is truly alive on the outside, and he didn't want to lose this said person but he may have lost them forever.

"Oh, it seems to cry is to know that you're alive
And my river of tears has run dry
I never wanted to fool you, no
But a cold heart is a dead heart
A deserted soul is gone
A cold heart is a dead heart
And it feels like I've been buried alive by love"

He is happy that the person he loves his happy and alive unlike his state of mind, or he possibly had succeeded in death and is watching over this person.

"If I should die before I wake
There ain't no one my soul to take
If I wake before I die,
Rescue me with your smile,"

He will never give his heart or soul to any one else or he feels there isnt anyone else, he was so obessed with this one person he didnt realize the other people he couldve had.

just my interpretation tell me what you think!

Rihanna – Unfaithful Lyrics 13 years ago
Bitch haha that's a compliment to me so try something else oh no wait you can't! Because youare a little 14-15 year old who is trying to be cool. Rock music is my specialty you little hooker, so you better know who your trying to insult and piss off cause I'm not very nice. I am never a nice peoson lets just say that I can make you cry if i wanted too. And you baby girl need to watch your mouth. Because once you say something to get me pissed I give it back tenfold. So keep your mouth shut before you fucking regret it.

Rihanna – Unfaithful Lyrics 13 years ago
If i am stupid then you are a complete fucking idiot, judging the lyrics and the artist without even listening to the song itself. And besides they are LYRICS they dont have to be true it is like telling a story or are you too retarded to even comprehend the meaning of that.

Rihanna – Unfaithful Lyrics 13 years ago
and you need to shut your fucking mouth you damn loser if you don't like this song then 1. don't comment on it, 2. why do you even fucking listen to it, and 3. if you dont have nothing nice to say to other people on here then keep you stupid huge ass mouth shut.

Papa Roach – Do or Die Lyrics 13 years ago
ummm a little correction here:
It's hard for me to seel this way

it is "It's hard for me to see you this way"

sorry but i love this album and im kinda a perfectionist when it comes to the lyrics sorry again

Papa Roach – Stop Looking Start Seeing Lyrics 13 years ago

Hit or miss, fuck or fight, it's time to live your life
Go ahead, I know I'm right, I'm gonna lay it on the line
Put yourself in my shoes, would you stand up for your rights?
Light 'em up, and knock 'em down, I'm not running scared tonight

im sorry but i love this band and this album and..... i just think its kinda stupid there are some bits messed up when the lyrics are in the booklet

Papa Roach – Blood (Empty Promises) Lyrics 13 years ago
ok corrections for this song i seen some of the words were inccorect

I will forgive but I won't forget
And I hope you know you've lost my respect

You better watch out
You don't know what's goin' on around you
You better think twice
Before you fly off the handle and lose it
You better join us
Before you get lost in the shuffle
You've gotta rise against
The demons that are gonna try and hold you down

Does it run in your blood
To betray the ones you love
Does it run in your blood
To betray the ones you love
The ones you love
The ones you love
The ones you love

'Cause I'm not a pawn
For you to play in your fuckin' game
I've got dignity
And a dream that I want to achieve
Under pressure
You crumbled and you let me down
And I'm not deaf
And all I hear are your empty promises

thank you sorry but they even have the lyrics in the little booklet thingy that comes with the cd.

Pink – Dear Mr. President (feat. Indigo Girls) Lyrics 13 years ago
Beautiful song and self explanitory in it self and to people who don't agree with this song ,well thats your opinion but to me its beautiful and great and truthful. Pink wonderful job, I love it.

Pink – Long Way To Happy Lyrics 13 years ago
A correction for this part "And pad out all the bruises
Do you know I had it"

It is supposed to be " and pat out all the bruises, too young to know I had it."

And now my interpretation:
In my own personal opinion I think maybe she was talking about a young woman who gave of her innocence, or in other words her virginity, to a uy she never know or maybe was raped. It could mean both, but it talks about her struggle to keep going and trying to be happy with herself again. And she hates how much pain she has been put through, so now after years of hurt she's finally going to put it behind and try to, slowly, find someone who will love her and who she will be happy and can trust to never hurt her. But thats just my opinion on this song. All in all a great song.

Pink – Who Knew Lyrics 13 years ago
Beautful song, it is quite powerful. I love it. It is a multipurpose song. It is as what PunkRockPrincess44 said and it can also mean that she's talking about a past lover too. Like an ex boyfriend. One of those guys who say he will stay forever then like 2 to 5 years later he leaves. So it means two things and thats great because many people can feel this song and compare it with their own lives.

Pink – Stupid Girls Lyrics 13 years ago
I must agree and disagree with some of these people on here. I agree that she's making a statement and that she's trying to show girls in this world here and now that its ok to be who you are and not try to be what you see on the TV. But I've about some comments about how its not right to make fun of Anorexic and bulimic people. I believe she was trying to send a message to those girls who were watching the video not to do it anymore because all it is doing to yourself is not only making you look sick and way too thin. But it makes you like the celebs who are trying to be who they are not, aka pretty much FAKE and they are trying to stress over their looks way too much. I have alot of respect for Pink even if she is a pop star but she's one of those who are not so popish but yet still is, she's the rebel pop star and she's showing it through her music and her videos. I think she is the only pop star I WILL listen to because I want to. 'Cause see I am more of the rock type of girl but Pink I love her music she is great. Pink is the SHIT!

Pink – Runaway Lyrics 13 years ago
I adore this song it reminds me so much of how I feel.

pretty much she's running away from a home where they just want her to be perfect and she just was trying to be herself so now she's leaving the home full of pain and memories. She is even feeling like she doesn't want to be herself any more becaus of what has happened and she feels if she doesn't leave this hellhole of a home that she will lose who she really is.

Pink – U + Ur Hand Lyrics 13 years ago
hah to me this is one of the best songs she has ever made.

i feel Pink made this song for all the ladies who are just trying to havfe fu nand keep on getting bugged and to all the gentlemen who just can't keep their thing in their pants. She's trying to say Fuck off I want to have by myself with my girlfriends and I am not going home with you now or ever so back off before I kick your ass.

Pink – Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) Lyrics 13 years ago
hmm this songs first comment sweeettttt... well I love this song to tell ya the truth. it's quite catchy.

What i see in this song is that a woman really loves this one man but she just cannot stay in a commitment, I think she's afraid because she might do something stupid that might ruin the relationship so she's telling him to back off at times and just leave her alone. but then again that's just my interpretation.

Evanescence – Even In Death Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm sure alot of you have had this same opinion about this song, when I first heard this and read the lyrics i immediately could see it the story behind the words, i can just see the images that the woman in this story sees.

"give me a reason to believe that you're gone
i see your shadow, so i know they're all wrong
moonlight on the soft, brown earth
it leads me to where you lay
they took you away from me
but now i'm taking you home"

She is seeing things in the first two lines of this song. She keeps on imagining that her husband or lover is still there hes alive and well walking around the house. no matter how many times her family or friends try to convice her that he was dead he was not coming back. But yet she just doesnt see that.

next you see her standing before the path that leads her to her lovers grave, the full moon high above her lighting her way. She is quite pissed off at her friends and family for burying him and thinks that she should finally take him home. So She takes a shovel and digs up his grave and takes his body home with her.

"i will stay forever here with you, my love
the softly spoken words you gave me
even in death our love goes on"

So she takes him home and keeps his decomposing body there and she hears the words he may have said to her before he died. And she knows that death can't keep them apart and she will still love him even if it is his corpse.

"some say i'm crazy for my love, oh, my love
but no bonds can hold me from your side, oh, my love
they don't know you can't leave me
they don't hear you singing to me"

people are now seeing that she has become insane and a necrofeliac. So they try taking him away again but she wont let them. She thinks that they cant understand that he can't leave her side. And pretty much shes imagining that hes singing to her and that he is still breathing even though he isn't.

"i will stay forever here with you, my love
the softly spoken words you gave me
even in death our love goes on

and i can't love you any more than i do"

She seems to come to w realization that even though hes dead she gives him the same amount of love she had when he was alive. but eve nstill she cannot accept his death.

i will stay forever here with you, my love
the softly spoken words you gave me
even in death our love goes on

and i can't love you any more than i do.
People die, but real love is forever"

By the end of this song I think she finally realizes that he is dead an she has come to terms with it. By using the line from The Crow. So she cotninues to live wit hthe corpse of her dead lover and not to let go of it even if she has to die to stay with him.

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