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The Naked Brothers Band – Crazy Car Lyrics 11 years ago
Explosivebam.. prejudice against what? Children? Please don't compare these little kids with the Beatles. Their songs are crap, the show sucks, and I don't like the messages it sends to kids.

System of a Down – Friik Lyrics 13 years ago
Where did you hear that it was the first song ever recorded? I've never heard that before. I've never heard this song but the lyrics are great. I've read the poem that has part of the song in it. I think it would make a better poem then song, and from what people are saying the song is only out in crappy quality. I definitly think everyone should check out Serj's book, Cool Gardens, though. He is a lyrical genius and it shows in his writting.

Tom Petty – Change The Locks Lyrics 13 years ago
Pretty self-explanitory.. hes tired of being treated bad by some women so he moves and changes himself so that she cant get to him ever again.

Tom Petty – Honey Bee Lyrics 13 years ago
Although I love this song, its always kinda given me this creepy vibe like hes talking about getting with someone young that he shouldnt be. None the less, it's a funny song. Any song that can use juju beads and still turn out good is alright in my book.

Tom Petty – Here Comes My Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
I love this song so much. I saw Tom in concert and he sang this. It was amazing

Tom Petty – Girl on LSD Lyrics 13 years ago
I think that this song is all about him being in love with one women and through all the drugs and different types of women he's been with, she's still the only one for him. I love this song. It's so funny and odd.

And recycle - I definitly think thats the message here

Tom Petty – Asshole Lyrics 13 years ago
Not one of Tom's best songs but still good. It was the soundtrack for a movie, don't remember what movie. Still a pretty good song though.

Tom Petty – Alright For Now Lyrics 13 years ago
By far, one of my favorite songs by Tom. My dad used to sing this to me before I went to bed at night. It has so much love in it.

The Beatles – Yesterday Lyrics 13 years ago
Probably the saddest song. Every time I listen to it I almost cry. It's such a wonderful song though, but most Beatles songs are.

Hellogoodbye – Two Weeks In Hawaii Lyrics 13 years ago
I love this song! I think it's about a new love and the girl is on vacation or lives in Hawaii. He misses her and wishes they were together. The only part of the song I don't get is:
"Your drawing's rad and I
Put it on my wall and I made
Sure it wouldn't fall 'cause if it did
My straw wrapper might tear
And there would be no knot and I would
Feel like I'd been shot right in the heart"
So she drew him something.. he hung it on the wall.. and what is the straw wrapper thing about? Other then that one part I get what hes saying. This is such a great song.

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