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Mindless Self Indulgence – Evening Wear Lyrics 13 years ago
You guys are SO right! Thank you for sorting that out, didn't realize it 'til now.. Also, if there is something wrong with any lyric or anything, just tell me, and I'll correct it.

Mindless Self Indulgence – On It Lyrics 13 years ago
Changed it. Te-heee. :)

I think it's about him jacking off. Basically. Either that, or it's about nothing at all. That's what I love the most about MSI... Ha ha. Purely nonsensical, but it doesn't HAVE to make sense, 'cause it is just so fucking epic anyways!! *Love*.

Tegan and Sara – Goodbye Lyrics 14 years ago
Why has nobody commented on this yet?? It's BRILLIANT, I tell you!! ;-D.. Too bad the only version I've got is of such a low quality.. Im pretty sure they've never done a studio version of this? Am I right?

Anyways... I have no good suggestions as to what it means.. Pretty cryptic. It's about either a friendship or a relationship gone sour, I suppose.. Possibly the latter. Secrets have been exposed, and they're breaking apart.

And obviously, Tee/Ess (Dunno who of 'em wrote this) is moving on. The "She's found a place to stay, and she invites me in" part, might refer to her flirting with some other girl, leaving her past lover behind. Or something like that. Feel free to object.. :)

Tegan and Sara – Nineteen Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is AMAZING!! Best one of The Con, me thinks.. Loving it.. :) I think you've all explained it very well, and I agree with the theory that it's probably about a fling of some sorts.. ;D

But seriously... blu_girl_4eva, wannabesluts, Kimik_Oh.. It's not about a boy!! *Grrrrrrrr*!!! :(
Seen as Tegan is gay. They're both gay, so yeah.. It's obviously about a GIRL!!!

Sorry, just had to say that.. Seen as it REALLY annoyed me.. We lezzies need some songs to relate to as well, don't try to put boys in there.. Ha ha!! ;-D *Smiles*

Melissa Etheridge – The Letting Go Lyrics 14 years ago
She's gay!! So, it's obviously about a woman!!
(Just wanted to clear that up..)

Mindless Self Indulgence – Frying Pan Lyrics 14 years ago

Freezepop – Tenisu no boifurendo Lyrics 14 years ago
And: I

Freezepop – Tenisu no boifurendo Lyrics 14 years ago
Thanks, xxgonexx!! You're amazing! ;-)

I like it a lot! Such cute lyrics..

Natalie London – Morning Lyrics 14 years ago
Pretty self-explanatory, I guess.

She had this amazing girlfriend. Then they broke up. Now she misses her like crazy. Every little thing about her, and the way they were...

So in order to heal, she tries to have a lot of noncommittal sex. Meaningless one night encounters with people who don't mean anything to her whatsoever. ("But if you're not HER, please be gone in the morning..")

It only makes her feel emptier inside, and the song reflects that. Especially if you listen to it. There's some sort of beautiful vulnerability which makes you want to cry your eyes out. Hard to describe.

She is longing for the past. Even though she knows it's gone forever.

The Organ – A Sudden Death Lyrics 15 years ago
It's about loss. I think the girl who's singing it has lost someone very dear to her. And it felt like she lost herself at the same time...

I LOVE this song. Can't believe no one has commented on it yet..

Lilyjets – Aileen Lyrics 15 years ago

Bertine Zetlitz – Wicked Wonderboys Lyrics 15 years ago
It's about this girl who's got a lot of boys who adore her.
But she doesn't care for them at all, and wants them to be gone. She's cool, quiet and in total control of the situation. I think people may see her as a bit of an ice queen.

I think there's something she craves. She's not as cynical as she might appear. But as for what that is, she has yet to figure out... It's not the "Wicked Wonderboys" at least.

I love this song. A LOT!!

Bertine Zetlitz – Fi Fy Fo Fum Lyrics 15 years ago
Haven't heard of this one before.
But the lyrics are totally something she could have written!
It's not on any of her albums, I think. Where did you get hold of it?

Bertine Zetlitz – Kicking You Out Lyrics 15 years ago
This is NOT a Bertine Zetlitz song.
The real artist's called Anne Lingan or something.
(Big Brother themesong)

Ladytron – This Is Our Sound Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is too awesome not to have a single comment.

I have no idea what it means, though. Wanna help me out, anyone? *Ladytron rules*

The Knife – N.Y. Hotel Lyrics 15 years ago
Totally heartbreaking.

The Knife – We Share Our Mother's Health Lyrics 15 years ago


A Camp – Song For The Leftovers Lyrics 15 years ago
So beautiful!

The Cardigans – I Figured Out Lyrics 15 years ago

But I have NO friggin idea what it means. Anyone who's willing to help me out?

Freezepop – Tenisu no boifurendo Lyrics 15 years ago
I have no idea what this song means. Something 'bout a "Tennis Boyfriend". However, it RULES!!

The end...

Freezepop – Outer Space Lyrics 15 years ago
Can't believe no one has commented on it.

It's about people not understanding you. You're feeling all alone in this big, grey world. Therefore, you run away to outer space. Somewhere they'll never be able to find you...

Freezepop – That Boy Is All About Fun! Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm gay.
And I think I'm a turtle...

Garbage – Never Be Free Lyrics 15 years ago
People need to appreciate G more!! This is another BLM b-side nobody has commented on. And it happens to be one of my favorites.

I dunno exactly what the song is all about. A relationship gone wrong, I suppose.

Garbage – Honeybee Lyrics 15 years ago
I can't believe nobody has commented on this BLM b-side yet! It's way awesome!

The meaning is kinda obvious. It's about this person she does not know anything about, who she finds to be incredibly attractive. Even though they've never met before, he turns her on, and she obviously wants to do him...

God, I love me some Shirl!!

Hilary Duff – Come Clean Lyrics 15 years ago
og_tool = my new hero!!

Garbage – Alien Sex Fiend Lyrics 15 years ago
dead345, that's amazing! You go, grrl!!

Garbage – When I Grow Up Lyrics 15 years ago
*Agrees with RiverWolf and paper_hearts13*
That's what I think as well! It's a song I can easily relate to, and the beat is way addictive... When I bought Version 2.0, WIGU blew me away at first listen. Even today, it still does. *Makes out with song*

Garbage – Push It Lyrics 15 years ago
Ahhh, Push It... One of my fav G songs. It rocks hardcore! Could be about make-up sex, I assume.

Also, I agree with you, binni. The video is totally CRAZY, which is why I love it so goddamn much. (The nuns in the supermarket, the man with a lightbulb as a head, all the psychedelic creatures...) YAYNESS!!

As for hunter_benedict, you're completely wrong. Shirl is not a lesbian, and that's about it. Period.

Garbage – Thirteen Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah, it's a remake. However, G's version is WAY better than the original one. I'm hooked!

Garbage – Drop Dead Gorgeous Lyrics 15 years ago
This is NOT by Garbage.

Vengaboys – Kiss Lyrics 15 years ago
I love this song, and everything about it! Can't believe no one has commented on here yet. People need to hear it, 'cause it's GREAT! Period.

Groove Coverage – Little June Lyrics 15 years ago
Hmmm... Let's see! First of all it's obvious that she died. I mean, look at these lines:

"She closed her eyes, as she left for the skies"
"Little June, like the moon, shining down on us"

Also, the song indicates she was murdered. Or, "taken away on a beautiful day". The man she left with, probably was the killer.

So, according to me, that's what happened. I could be wrong, though. Anyway, I hope this helped...

Avril Lavigne – My Happy Ending Lyrics 15 years ago
Why do you all hate Avril so much? I think she's OK. I'm not a big fan of hers, but I fully respect those who are.

Indie Zombie is right, she's definitely not punk. Period. Anyway, she makes catchy pop music with an edge. Take it for what it is! My Happy Ending is a good song, as far as I can see. I understand why people like her music! Instead of calling them posers, maybe you guys should just leave her fans alone? It would be better that way.

Live and let live...

Freezepop – I Am Not Your Gameboy Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah, it's self-explanatory for sure! That's one of the things I like about Freezepop, their lyrics aren't hard to get. Suits their music very well!

This song is kind of cool! I love the beat, and it's nice to dance to.

Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Lyrics 15 years ago
Oh, and btw. You other heterosexuals, please take no offense. That "fugly breeder" remark was not for you. Sure you're all great people, and I'm not a heterophobe.

Dana Glover – Thinking Over Lyrics 15 years ago
I first heard "Thinking Over" when I saw the trailer for "Tuck Everlasting". I downloaded it from Limewire, and have loved it with a passion ever since. It's about having to make a difficult choice.

Robbie Williams – Advertising Space Lyrics 15 years ago
Excellent explanation, Sphinxer! Thanks a lot! I understand it much better now.

For me, this is the kinda song I never used to like. But then I listened to it repeatedly, and it grew on me. Now I'm almost in love with it. As well as "Tripping"...

Robbie Williams – Average B-Side Lyrics 15 years ago
I've never heard this one, but I love the lyrics. And the title is, well, AWESOME!! Just awesome...

Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Lyrics 15 years ago
I originally came here to comment on the song, 'cause it's GREAT!! One of Elton's best, and definitely my favorite.

Anyway, "disturbed phreak", you totally pissed me off! Bashing people like that is way disrespectful, so I'm not gonna pay you any respect either. Get on with your miserable life, you fugly heterosexual breeder!

And yeah, I'm a lesbian. I'm proud to be who I am, though it took me a hell lot of time to get out of the closet. Mainly because of assholes like you. But now I wouldn't trade places with anybody. So why don't you try and bring ME down? Bitch! Let people do what they wanna do in bed, and get the fuck over it!! Maybe you're a closeted homosexual yourself, since you seem to mind so much... However, in any case, STFU!!

Freezepop – Science Genius Girl Lyrics 15 years ago
He he... Good times!

"I have cloned a human being
It is now a member of my band"

Freezepop – Sprite Lyrics 15 years ago
Don't know what it means. But it certainly is catchy as hell... *Dances around in her room*

Freezepop – Stakeout Lyrics 15 years ago
I'll be stalking you if you want... *EVIL GLARE*.

By the way, I'm addicted to "Stakeout"! I've been listening to it on repeat for quite a lot of time now. Such an awesome song!!

Freezepop – Bike Thief Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree you, tropical island. Also, this is a great song, I must say!

Freezepop – Freezepop Forever Lyrics 15 years ago
These lyrics are the shit, and I love the rhythm of the song as well. What's so great about Freezepop, is the fact that they obviously don't take themselves too seriously. This is satirical to the max, and it makes me happy inside... The way they're able to pull off a song like "Freezepop Forever", it's simply superbe!!

Definitely one of the best songs they've ever written. Priceless!! Especially, I'm in love with the second verse!

"I have the IQ of someone in second grade
I am turned off 18 hours a day
The other 6 are spent pretending to play in..."

*LMAO Big Time*

Freezepop – Plastic Stars Lyrics 15 years ago
Yeah, Freezepop is GREAT!! And Heather, this was MY first ever heard song by them as well... We rock, yay! ;-)

The Butchies – Make Yr Life Lyrics 15 years ago
It's about grabbing life by the balls, simple as that. Doing what you want to do, and being true to yourself. It tells you to face your fear, and never let the world bring you down.

Seriously, I LOVE THIS ONE!! Another of my favs, I assume... Especially during that period of time when I came out as a lesbian, I used to listen to it over and over again. Helped me build up a hell lot of courage... The Butchies = YAYNESS!!

The Butchies – Not Like Me Lyrics 15 years ago
Oh, and btw, it's called "Not Like MINE". Not "Not Like ME"...

The Butchies – Movies Movies Lyrics 15 years ago
LUVIN' IT! I think it's about how the world seems fake sometimes. Like we're all part of some kinda movie, and we want it to be perfect. Point is: life ain't no movie. And no matter how much we want it to, it'll never be. Life is here and now. We're unable to go back, and we can't edit the "bad scenes".

Therefore, we've got to keep it real. We oughta live life to the fullest, and do what feels right for us...

The Butchies – Mandy (1985-2000) Lyrics 15 years ago
I absolutely adore this one! Definitely one of their best songs. The awesome lyrics, the bittersweet melody, and the way Kaia sings it. So filled with emotions.

Obviously, it's about a girl called Mandy. When she was 15, she died. Kaia says "When I heard the news, I already knew. You already told me, waves goodbye". In other words, Mandy's death was not unexpected. Maybe she passed away from a certain disease. Or maybe she commited suicide.

Anyway, it's all about Kaia dealing with her grief. The song tells us how much she misses Mandy, and how important she was to her. In one point in the song, Kaia starts drinking heavily. ("Desperate raiding cupboards, mixing gin and vodka"). That's a way of trying to deal with the pain inside. A way of trying to forget...

However, she's also at ease. She figures Mandy's still out there, somewhere. Kaia misses her, and she hopes they'll once meet again. If there's a life after death, maybe?

Angelfish – The End Lyrics 15 years ago
God, I'm falling in love with this song more and more. SHIRLEY IS THE BEST EVER! I dunno exactly what it means. The lyrics are way deep. Anyway, I think it's about a relationship gone terribly wrong. She had to leave the person she's singing about. And it seems like she's blaming herself quite a bit.

I love the "mummy's gonna buy you a brand new life" part! Those lyrics are wicked genius, me thinks...

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