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Fine Young Cannibals – Blue Lyrics 12 years ago
Love this song. Great

Fine Young Cannibals – Blue Lyrics 12 years ago
Love this song. Great

The Fall – Hit The North (Version One) Lyrics 12 years ago
It's "those northern lights so pretty" and not "there's no light so pretty".

Adam Ant – 5 Guns West Lyrics 13 years ago
One of the coolest songs ever.
Like it a lot.

John Foxx – Underpass Lyrics 13 years ago
An absolute classic. Fantastic John Foxx song.

Metamatic is a must.

Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness Lyrics 13 years ago
I used to think a lot of the lines in the song are different from what they really are.

looks like George Michael in the video ?
I can't deny it. I can't deny he looks good in the video as well.

A Flock of Seagulls – Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) Lyrics 13 years ago
How can you not like those weird looking hairdos, too strong of a synth and that so-80's video (the way Mike Score plays the keyboards).
I mean, come on..

Depeche Mode – Black Celebration Lyrics 13 years ago
If everything is black, everything is bad, and there is no hope, why not celebrate it ?
"I´ll drink to that".

Depeche Mode – Photographic Lyrics 13 years ago
Very synth - good early Depeche Mode song.

Wall Of Voodoo – Call Of The West Lyrics 13 years ago
Best Wall Of Voodoo song.

The meaning.. well I guess it's "as is" - A guy wants to start a new life in the west.
If there's a conclusion here, I'm not sure I can see it.

Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) Lyrics 13 years ago
Classic line, classic song and classic video.
Classic Pet Shop Boys.

Ultravox – Mr. X Lyrics 13 years ago
I can't help but recall the enigmatic Mr. X from "The X Files".
very good song.

Bauhaus – Kick In The Eye Lyrics 13 years ago
Yes, this is disco with black mascara.

Don't really know what it means.

Front 242 – Quite Unusual Lyrics 13 years ago
Horrible things happen fast.

Joy Division – Day of the Lords Lyrics 13 years ago
About weak people, I suppose, who find it very hard to deal with everything. I believe the one who asks "Where will it end?" is another person or maybe more than one, not weak, but sees their pain and wishes to stop it, but can't.
I believe too that this has something to do with the Holocaust.

Killing Joke – The Wait Lyrics 13 years ago
I really like this song, but don't know what it's about.

Buzzcocks – I Don't Mind Lyrics 13 years ago
I really like the music, it's cool.

The Stranglers – Duchess Lyrics 13 years ago
I hardly catch any Stranglers videos, so I really don't know.

This song is so good.

The Stranglers – Something Better Change Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah it's nice, but they have much better songs.

The Fall – My New House Lyrics 13 years ago
Some old prison ?
Some guy is going to prison ?
The prison, the new house, is better than his home ?

Good song.

The Fall – Petty Thief (Lout) Lyrics 13 years ago
Maybe about someone from suburbia who steals and take drugs out of boredom or something.
But of course, this probably ain't what it's about..
Mark E. Smith, after all.

Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance Lyrics 13 years ago
Cool song.

Smokie – Living Next Door To Alice Lyrics 13 years ago
A band called Gompie did the "Who the fuck is Alice" version of it in '95, and it was a majot hit.. and whenever it was played everybody screamed "Who the fuck is Alice" like the people in the song screamed it.
I miss the 90's.

Japan – Swing Lyrics 13 years ago
I meant that it's NOT important to him.

Ridgway, Stan – Knife And Fork Lyrics 13 years ago
The chorus, to me, is about being with someone even if there is a lot of trouble to come with it and sometimes you suffer, but still the love (I think) is a lot stronger than all of those bad things that get in the way.

It's a beautiful quiet song with great music and vocals.

The Specials – Rat Race Lyrics 13 years ago
The video for this says a lot.

Very nice music, it's a good song.

Japan – Swing Lyrics 13 years ago
Not very clear to me, from some lines it seems to me that it is about a girl that is telling lies about herself but the guy doesn't care abour those things because it's important to him, and he says to her -
"But relax my love
Relax and swing".

I don't think that's what he meant, but it is just how I see it. Not trying to hard is needed when talking about song meanings.

And obviously - beautiful song,
Japan are simply the best.

The Human League – The Sound of the Crowd Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm not sure if the speaker is talking seriously or in a cynical way.

Nice enough song.

David Sylvian – Forbidden Colours Lyrics 13 years ago
Perhaps about how love is impossible sometimes.

Beautiful song.

Gavin Friday – Kitchen Sink Drama Lyrics 13 years ago
routine. He is bored by everything that other people wish for, what is 'ideal' in other people minds, and is looking for some thrills.

"the phone rings how are you? oh! i'm not up to much
you don't say, oh really! it'll end.... end in tears "

THIS pretty much sums it up.

Polaris – Hey Sandy Lyrics 13 years ago
Yes, this is so nostalgic.. Pete & Pete was probably one of the best show in the 90's. It is smart and funny and just a fantastic surrealistic show. And of course Artie - the strongest man in the world.. That was such a unique show.

About the song itself - I don't think I can add anything, everything has already been said.. it is just a very cool song that really contributed a lot to the way the show was.

Echo and the Bunnymen – All My Colours Lyrics 13 years ago
I don't really understand the meaning of this, and trying to hard will not come out good.

Excellent song, the Zimbo Zimbo Zimbo is cool and the "The box you gave me
Burned nicely" part is really amazing, Ian sings it painfully and beautifully.

Echo and the Bunnymen – It Was A Pleasure Lyrics 13 years ago
Maybe about how in relationship every bad thing in both people who are in it gets to be examined, and that is what makes everything complicated and it gets in the way of the relationship, and in the end probably destroyes it.
Thats what I got fom a few lines.

One of my favorite Echo and the Bunnymen songs.

The Fall – Midnight Aspen Lyrics 13 years ago
apparently about Jehovah's Witnesses,I got it from a review about "Fall Heads Roll".. but who knows what those weird Fall lyrics mean, except Smith who wrote it.

All I know is that this song is beautiful, not a typical Fall song, and to my opinion one of the best Fall songs in years.

The Fall – Couldn't Get Ahead Lyrics 13 years ago
He's drunk and on drugs.

One of my favorite Fall songs.

Japan – Ghosts Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's about someone who can't see any good in his future, and had and maybe still has chances (or one chance only, which makes this sader) to let go of his past, which is full of bad things, and just when he thinks he can let go and move forward to be\do something else, something good, something different, his past comes right into the door and won't leave -
"When my chance came to be king
The ghosts of my life blew wilder than the wind".

What else can I say about a song like this one..
Truly amazing song that you can't forget, with such beautiful music and great vocals from David S., as always. Defently, one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

Japan – Nightporter Lyrics 13 years ago
Great song, such hunting music, David sings this song so perfectly, but he sings all of Japan's songs perfectly.

Fine Young Cannibals – Good Thing Lyrics 13 years ago
Nice song to listen to.
The song meaning is pretty clear.

Joe Jackson – On Your Radio Lyrics 13 years ago
A guy (I wonder who..yeah) who no one believed in, makes it big, and in a way gets some vengeance.

"And you can't tear it up" -
They are no longer people who are involved in his life so they have no impact on his life and success.

cool song.

Public Image Ltd – This is Not a Love Song Lyrics 13 years ago
Maybe it's what J. Lydon thinks about love songs,
or he's just laughing about all kitsch love songs, or maybe a cynical response to people who always\usually think songs are about love, and most\some of them has nothing to do with love.
so he tells them - "This is not a love song".

XTC – Jason And The Argonauts Lyrics 13 years ago
Interesting, sad and true.

At least some men see it.
Imagine if all men were "manimals"..

XTC – Runaways Lyrics 13 years ago
About a kid that his parents treat him bad - yell and hit a lot, and he runs away from home (or at least he wants to), but his parents always apologize to him, so he stays\come back, and they still do the same thing, and it never ends.

XTC – 1000 Umbrellas Lyrics 13 years ago
About a guy that a girl broke his heart, and he can't see anything positive on the horizon.

I really like this song.

Japan – I Second That Emotion Lyrics 13 years ago
Great cover of Somkey Robinson.

Mental As Anything – Live It Up Lyrics 13 years ago
80's hit, it's a nice song to listen to, very catchy.
Pretty much obvious lyrics, unknown band, and a WEIRD video.

Smokey Robinson – I Second That Emotion Lyrics 13 years ago
It's about a girl that is not interested in a committed relationship (or perhaps no relationship), and the guy who wants her is saying to her that the only way is that she will give him devotion.

I like this song a lot, but I do prefer Japan's cover,
although this original version is good as well.

Morrissey – Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference Lyrics 13 years ago
Good song, the last part is the best.

The Human League – Mirror Man Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it's about a guy who wants to fit in so bad, and be well liked, so he tries to please other people and pretends he likes people, just so he can be "in" -
although he really can't stand those people and it's against his real personality.

The Associates – This Party Fears Two Lyrics 13 years ago
And by the way - the title is just "Party Fears Two" -
without "this" - just a note.

The Associates – This Party Fears Two Lyrics 13 years ago
Probably is about a couple (but i'm not sure if a romantic couple or 2 brothers - "And then phone my brother up") at a party, one who enjoys it and has high self-confidence and the other does not.
The other guy is not sure what to do, and feels threatened by the other people at the party :
"Don't turn around
I won't have to look at you
And what's not found
Is all that I see in you
My manners are failing me
I'm left feeling ugly.."

Maybe he is a handsome man but he feels ugly because he is not involved in the party, and the other people are looking at him with "bad eyes" :
"Even a slight remark
Makes nonsense and turns to shark"

Great song, fantastic band with some PERFECT music.
I find it embarrassing that they are such an unknown band - they made such terrific albums.
I guess the music papers back at the time were too busy writing about bands like Kajagoogoo etc.

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