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Carbon Leaf – Mellow Tone Lyrics 14 years ago
Carbon leaf is a great band..the pictures they paint and the emotions they convey by way of their songs are very beautiful..this song to me sounds edgar allan poe picking up a guitar and playing his heart on its strings.

the song itself, to me,is a narrative of someone, a friend or a lover perhaps becoming more aloof and that we also stop being affected by their actions..but in the end we miss that person..

Our Lady Peace – Where Are You? Lyrics 14 years ago
this song does not mean anything to's like a parody of what OLP was.i still look at Happiness with the highest regard in the list of OLP was a quirky blend of spacey sound and some hard stuff,and better songwriting,too.but some songs on this album are still good.

Better Than Ezra – The Killer Inside Lyrics 14 years ago
its being a stalker in a romantic way. probably after someone leaves you,but you want her back so badly that you will do anything.this is for maria.

Better Than Ezra – Beautiful Mistake Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is the story of my father left exactly after our youngest brother was born.we grew up fatherless and motherless at some point, may have been the hurt that makes you cautious towards dealing with other people.but it also is the same hurt that makes you stronger.a beautiful mistake indeed.

on a side note,i am happy that better than ezra is not in the mainstream anymore because i can listen to then and i knew i may be the only one,or a part of a few listening to them.makes their music more intimate, as much as it is beautiful.

The Fray – How To Save A Life Lyrics 16 years ago
this song not about suicide.this is about a child who grew up and his parents can no longer communicate with him.each every parennt\'s teenage nightmare.
how to save a life only refers to the parent\'s ability to give the proper advice to their child.its like they ahve lost their power to have their child listen and believe in what they say.

Thom Yorke – Harrowdown Hill Lyrics 16 years ago
thom yorke is the vocalist of Radiohead.
one of the most gifted songwriters out there.

Jewel – Because I Love You Lyrics 16 years ago
this was the best poem on the Knight without armor, Jewel's first poetry book.
i bought the book and lent it to the person i secretly loved.when i finally told her i loved,on my 23rd birthday no less,she started to move away from me and i never saw her since.this poem is so fitting for her-us..and she still has my least somehow she might remember me by that...

Vertical Horizon – Children's Lullaby Lyrics 16 years ago
thanks wherewulf! been looking for the lyrics to this song and i couldn\'t transcribe because of work
i am a boy who never found my mother\'s lullaby, and this song just makes me cry...

Train – Lincoln Avenue Lyrics 16 years ago
this song to me is about going home and telling your childhood friend that you have always loved, that you are ready to start a much deeper kind of relationship than what you had before.its simply a song about growing up and finally admitting to yourself the things you were so afraid of grasping before.

Thursday – Wind-Up Lyrics 16 years ago
i need to listen to thursday every day because they borrow every man's desperation.its like hearing your voice from other people's throats.this song is one of them.its everyday desperation and helplessness against thigns you cannot change like people leaving or high phone bills.

Better Than Ezra – Der Pork Und Beans Lyrics 16 years ago
if you haven't heard the song, you can hear this if you play through Coyote off the Deluxe Album.. its just like a jam but if you read the lyrics,its actually a shout out to street food!

Third Eye Blind – Palm Reader Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is about a romantic relationship that you thought you ha with a friend (most probably) and it turns out it was only a misconconception that you had.this song means a lot to me because i have been in this position with a friend who i thought liked me because i adored her a lot and spent most of my times with her.but when i told her how i felt,she simply slided out of my life.that lie hurt so much like the truth eh...

Caedmon's Call – Valleys Fill First Lyrics 16 years ago
this is by far one of the most beautiful songs that alliterate to the suffering of Jesus.the singer basically puts himself where Christ was when He died (the valley).it is the irony of the valley being the least ideal place to find the best thing in life, which is our faith in God..and its like a calling somehow,that regardless if it is our choice or not,we will be going back to that place.that valley.

Sister Hazel – Wanted It To Be Lyrics 16 years ago
its a song about letting go...
its a simple admittance of being another person's burden,somehow.
ahhh,the things we have to suffer for love..

Better Than Ezra – Happy Endings Lyrics 16 years ago
i think this is about a guy who is in love with a girl but is in another relationship.and he is now ready to let go of the other girl.that simple.but its beautiful.
i have the acoustic version of this too..yeah...

Better Than Ezra – Misunderstood Lyrics 16 years ago
heard this song on the radio today!
and i knew it was BTE right away...
one thing i like about BTE is that they don't rely on cliche to sound good..

this song for me is about not fitting in when you are unknown,but people flock to you when you get a name.that's beautiful hypocrisy.
although we may not want it.we still have to live with that crap.well,anyway...

The Verve Pipe – Spoonful Of Sugar (Demo Version) Lyrics 16 years ago
i've been looking for the lyrics of this version since i got the AWARE greatest hits CD,but i couldn't find one tso i listened to the song on my headphones and wrote the lyrics..
i like this version better than the studio version.
to me its escapism from the routine things of everyday.the ones that stagnates us,like our 9 to 5 jobs or our "stupid" vices.
"i wanna be x-rated" for me means being true to yourself..being emotionally bare.
this song rocks!

The Smashing Pumpkins – Galapogos Lyrics 16 years ago
the best smashing pumpkins song for me...
its all about change,or why we resist change..
we cling, we claw, but eventually everything will change..and change hurts like hell..

The Smashing Pumpkins – Crestfallen Lyrics 16 years ago
i love this song
the best in the Adore album

this is just being powerless over things yuo cannot change,and things you cant control like other people's feelings

yes,and the need for closure

Hootie & the Blowfish – Home Again Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is about an old flame going 'home' to the hometown and meeting the person she loved. but this time its just a casual thing, and she may have brought heartbreaking news-with the girl walking away like that..

Hootie & the Blowfish – Goodbye Lyrics 16 years ago
this is about a divorce,i think.Darius mentions "his" house not being a home,basically meaning that they have shared a home,and the girl left, so the person in the song spent his time downing bottles instead.
its about a divorce, but i wonder where the kids are...

Jon Bon Jovi – Staring At Your Window With A Suitcase In My Hand Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is killer...
the first verse somehow makes the whole album immaterial, but then i LOVE the whole album...

you will know that love is pure only when it is gone,as the cliche goes...

Jon Bon Jovi – Ugly Lyrics 16 years ago
the intro riff of this song is killer, and the killer are an Upper! great song you can sing to a best friend who is feeling so down!
love the group's sound,its great that they are not selling out!

Mudvayne – World So Cold Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is my favorite off that album...
the line "fever inside the song" says so much in so many cryptic ways,you can definitely relate regardless of your background-or prejudice.
its like being caught in between the rock and the iron maiden nails...

Staind – Black (Pearl Jam cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
truth is, both singers have a very complex upbringing..check your facts,and stop comparing...
vedder's song was a better version for me because he wrote the song the very same tiem i needed to say the same things (i'm so freaking sentimental,i must be gay! joking..)
but aaron lewis has a much stronger voice, (and Eddie Vedder said in an interview that he is happy that Aaron Lewis' life was somehow affected by the siong- hence him being able to cover it this beautiful)
you see,they arent even fighting,why should you?
and the only situation where you should compare two versions of a song if it was covered by a pop artist,

like justin timberlake for example..

HAIL ROCK!!!!!!!

Pearl Jam – I'm Open Lyrics 16 years ago
No code for the is the best PJ album next to Ten..i wonder why it is one of the most underrated,though...
but that only means there are just a few million of us who knows how great PJ is...
this song for me is about accepting all the things you meet in life,
not always with a welcome hug..and yet...

Pearl Jam – 4/20/02 Lyrics 16 years ago
thisn is the best song off the Lost Dogs album, and i've been trying to find the lyrics...and i did!!!
the guitar in this song is a bit reflective of the anger of the song,
and the meaning is there so i'll keep my two cents.
some people hate the direction of Pearl jam musical Journey but i'm in it for the long run!
Rock on people...Eddie Rules!!!
Aaron Lewis who?

Pearl Jam – Black Lyrics 16 years ago
i used to think Jeremy had the best lyrics off the TEN album, but after i heard this song and saw the acoustic version,i knew i was wrong..
this is one of the best love songs ever written..
aaron lewis who?

Matchbox Twenty – The Difference Lyrics 16 years ago
hind sight-its ike foresight without a future (from a film i can't remember the title of..)

this is what the song is for me...its like being in suspended animation, you being powerless over the things yuo cannot change so you just sing about it in the most beautiful way..

Matchbox Twenty – Hand Me Down Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is my favorite off their latest album..
the song's song's sincerity is astounding, so straightforward that yuo don't need to dissect it to get the meaning..
and i'd kill to learn the fade out guitar solo...

Tonic – Take Me As I Am Lyrics 16 years ago
according to a killer i knew,the fears of the father are transferred to the this song represents us being seen in the image of our parents..but we ask the person we love to take us as we are, regardless if our parents are psycho-killers or drag queens, because we are an entirely different entity thatn they are...

Seven Mary Three – Lucky Lyrics 16 years ago
the Rockcrown album is 7mary3"s best record, and this is the best song off that record..
i agree about the comments, but my two cents:

the song for me is more about getting older and leaving your angst behind you.. (time is all the luck you need- this means that if you live long enough then you'll have your good times, even after a whole lifetime of mess that you have made yourself...

Seven Mary Three – Gone Away Lyrics 16 years ago
and this sounds great an acoustic guitar..
the song for me is about wanting to move on through the stages in life gracefully..the first verse is just like the summer when you first felt the "heat", then it develops into wanting kids, and then the realization...
it was all a dream, but a beautifully haunting dream..

Duncan Sheik – Songbird Lyrics 16 years ago
this one is taken of the fleetwood mac tribute album Rumours...i havent heard the original version, but this one took my tears by suprise...i sang this to my girlfriend,and she loved it.she then sings it to me over the phone.and when she left me,i cried a lot when i read the lyrics of this song. because i really loved her.really, really loved her...
then she came back! and we're still together..
the songbirds know the score...

Duncan Sheik – Such Reveries Lyrics 16 years ago
duncan sheik has such vivid dreams, don't you think?
this is like high school daydreaming: you see this gorgeous girl (a cheerleader,or the resident nerd that has no clue how beautiful she is-whichever turns you on) and you start making a romantic scene for the both of you. you, not knowing that you have been sleeping during chemistry class and drooling..
the next day youo find pictures of yourself in the school Freedom Board, and you just start confessing to the girl herself that it was her you were dreaming of...
the song has a cool unaffected tone,but during the bridge, he takes it back with such force that all your imaginations will be shattered into mere truth that you are also just another anonymous face in school..

Duncan Sheik – This Is How My Heart Heard Lyrics 16 years ago
this may be the saddest song i ever heard.
and such sadness brings a beauty that only in tears can we give justice to.
and its true,that love's such a waste of tears for someone who is missing...
especially for someone who is not coming back...

Vertical Horizon – Goodbye Again Lyrics 16 years ago
its about looking at the scenario beyond a break up (whats on the outside can you say?), and knowing that they have tried their best to keep the relationship...its not worth another try its goodbye again..
why the title? i think its not the first time they have broken up.this song may have been written after, say, the third or fourth attempt to keep the relationship...

Vertical Horizon – Sunrays And Saturdays Lyrics 16 years ago
this is a break up song about two people who love each other but couldnt make the relationship work out.
its sweet and casual, no bitter aftertaste whatsoever...

Dishwalla – Drawn Out Lyrics 16 years ago
this is a beautiful song about a break up..
the story,as i interpret it,is about a couple breaking up and the other person looking at the relationship and accepting its loss (we run for the past but its already here...)
and to me this means that, in the end, no matter how much of ourselves we give to that other person, we have no choice but to let go...yield...

Vertical Horizon – Angel Without Wings Lyrics 16 years ago
this is a song i totally relate being a country boy and her being a city girl...and although there is this attraction apparent,there is no sense in clinging when the differences breaks takes you to separate shores...and then its gonna hurt like hell..

Vertical Horizon – Angel Without Wings Lyrics 16 years ago
this is a song i totally relate being a country boy and her being a city girl...and although there is this attraction apparent,there is no sense in clinging when the differences breaks takes you to separate shores...and then its gonna hurt like hell..

Lighthouse Family – Ocean Drive Lyrics 16 years ago
i love this song. this is like a stalker song, in my opinion.but in a sweet kinda is in the POV of a third party watching a girl being treated badly by her dick-sucking boyfriend,and he offers solace...

Evan and Jaron – Crazy For This Girl Lyrics 16 years ago
if i had a good singing voice i'd sing this to nadine..who's standing beside...but i'll change the title to crazy is this girl

Live – The River Lyrics 16 years ago
this is a simple love song.i heard it the other day on alternative radio.its beautiful,but i kind of read through it like Lakini's juice (having sexual undertones..but i might be wrong)

Staind – Epiphany Lyrics 16 years ago
this is staind's best song they will ever write (right now they are overdoing aaron lewis' angst..its milked out man,let it go..)..
but this song is definitely my life told in a confessional booth...
they may never write a bettersong...
but let's cross our fingers,true believers...

Jars of Clay – Hand Lyrics 16 years ago
truly,this is the best sonf off the If i left the zoo album..the message of the song is being so ready to surrender yourself to the inevitable hurtjust by facing daily life,and the hard choices we have to make as well yet remaining hopeful that Jesus will be there jsut watching us and always extending a Hand in our time of gravest need..amen

Guster – Demons Lyrics 16 years ago
i had this one time when an ex-girlfriend had me go to her place to catch up on things only to find out i was set up.she was with her boyfriend's cousins at that time and they were talking about the boy.i was so out of place,and i kind of thought of this song...
then i told her i "felt the need to be a demon, because a demon cannot be hurt".. she wasnt that smart though,she didnt get the message (she listens to pop...)

Stabbing Westward – Waking Up Beside You Lyrics 16 years ago
i always remember my girlfriend when i hear this song (i have both the cassette and the cd of this record)'s why:

it was her 19th birthday when we went to my place and just stayed there for the whole night..we made love the first in OUR lives (i could tell),and then we fell asleep just holding each other..when i woke up,i found she only had a couple of hours sleeping and was just watching me sleep the whole time..i loved her more because of that..we're still together up til now, and i'll be going home tomorrow to see her on her birthday...

God, i miss the girl...

Peel – Everlive Lyrics 16 years ago
i'm not exactly sure what it means.the lyrics are all cryptic but cool.the bass line in the studio version makes the song a easy cling to your head,though i like the acoustic version better because of the harmonies...
i think its about just living life the same way regardless of how hard it was the first time...

Peel – Zena's Song Lyrics 16 years ago
i am dying to learn the guitar part of this song..and this is a mellow rocker..i guess its about suicide in a tendeer kind of way... (come lay my burdens on the ground, wrap me in so safe and sound)...and thinking that that perswon can still pass to be an angel after taking his life...
i might be wrong,tell me what you think.

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