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Orson – Tryin to Help Lyrics 15 years ago
Can't believe noone commented on this song yet. xD

well to put it simply: It's not the fact that you solve someone's problem, it's the fact that you tried that's important.

The Audition – The Ultimate Cover Up Lyrics 16 years ago
No comments? This is an awesome song, firstly. And what i think the songs about is running from your problems is never a good idea, and when u come back everything is changed

Cute Is What We Aim For – I Dont Care If It's The Moon, We Went... Lyrics 16 years ago
2 scenarios:
If I act like I own the place it’s because I do
[At his house]
You put strikes through your zeros
And you go faster than signs aid you to
Strike - needle in the speedometer: driving faster]
You see my left side is my strong side
And it’s pumping the song of a long night
And a chorus for this weekend
This is for you and them
[left side: The side where ur heart is, and you drive in the left side of a car] [pumping Song of a long night, and a chorus for weekend = A fight at night, and seems like its expected at the weekend too so he decided to just drive off in frustration]

I’ve got 76 inches and 88 keys
To get me where I want to be
It’s not enough
[2nd scenario: This person wants to make a living out of playing the the piano. 88 keys, and i believe 76 inches is just a way to show his motivation, yet his girlfriend doesnt seem itll work out and he's wasting his time playing]

But now please cover these keys
Because I am putting shame to porcelain
[He cant take it anymore, shes always criticizing him, so he gives up on the piano]
I can’t just breathe now
Cause I’m loosing the battle between thick and thin
[He hates it that, only 'casue of her, he gave up something he could be awesome at, but she never gave him a supporting word]
So many nouns and so many hateful things
You directed to them
[Again, her non-support of him playing piano]
These lines are from you in case you forgot
Because I already know you do
[Guess he wrote a song about this to her, in case she forgets what she did that ruined his dream]

I’ve got 76 inches and 88 keys
To get me where I want to be
It’s not enough
[Read above]

This is cruelty in melody
This is the bouclé I never gave
[The song he wrote, about the unfairness and how the she doesnt deserve anything from him :bouclé:"]
Now this conversation is over
So grab that cell phone and do it quick
You gotta look busy
You gotta look more important than me
[They're over, and now she cant see what she did wrong, so shes trying to make herself look more sophisticated then him]

Wow...hope i didnt go on too much here. The excess of too much time and boredum =]
I’ve got 76 inches and 88 keys
To get me where I want to be
It’s not enough

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