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Eric Hutchinson – Back To Where I Was Lyrics 10 years ago
Deciding on abortion, to get life back to normal.

Anna Nalick – Breathe (2 A.M.) Lyrics 15 years ago
Many people are saying that the song is a call to action, to change your life for the better. I think that’s not the case. Every image in the song is about restricted choices: cars on a cable, tunnel, etc. Within the context of the song, it isn’t a call to change your life, but to appreciate what it already is. Sure, there is light behind of you in the tunnel, but you can’t go back, but there is also light ahead. Still, though, it’s a tunnel, and you cant switch direction midway through.

Ben Folds Five – Philosophy Lyrics 15 years ago
The song seems to be about a character whose philosophy is one that highly values individual achievement. The helmet hat and torch line indicates his ability to create as well as the traditional symbolism of the torch as knowledge. To me, the character is educated and made "something" of himself. The line about pushing his friends up the stairs and telling them to fly is a reference to him trying to motivate his friends to adopt his philosophy, but they "were too high." I always considered this to be a reference to friends who were so involved into the drug scene to strive to develop themselves and their own philosophy.
The discussion of Ayn Rand's skyline symbology is not out of place, and I think it does apply here, but only in the sense that it incorporates the sense of the self-made individual -- an aspect of the philosophy of the character.

Indigo Girls – Least Complicated Lyrics 15 years ago
You can't simply pretend that the Love you felt in the past didn't exist. You can't block out past feelings or relationships, no matter how much you'd like to. (See Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). The song conveys the notion that if you think you can "forget" about past loves by simply hiding out or, in a more modern sense, deleting them from your cell phone, you're probably wrong. Past relationships will always affect us, but we move on, taking them with us as we dare to enter into love again. "The heart will break, yet brokenly live on..."

Lifehouse – Somewhere In Between Lyrics 15 years ago
This song details the what I consider the nauseating feeling that is budding romance. When you are friends with someone and it begins to show the possibility of more -- and you didn't expect it. Its about wanting something and not wanting it at the same time. The relationship is "in between" and so are your feelings about it.

And, you know, I mean "nauseating" in the best possible way

Ben Folds – Sentimental Guy Lyrics 15 years ago
I consider this song in tandem with Ben's "Smoke." In that song he discusses his refusal to let his past affect him by describing a kind of metaphorical bonfire of all of the reminders of the past.
Here I think there is certainly a hint of regret about that idea of looking at things. All of our pasts affect every one of us, and whether you are satisfied with your past or not, things about people you knew become a part of you, and "come out from time to time."
I like the line immediately following that stipulates that "Probably nobody i know now would notice." As your life changes, and the people you surround yourself with do as well, there are aspects about you that other people just are never going to get. Like telling a joke that all of your old friends would get but that none of your new friends understand, there is a sense that we lose something when we distance ourselves from our pasts and the people that made us into who we are. By distancing yourself from your past, how can you not view the people in your life NOW as people who one day will equally forgotton...and fading...
Based on some of his other work, I'd bet that this is a kind of true story for Ben, but for the rest of us it serves as more of a cautionary tale.

Barenaked Ladies – Upside Down Lyrics 15 years ago
The song is playful, as most BNL songs are, but it is dripping with sarcasm and irony. The song's upbeat music comes off as an enthusiastic support of this notion that it isn't worth changing your life, even if there is a "promise of bliss." Certainly there are people who are like this, and I think at some point in our lives we all are -- the song is thus a reminder of how ridiculous this position actually is. You guys have pinned the Warhol reference, but I don't think it is meant to be applied to the band's refusal to change themselves due to their fame. Rather, the song assumes that fame is something that everyone would want if they had the opportunity to have it (not altogether untrue), and it is thus an extension on the theme of how absurd it is to deny everything you want in life simply on the fear that your life may be turned upside down in order to achieve it.
Sometimes it is suprisingly difficult to take a chance in order to better yourself or your situation.

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