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Clawfinger – Little Baby Lyrics 12 years ago
i think it could be about how some child molester/rapist justifies their actions, and it has both sides. the molesters side and the molested side. he claims love but the victim feels bad and scared and feels its not right, in short "this house is not a happy home"
as to what spawned this song from clawfinger, i dont know.
I like how until the line "Just keep our little secret" it sounds like a normal father promising to protect the child from the world, and from what the song is about.

Velvet Acid Christ – Hullucinagene Lyrics 13 years ago
the lyrics to this song is completely improvised while on LSD. (on their old website they had notes about each song) i think its amazing for being completely improvised. i really like this song, and i agree. its about society is messed up and how drugs offer an "escape"

Overseer – Meteorolgy Lyrics 13 years ago
thank you for the lyric edit invader

Overseer – Velocity Shift Lyrics 13 years ago
awesome song. i have no clue what that one line means, but it is a very awesome single line

Overseer – Slayed Lyrics 13 years ago
declare war on stupidity in general. perhaps the idiots in music that are one hit wonders

Overseer – Stompbox Lyrics 13 years ago
awesome song. :D

Machine Head – Supercharger Lyrics 13 years ago
i would like to restate my previous comment, i didnt think it out enough, plus, i will admit i had a prejudice against the scene. which is mostly because, there are a lot of emo bands that seriously have no talent yet are "big"
yes, good song, means machine head is a supercharger and such.
the fans and the band are both very powerful entities. and can pretty much scare anyone they wish to, at anytime, even themselves.
probably the ones that would get scared easiest are the ones that do not understand.

Otep – Noose and Nail Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is awesome. its comparing drug insanity with religion. people like religion because it tells people what to do, and how to do it, so they don't have to think or feel. different name, same effects - numbness mindlessness and insanity. i think its against organized religion. the last verse or so, "join hands to explode" is like "dying for god"
really, there are a lot of interpretations.

Velvet Acid Christ – Speedball O.D. Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is is awesome

Velvet Acid Christ – Fun With Drugs Lyrics 14 years ago
on the website, it says something about their music being a mirror of what they see in society
and yes, the vocalist did drugs, then went to rehab

Slipknot – Danger, Keep Away (Vermillion Version) Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this version of the song.
as far as meaning, there are many interpretations, but here is what i came up with; he is debating what he is. he doesn't think he is what everyone else thinks he is, but then he ask, "why am i what you think?" and takes an introspective look at himself, and finds something dangerous, so he simply says "danger, keep away"
but before the person he is talking to, he has to say something, then he says it. it seems as if there are 2 songs in one.

Combichrist – Like to Thank My Buddies Lyrics 14 years ago
this is a great song
obviously about betrayal
i bet everyone has someone that has betrayed them.

Machine Head – Seasons Wither Lyrics 14 years ago
Revenge defiantly. its that sort of drive to destroy what has done wrong to someone.

Dir En Grey – Kodoku Ni Shisu, Yueni Kodoku (English) Lyrics 14 years ago
always like this song...and the lyrics describe me in a way. Dir en Grey kicks ass!

Dir En Grey – Saku (English) Lyrics 14 years ago
Love this song, its like injecting pure rage against people (especially parents) into your blood stream through the ears!
and in the video...i think he starts to eat himself...weird, but awesome

Machine Head – Supercharger Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah, good song
means alot of things
one is
machine head is the supercharger. it "charges" fans and in turn, the fans charge them. eventually they scare everyone else that is a fan of all those punk/emo bands, causing a Shock
great song

Machine Head – Elegy Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree, its about destruction of this planet, and how its going to come back and bite back
great song

Machine Head – Silver Lyrics 14 years ago
my freind, there was a while when the only thing that calmed him was this song.
if i think of a meaning, i will post it
great song!

Fatboy Slim – In Heaven Lyrics 14 years ago
it says fuck 102 times...just an interesting fact
most of anysong i know of, followed by "y'all want a single by KoRn" with 89 times
great song to piss of religous people with
i like it!

Eisbrecher – Willkommen im Nichts Lyrics 14 years ago
the Antikorper album is awesome!
this song is awesome

Eisbrecher – Leider Lyrics 14 years ago
in German, the phrase that means "I'm sorry" actually means 'it does me sorrow" which would explain it.
great song! i used to relate to this song, but not anymore
but its still awesome!

Psychostick – In a Band to Get Chicks Lyrics 14 years ago
a song about being in a band to get chicks...Great song

Stone Sour – Socio Lyrics 15 years ago
It could be about when he was drinking. "freedom in a cage" feeling free, but not really.

the "yeah, thats pretty good. you can turn the music up if you want yeah" its real...and cool, but its repeats "yeah, thats" several times then it says that

Stone Sour – Hell & Consequences Lyrics 15 years ago
it could mean that he refuses to let someone/something destroy him

The Knife – The Cop Lyrics 15 years ago
its about an evil cop.

The Knife – Silent Shout Lyrics 15 years ago
I think it might be about wanting to tell someone something, but not being able too say it, and geting hurt by yourself by not saying it.

Mindless Self Indulgence – Kill The Rock Lyrics 15 years ago
cant you also sniff crack instead of smoking it?


Rage Against the Machine – Township Rebellion Lyrics 15 years ago
Great song, great lyrics.

why stand on a silent platform, fight the war, fuck the norm

KoЯn – I'm Hiding Lyrics 15 years ago
Great song. an abstract meaning. staying sane when everyone else is giong insane.

Slipknot – Skin Ticket Lyrics 15 years ago
My freind told me about how he was at a BBQ and how the steak was very bloody, and how he started carving his plate, then stabing his plate, and singing this song. he says that he got some weird looks from his family

Slipknot – Slipknot Lyrics 15 years ago
there were only 1000 orginal copies ever made of MFKR. an original copy, last i checked on ebay, was $500....insane

KoЯn – Daddy Lyrics 15 years ago
very very powerful song. poor jonathan

KoЯn – One (Metallica cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
I like what they did to this song. it got better i think

Psychostick – Fake My Own Death and Go Platinum Lyrics 15 years ago
i agree

Green Day – Coming Clean Lyrics 15 years ago
you should listen to something else, some band with real talent

KoЯn – Kill You Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is about him wanting to kill his mother, as people said before.

KoЯn – Let's Get This Party Started Lyrics 15 years ago
Great song, but i really dont know what this song is about

KoЯn – Here It Comes Again Lyrics 15 years ago
Great song

KoЯn – Dead Lyrics 15 years ago
About accoplishing things, then having them fucked up some how

KoЯn – Bottled Up Inside Lyrics 15 years ago
this song is great. i build up everything inside and if i dont vent, i fucking explode. Great song

KoЯn – The Christmas Song Lyrics 15 years ago
I always think of my arch enemy when i hear "Fat litte red fagget hanging from a tree." This song is hillarious!

KoЯn – Am I Going Crazy? Lyrics 15 years ago
It really is the same backwards as it is forwards, and its cool, in a weird way. it gets stuck in my head, and it plays over, and over and over, and its very maddening

KoЯn – Hey Daddy Lyrics 15 years ago
Yes, its about him self, and the vioces he was hearing in his head (i hear them too). this song rocks, full of paranoia and Schizophrenia...its great

KoЯn – Earache My Eye (Cheech & Chong cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
its about being famous and geting away with doing some crazy shit. and geting paid lots of money. this song is great, really like it

Psychostick – BEER! Lyrics 15 years ago
Yes, the first guy, look into this too hard, and saw some thing most of us wouldnt see. this song is about Beer, and how it is good...and stuff

KoЯn – Too Late I'm Dead Lyrics 15 years ago
this is a great song

Rage Against the Machine – Autologic Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is about people allowing others to make your decitions, or you make choises with out thinking

Machine Head – The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears Lyrics 15 years ago
Great song, one of the best on the cd

Slipknot – The Virus of Life Lyrics 15 years ago
Great song, my favorite on the whole Cd

Slipknot – (sic) Lyrics 15 years ago
everything has been said

slipknot kicks ass

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