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Hozier – Sedated Lyrics 6 years ago
Pretty clearly a song about heroin/opiate addiction. The line about veins being busy suggests shooting up, while the bit about scum on one's teeth refers to smoking.

The Mountain Goats – Maybe Sprout Wings Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is full of double meanings. The line "maybe sprout wings" can either be taken as wishing one could grow wings and fly away, or an allusion to death and angel's wings. He's both wishing for a childlike fantasy of being able to escape by flight and hoping for death. "Ghosts and clouds, and nameless things" is the most powerful line for me... it's both the literal pictures he draws in the mirror, and the things his friends have become. They're dead, or missing, and now all that's left of them are half-forgotten memories, phantoms and whispers in the dark. "Canaries in the mines" could also be a morbid reference to drug use - his friends may have been poisoned or overdosed by their own drugs, making them like canaries indicating the toxicity of a mine to be entered. Their lives were insignificant enough to be thrown away for the dubious benefit of serving as a warning to others, hence they're little more than fleeting canaries.

Basically, the story of this song as I see it is a man who awakens from a nightmare about something perhaps nebulously related to old friends he's lost. He makes a steam room out of his shower and childishly draws pictures in his mirror, wishing as he does so that he could just sprout wings and fly away. When the hot water runs out he stumbles into the other room and stares at himself in the reflection of the window, trying to remember his dream, and sees shapes in the shadows that remind him of his friends. He says their names three times to try to summon their spirits, but their lives were too meaningless to even haunt him. He can barely remember them or the dream he had about them. They're ghosts, clouds, and nameless things... and he wishes he could join them.

It's an absolutely heart-wrenching song and it damned near made me cry the first time I heard it.

The Killers – Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf Lyrics 11 years ago
Great way to tie the three together! It's a slow song, good opener to the faster-paced ones. Oh, and to something squirrelchild asked about JWAFOM, the line "and then you whisper in my ear, I know what you're doing here," I always took that as one of the cops leaning in to whisper something in the narrator's ear, a threat or something, and the narrator thinking to himself that he knows that the cop is trying to use fear or whatever to get him to talk. As in, he's saying that he knows what the cop is trying to do, not that the cop whispered "I know what you're doing" in his ear.

Arcade Fire – Wake Up Lyrics 11 years ago
They've started showing a commercial for Where The Wild Things Are (the kids' movie) that plays this song as its background music, conveniently cutting out right before the words start. I suppose this is at least a mildly appropriate song for that movie's moral and everything, but considering the other songs Arcade Fire is known for ('Intervention' comes to mind) it just ends up making me laugh.

Cold War Kids – Hang Me Up to Dry Lyrics 12 years ago
Guys why can't it just be a song from the point of view of a pair of pants? All this relationship stuff.. Man, it's just an over-enthusiastic housewife who kind of sucks at doing laundry!

OK Go – Maybe, This Time Lyrics 13 years ago
Good lord. This song is permanently stuck in my head as a conversation from Wilson to House in "House, M.D."

Especially from the first few episodes of the third season where Wilson and Cuddy conspire to humble House, telling him is diagnosis was wrong when it wasn't... The whole song just sounds like Wilson trying to convince House he got the wrong treatment. "Don't you think that, possibly, this time, it's different? Don't you think that, maybe, this time, you were wrong?"

And the "I'm not trying to prove/say anything at all here" as Wilson's trying to soften the blow. I think he said something along the lines of "It doesn't hurt to be wrong sometimes, you're still a great doctor." while House rages that his diagnosis couldn't have possibly been wrong...

OH AND (I'm just getting on a roll here sorry)
"Having spent your entire life
Exactly where you are tonight
In the valley between intent and deed"
House attempts suicide about halfway through season 3, but fails and is left half-conscious on his floor by Wilson. Also there are several other instances where it seems like he can't muster the will to turn his intentions into actions. (Or vice-versa where his actions have nothing to do with good or sound intention.) PERFECT FIT #1.

And then...
"You must have mastered this
The fragile art of a good excuse
The little things that get you to believe
that get you to believe"
House is always making excuses for his actions, 'the ends justify the means' kind of things. The "detox" episode shows how he constantly uses his damaged leg as an excuse for his vicodin addiction, trying to get himself to believe that his entire life was ruined by the injury and none of his misery can possibly be his own fault. This of course leads Wilson to say "And everything's the leg? Nothing's the pills?" to which House scoffs.
.... PERFECT FIT #2.

"You’ve spent your entire life
Quick-tounged, and always right
Hasn’t being right just let you down?
right just left you down"
And of course this one's easy. House, the master of sarcasm and wit, has indeed spent his life quick-tongued and always right, (which is actually why Cuddy and Wilson want to humble him with a 'wrong' diagnosis in the first place, House is starting to think he's god.) And the "right just lets/left you down" line always seemed to me to be all the instances of House preaching about human nature, how "everybody lies" and nobody ever does anything selflessly; and he's usually right, which just leaves him angrier and more miserable than before.
Which means this is... PERFECT FIT #3

And that is why I get the urge to break out the House DVDs every time I hear this great song... And yes, I know. I'm total nerd. ;)

Massive Attack – Teardrop Lyrics 14 years ago
Haha. First heard it on House, too. ;) Great choice of theme for that show. Mysterious enough while still having that 'heartbeat' undertone... Beautiful song in its own right, too. Excellent addition to "Hallelujah" and "Dark Blue" as my get to sleep music.

Anyway. I agree most with the interperetation of infidelity. It seems to work best for me. Although regret over an abortion works well too. Maybe it's both. ;)

So here're my thoughts, in no particular order. Just wrote down ideas as they came. Hope it helps.

"Fearless on my breath" - Her telling herself that she's not afraid, and acting/showing to the wolrd that she's fearless.

"Teardrop on the fire" - Already well-defined by others. A single teardrop is useless to stop a fire. Signifies the futility of her feelings either way.

"Water is my eye
Most faithful mirror" - The eye is the window into the soul; it's faithful in that it tells her the truth no matter what. Thus looking into her own eyes she can see that she's crying, or isn't as strong as she makes out to be. The repetition of "fearless on my breath" after this also shows how her eyes are telling a different story than her words.

"Night, night of matter
Black flowers blossom" - Working the infidelity angle, this could be the night of her affair, sleeping with another man whom she may not love; "night of matter" (passion over caring.) And "Black flowers blossom" can be her guilt, or, if you're on the abortion route, her unwanted baby. (Black flowers being her resentment of the baby, not necessarily the child itself. Think of them as the seeds of her eventual evil.)

"Gentle impulsion
Shakes me makes me lighter" - I'm not too sure about this one. On the abortion side it makes sense, as if this song were sung during the abortion process. A gentle prodding, as it were, as she realises that the child is dead and she's (literally and figuratively) lighter. (That's disgusting, isn't it? xD) On the infidelity it could be she finally decides to confess (a gentle impulsion to do so? Haha.) and the decision lightens her guilt somewhat.

"You're stumbling a little" - On either interperetation, she's doubting herself. Turning back or stumbling in her words and fearless mask.

Aaaand those're my ideas. My, this can get quite fun, can't it? xD By the way, I'm pro abortion. The song dosen't seem to be, though... Oh, well. :P Still trippy, still calming. Words don't have to get into the picture.

Death Cab for Cutie – Styrofoam Plates Lyrics 15 years ago
Like someone else mentioned this will probably go unread.. But then that's probably all for the best. :)

Wow, story of my life here. My father even had his ashes scattered in the ocean! Hated the bastard. He left us when I was a baby and went off to be a drunken coke-head who wouldn't even give his only child a call once in a while. Then he got too involved in some drug ring and got his ass shot... Ironically in the stomach. ("Hole through his belly.") And I'm supposed to be getting social security checks from his death but I "never see the money," mostly because my mom uses it to pay for things we need.
As for the funeral.. I refused to go. I could not and would not subject myself to the mourning of a man who couldn't even be there for the woman he left to raise a kid all on her own.

Needless to say... This song really speaks to me. ;) Ah, the power of music...

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