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God Street Wine – Nightingale Lyrics 11 years ago
My Favorite GSW tune

Quick story, I was in New Haven, CT in 1993 or 1994 with some friends and we stopped into a bar, no one was there....they asked us if we were the band...we said no and decided to leave and come back a couple of hours later.....

We came back and it was still pretty quiet, but some people there. I played pool with Aaron, but didn't know he was in the band. He asked us if we heard of them, and I said, "yeah, we are the band"...then told him the story of how the owner didn't know....

Well, anyway, he goes on stage and they start playing....insert foot in mouth...I hope he understands we were kidding. Anyway, I was amazed at the quality of music they were playing, for not being recognized...I bought BAG right there that night (I never do that, nor have I done it again since, always wait a day or two to see if thier tunes stick in my head)..

I wish Stupid Hat was on it, that is the one I remember the most from that night, along with Nightingale...

Thanks for listening to my rant.

The Pretenders – Brass In Pocket Lyrics 12 years ago
"Brass" means money. I am sure it is UK slang. Watch the video. She is a waitress and she picks up her tip and puts it in her pocket and says "got brass in pocket"

Rush – The Trees Lyrics 13 years ago
Hmm, I always assumed the American Revolution.

Oaks -> English
Maples -> Americans

Phish – Weigh Lyrics 13 years ago
bjengles3 is correct...I never actually had proof, but I always listend to this album thinking about a breakup I went through....ironic...

This is a hate song....everything is 5, 6 or 7 pounds..

Your head = you are not bright (average head weighs about 10 pounds or more)

stubbles in a razor = you got hairy legs, girl (how many stubbles would it take to weigh 5 pounds, imagine that many in one razor)

friends in a swimming pool = you got no friends (even 1 would weigh 100lbs min)

Phish – Maze Lyrics 13 years ago
All about the confusion that sets in when you wonder if you are going down the right path in your life.

Phish – Silent In The Morning Lyrics 13 years ago
I always assumed that this entire album was about the fall of a relationship from the point of first realizing it's doomed.....this song being the final "freedom" one feels when finally single again...(your voice brings me to my knees aka fingernails on the blackboard).

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